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Can Raised Tattoo Be Removed?

I have a large design on my back--all black--with areas that are raised. It was done professionally (though badly) and I am looking into having it... READ MORE

Signs of Scarring After First Laser Tattoo Removal? (photo)

Hi! I had my first laser tattoo removal treatment 4/5 weeks ago and now parts of the lettering in my tattoo have become raised and bumpy. I sent a... READ MORE

Minor Scar Tissue and Laser Tattoo Removal? (photo)

I have a question. I have a tattoo that was placed November last year, it hurt so bad to be placed and the lines blew out in some areas and in others... READ MORE

Is my tattoo removal scarring? (photos)

I had my third laser tattoo removal treatment 4 weeks ago and it blistered and scabbed much more than previously. I have tried to keep it dry and not... READ MORE

Is Raised and Itching Skin Normal After Tattoo Removal? (photos)

This is my second session with quanta c plus laser. The first session healed great, but this time was different. Five days after my second treatment... READ MORE

Can hypopigmentation and/or scarring be treated after tattoo removal?

I am in the process of removing several tattoos and I am afraid of hypopigmentation or being left with scar outlines of my tattoos...meaning if the... READ MORE

My Tattoo Was Slightly Raised, is This Affecting the Laser Removal?

I've just had my 6th laser tattoo removal session and my Dr. has officially categorized it as "slow" fading. The tattoo is on the outside of my wrist... READ MORE

Is such scarred tattoo removable? (photos)

Got this tattoo 5 years ago and too depressed about it. It's raised, and itches sometimes. Can such tattoo be removed? I am skin 4-5 person which... READ MORE

Does raised / scared tattoo work inhibit laser removal?

It seems the outline of my tattoo's thin black line work is raised / scarred from being overworked or too deep. Is successful laser removal likely... READ MORE

Is it normal for your tattoo to still be raised two weeks after the first session?

2 weeks ago I had my first laser tattoo removal session on my side of a script tattoo. Some of the lines are almost completely gone but the dark ink... READ MORE

Removing dense black lettering - possibilities?

I have several tattoos which need to be removed. Two are over 5 years old but have dense black writing, when touched you can feel they are even... READ MORE

My tattoo is raised from laser treatment?

First of all, I would like to say I am prone to keloid. It's been 8days since my chest tattoo removal session and I am realizing my tattoo to be thick... READ MORE

Can you get tattoo removal over a tattoo that is raised and scarred?

I have a bad tattoo of script on my thigh. The artist went too deep and all of the letters are raised and scarred. The tattoo itself is only 3 words... READ MORE

My tattoo is raised after laser session. Is it going to form a keloid?

While in Korea, I received my first laser session with YAG ND laser on my big left chested tattoo. After the session, it was mildly bleeding. The... READ MORE

Removal of a previously lasered and covered-up tattoo. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi. I originally had a red and green tattoo with a black outline. I began laser in 2007 and completed around 8 treatments through the years with... READ MORE

Two weeks after removal and still raised. Is this going to scar?

It's been 13 days since my first tattoo removal session on my chest. Week before my chest, I did a session on my arm. My arm made blister first,... READ MORE

It's now 2 weeks since my first treatment and it is still very itchy raised and has now gone crusty. (Photo)

It is still very itchy and I'm worried it will scar. I have kept it out of the sun and applied Aloe Vera every day and night, so I can't understand... READ MORE

Is this dermatographia or something else related to tattoo removal? (Photo)

I've been experiencing hives mostly at night. When I scratch my skin it raises into a hive...in any shape! This has only happened since I started... READ MORE

I had my first laser tattoo treatment 3 weeks ago. Now in my third week the tattoo has become raised and is irritated.

It has little tiny bumps on it as well. They don't seem like blisters but maybe they are forming. None of the parts with colors are raised, only the... READ MORE

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