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I've Recently Had my First Tattoo Removal Laser Session Done and I Have Seen VERY Minimal Results, Is that Typical?

Laser used is AlexTriVantage Various shades of black colored tattoo Little to no difference after 5 weeks of first treatment Tan/olive skin complexion... READ MORE

How Long to Wait Between Laser Treatments for Tattoo Removal?

I have a tattoo on my right thigh, it's about 9 yrs old and 4inches long. I had my first laser treatment about 5 weeks ago. I really don't see a huge... READ MORE

Why is my tattoo removal not working?

I have a 1x1 black tattoo on my hip that is a year old. I have had 4 treatments with the Quanta Q-Plus C laser and there has not been any change at... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal not working after 2 sessions, should I see improvement after the third session?

Hello,I'm about to go in for my third laser tattoo removal session for a small black ink tattoo on my ankle. The first two sessions have done NOTHING.... READ MORE

Why is my tattoo still the same shape 15 treatments later? (Photo)

I've been undergoing removal for the last two years. While I have seen excellent fading, my tattoo still holds the same shape and I am finding this... READ MORE

After 5 session laser q switched and 1 of picosure my tattoo is not changed. Any suggestions?

After 5 session laser q swiched and 1 of picosure my tatto is not tatto is just a black writing....I don't know what to do yet...I'm so... READ MORE

Should I get an excision on this wrist tattoo? (Photo)

I have had 4 laser treatments so far and I really don't see any progress (only small fadings), should I instead get an excision? READ MORE

Did tattoo laser removal stop working on me? (Photos)

I am on treatment number 7 total. 5 with q-switched laser and 2 with pico sure . I haven't seen any changes since Last 3 treatments. Is not frosting... READ MORE

Had Quanta Q 5 days ago, worried about the redness of tattoo and there is no improvement, advice? (photos)

Im worried about the redness on my feet. I had a session with the quanta q plus 5 days ago (27th). All the yellow and red spots were targeted. The... READ MORE

Black and White ink on wrist tattoo. (photo)

I had this tattoo done 5 years ago, i hate it since day 1 the guy who did it told me to cover it with white ink and the tatoo would fade and it would... READ MORE

Can I surgically remove a tattoo behind my ear?

I have a tattoo behind my ear that I got a year ago that I've been having laser done but want faster results. I've had 5 sessions and seems to be no... READ MORE

Please can you advice me what I should do if I want to remove the flowers and the roots? how much would it cost? (photos)

I had this tattoo on my arm since March 2014. I did 4 Nd YAG sessions treatment 2 months after I had it; but nothing has changed obviously because it... READ MORE

Tattoo removal not working (photo)

I have had 26 sessions of laser tattoo removal and it hasn't gone and blood blisters everytime. Is there any other option? Will laser ever work... READ MORE

I went through 20 Q - switched lazer sessions and still could not get this removed. What are my options? (Photo)

Pic 2. I want this removed too and cautious after what happened with pic 1. Please suggest the how this could be slightly lightened at least. READ MORE

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