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Big Lump After Teosyal Kiss Lip Injection

Around 3 months ago the doctor inserted what she called a "natural" and temporary collagen called "Teosyal Kiss" into my lips. Almost immediately... READ MORE

My Whole Top Lip Has Swollen After Teyosal Injections. Should I Worry?

I've woke up after teosyal injections yesterday and my whole top lip is like a duck. its like ive been puched, is there something wrong? READ MORE

2 weeks post op of Redensity, I have two lines under my eyes. Is this normal? (photos)

2 weeks ago After injection in tear trough swelling and bruising started to subside .Saw doctor and said it is normal it happens and should take a... READ MORE

Bruising and Swelling After Teosyal Lip Injection

I recently had Teosyal injected into my top lip to fix the scarring that made my top lip uneven (because of an accident years ago). My doctor warned... READ MORE

Big lump in mouth after having Teosyal Kiss injected into lips? Is this normal? It's painful. (Photo)

I had Teosyal Kiss injected into my lips on Friday, so not been long. My bottom lip on the left is very swollen. On the inside is a lump, that formed... READ MORE

Teosyal Filler in Cheek: Left with Swelling and Discoloration

My cheek are verry swoulen and my skeen discolor im realy dapress can you help please? antibiotic is not working READ MORE

Bad Teosyal results, Better to dissolve it, adjust it or both? (photo)

I have been using fillers for 6 years.This time the doctor that did a great job last time failed using Teosyal.The product collected in the center of... READ MORE

Is it normal to have swelling above the top lip after teosyal kiss injections? (photos)

I had teosyal kiss injection into my lips last night and above my top lip is very swollen. I look a bit like a monkey and the lip is prodruding... READ MORE

How many syringes will I need for a dramatic Kylie Jenner look ? (Photo)

I had teosyal injections last December (1.5 seringes ) I inky like the 2nd day result because of the swelling then it was like nothing was done .. I... READ MORE

I had teosyal kiss injected yesterday morning. My top lip has swelled alot and bottom lip has a big ball in the middle (photo)

How normal is the swelling are bumps normal? when should I start massaging my lips? My doctor who did them is on holiday for a few days so just a bit... READ MORE

How to reduce swelling and bruises after Lip Augmentation? (photo)

The lips got very swollen after Teosyal Kiss 1mm injection. especially the bottom lip. The bruises are all over in and out. Please advise how to... READ MORE

Dissolve tear trough fillers with Hyaluronidase or wait it out?

I had teosyal redensity II injected into my tear troughs and the results are not good. I have a raised small bump on the left side which looks like... READ MORE

Has teosyal tear troughs filler disappeared or dissolved after just 2 - 3 weeks, is this normal? (photos)

I had 1ml of teosyal, 0.5 under each eye to improve my tear trough hollows. The initial results were great but as the needle sites healed the filler... READ MORE

Enormous Lips & Swelling Aftern Teosyal Kiss - Should I go to emergency? (Photo)

Friday evening i had 1 injection of Teosyal Kiss into my lips. 3/4 on top lip and 1/4 on bottom lip. The lips were in pain throughout the night and... READ MORE

Tyndall effect or overfill? (photos)

I got redensity for my under eye fillers a few days back. The swelling subsided but it left a blueish tint with a bump that still hasn't gone away. I... READ MORE

I have derma filler (teoysoal kiss) to my top lip and had an allergic reaction with bad swelling help! (Phoot)

My top lip this took 2/3days to go down and I couldn't go to work. I have had fillers before and this never happened. My top lip is now un even and... READ MORE

Is swelling normal in cheeks after Teosyal injections ?

I had Teosyal Cheek Injections yesterday afternoon. The left side of my cheeks are more deflated than my right, so more product was injected (2 ml in... READ MORE

What can I do to help with the recovery ? Is the bruising and swelling normal or will it be left uneven ? (photos)

I got teosyal injected into my lips yesterday she had injected my gums with a local anaesthetic that's used in the dentist but a lower dosage ,when... READ MORE

2.5 years ago, I had Teosyal injections in my forehead and nasolabial folds. NOW they turn hard and swelling random places.

I got the injections August 2012 while stationed in Japan. NOW they turn hard and swelling random places (left or right side) every 1-2 weeks. I have... READ MORE

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