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Thermage As Temporary Treatment for Heavy Eyelids?

I am 30 years old with heavy eyelids. They are genetic - both parents and several aunts and uncles have had upper Blepharoplasty. I have a high brow... READ MORE

Thermage CPT V Ultherapy V Titan

For facial skin tightening what would be the BEST option? I have been reading the reviews and advice but am still unsure. Specifically, my... READ MORE

Thermage CPT or Fraxel Repair for Tightening Eyelids?

Is Thermage CPT with no downtime or Fraxel Repair with 5 days downtime best for tightening upper and lower eyelids? Thanx READ MORE

Thermage or Laser Treatment for Sagging Eyelids?

I am 68 with pronounced eyelid sag. What treatment would be preferable? Which procedure would you recommend, Thermage/Thermacool or surgery by laser?... READ MORE

Thermage or Surgery for More Upper Eyelid Space?

I'm 23 years old and I would like more upper eyelid space and definition in my eyebrows. Would I be an ideal candidate for Thermage or would I have to... READ MORE

Is Thermage Suitable for Younger People?

I'm 25-year-old Asian female with hooding beginning on one eyelid. Is facial Thermage appopriate for younger skin? Is it possible the every 2-year... READ MORE

Eyelid Folds Slightly Saggy Would Thermage Help?

Hi, I am in my mid thirties and am noticing the upper eyelid makes a fold and the skin looks a bit saggy and makes my eyes look tired, would thermage... READ MORE

Can Eyelid Thermage Make Lid Stretch and Begin to Look Like Ptosis?

Eyelid Thermage question: Can having Thermage on the eyelid several times throughout the years make the lid stretch and begin to look like you have... READ MORE

I Have Occassional Eyelid Eczema. May I Have Thermage Done on my Eyelids?

I am considering having face and eyelid Thermage but am concerned whether Thermage would make my eyelid eczema worse. READ MORE

Can Thermage on the Eyelids Be Done After Ultherapy on the Lower Face and Forehead?

If so, how long must a person wait after the Ultherapy to have the Eyes by Thermage treatment?? READ MORE

What Thermage technology / treatment do you recommend for eyes (eyelids)?

There are different machines working with RF, there is thermage CPT, NXT, older thermage machines etc. A doctor recommended to use thermage (the older... READ MORE

Thermage (or other non-surgical options) for hooded eyelids? (photo)

Hi! I'm 37 years old and have always had "hooded" eyes (I've had people ask me if I'm Asian, which I'm not). In the last couple of yrs my upper lids... READ MORE

Thermage for eyelids - early 30s (Photo)

Would thermage give me great results if used at my age early 30's . Genetic predisposition to saggy eyelids. READ MORE

Told I'm not a candidate for eyelid surgery (Asian monolid). Eyelid Thermage at the same time as full face Ultherapy? (Photo)

44 year old Asian w/crepey monolids. Collagen production seems good and skin is still fairly thick. Was told blephoplasty adds a fold to monolids to... READ MORE

Is thermage suitable for a drooping eyelid? (photo)

I have a drooping eyelid on my right eye, i'm looking for a non-surgical option to make it look more like the other eyelid. Would thermage be a viable... READ MORE

Is Thermage After Blepharoplasty Safe?

I was born with "droopy eye" and "jaw winking". At age 55 I had Blepharoplasty and as part of the procedure, the doctor connected... READ MORE

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