Peeling + Tattoo Removal

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TCA Tattoo Removal

I am using TCA (currently at 20%) to fade/remove a tattoo on my arm. My question is, do these peels go deep enough to fade/remove a tattoo? If not... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal Aftermath, I Thought There Would Be More Blistering and Scabbing, Normal?

I just had my first laser tattoo removal session 2 days ago and I'm not experiencing any of the blistering and scabbing I was warned about. There... READ MORE

Can I exercise after Tattoo removal?

Hello, Its been exactly 7 days after 1st treatment. The swelling has gone done. (on my hip & upper back below neck) blisters are gone as well. Its now... READ MORE

Lazer Tatto Removal Blister/scabbing Question

Hi I'm an african american male I had my first session of lazer tattoo removal last week it has been 6 days and the blisters/scabs are starting to... READ MORE

Swimming and Peeling After 1st Session of Tattoo Removal

I just had one session for tattoo removal and it says on the list of what to expect is peeling and things like that but nothing has happened to mine... READ MORE

Had 1st session of Laser Tattoo Removal, started peeling after 2-3 days. Is this a good start to the process?

Hello, i have 2.5 inch black colour tattoo on my neck. My tattoo is just 15 days old and due to some reasons am removing my tattoo through laser... READ MORE

Aftermath of getting a laser treatment for a first timer. Do you blister afterwards? Is there peeling of the skin? (Photo)

I've had this tattoo for about 3 years now and it's starting to really irritate me. Actually, it makes me uncomfortable. The mere sight of it is... READ MORE

Will this redness on my tattoo removal go away?

I laser tattoo removal 8 months ago and the girl who did it obviously didn't know what she was doing. After the laser removal was done she used a... READ MORE

Not sure what do to about this tattoo? (Photos)

This tattoo was my 4th and done with a lot of thought and research put in to it....but at the end of the day it's not what I originally had in mind.... READ MORE

Are frosting and peeling normal 2 weeks after laser tattoo removal?

I had round 1 of laser applied to a black tattoo on my spine 14 days ago. It's hard to see what's going on back there due to placement, but I noticed... READ MORE

Popped blisters with red skin beneath is it normal or is it infected?

I had a laser tattoo removal session a little over a week ago. I had a few blisters on my hip area, and 2 of the bigger blisters (about an inch long)... READ MORE

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