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I got stretch marks from my Pregnancy and I got 4 Bio-Stria Treatment and They Are Gone at 100%

The pro are my stretch marks are gone at 100% the con are it hurt like a light sunburn nothing major the next day i was able to work and play at the park with my daughter. I went very 28 days and after 4 months they were completely gone at 100% Found Bio-Stria searching for a solution. I went... READ MORE

Amazing experience

I have recently been in for derma blading for my face, and laser treatments for stretch marks. Renee has been working with me and I can't say enough nice things about her! Extremely knowledgeable, and professional not to mention as seeet as she could be. Absolutely put me at ease and made me... READ MORE

23 Year Old Mother of Two - Chicago, IL

I have just started getting laser treatments after my second child. I have a bad habit of gaining to much weight during pregnancy my first I gained 60+ lbs which gave me a lot of unsightly stretch marks on my stomach. I did not get any stretchmarks with my second but it made them more defined... READ MORE

Dry Tattoo 10 Year Old Stretch Marks - Australia, AU

Had decided to try dry tattooing (which is tattooing without any ink) to help improve or remove stretch marks. Applied aloe Vera (Barbadenisis) from fresh leaf and Egyptian magic which contains olive oil, bees wax, bee pollen, bee propolis with added 2 drops of helichrysum italica essential... READ MORE

Old stretchmarks on butt,hips and thighs

The area where I rolled my derma roller hurt for like a day and then went away. This is my second time derma rolling within a span of 8 weeks. They used to look MUCH worse. I am seeing inprovement but im not sure yet will be posting again in a week or two READ MORE

stretch mark removal - awesome results with RecoSMA laser treatment. France, FR

I had very annoying stretch marks after giving birth (had a cesarean section) last year. They were large purple blue lines. I just couldn’t accept having them for the rest of my life, so decided to try out advances of aesthetic medicine on myself. I am not a believer in any kinds of magical c... READ MORE

Cheap, Gentle, Easy and Effective.

I used a loofah, 100% cocoa butter stick and bio oil every day. I spend 30 seconds massaging my marks in a circular motion with the loofah. I followed this up with the cocoa butter stick and once dry, applied a few drops of bio oil. I've been doing this for 6 months only but I'm delighted!! :)... READ MORE

Dermaeraze. Caterham, GB

I had the dermaeraze (dry tatooing) done at the lorena oberg clinic in Caterham just outside of London. Firstly fantastic staff, Lorena oberg herself performed the procedure, she talked to me about expectations and what results were and weren't possible. Honestly the procedure was painful... READ MORE

27, Happy Mother, Fighting Stretch Marks After Giving Birth To My First Child - London, GB

3 months after giving birth I started focusing on the stretch marks on my belly. The stomach around my skin was actually ruined by pregnancy; it was so loose, all covered in huge pink stretch marks. I couldn’t stand the look of myself in the mirror. I felt like I was deformed to such an extent t... READ MORE

26 Years Old, Fabulous Results After Laser Stretch Mark Removal on my Breasts! - London, GB

I want to share my story how I got rid of the ugly stretch marks I had on my breasts. It was a nightmare every time I looked at my breasts. Read a lot and surfed the internet on this issue. Most doctors say nothing can be done about breast stretch marks without surgery. But in my case it was a... READ MORE

RF Microneedling for Stretchmarks

I went through the RF microneedling procedure 5 times. Personally, I believe this method is the only one which leaves hope of getting rid of stretchmarks entirely. A significant drawback for me are long lasting blemishes (which is not typical as I was only one which healing proccess takes about... READ MORE

DermaEraze Treatment for Stretch Marks in London Harley Street, UK

I thought it was too good to be true. I had tried every lotion and potion and was told that because I'm Asian I wasn't suitable for laser. I went with my cousin and we both had the treatment, both had incredible results clearly visible after only four weeks. I first went in for a consultation... READ MORE

Stretch Mark Removal with Palomar LUX 1540

I don't know if I am allowed to post as I am based in the UK but here we go... I'm in my 20s, have a lot of stretch marks due to fluctuating weight down to an eating disorder (of which I am now in recovery). I haven't found many reviews/help with this treatment so thought I would document my... READ MORE

Skin Pen on Old Pregnancy Stretch Marks - Westlake Village, CA

I consulted Dr. Tansavatdi if there was any merit to micro needling on body stretch marks. I was on her website and noticed that she was a face specialist and used the Skin Pen on her patients' faces with amazing results. After much research on micro needling on the body, I thought I would ask... READ MORE

Single Guy Got 1kid.....

After haven depression anxiety eating disorders I went down to 10stone as I got better my weight and appetite improved ended up at 14stone.... Woke up one day to find stretch marks on my arm they looked disgusting so that was it I tryed bio oil didn't work for me tryed retin a had a skin... READ MORE

23 Years Old with 2 Year Old Son and 2 1/2 Year Old Stretch Marks :( - Franklin, TN

After having my son I was left with some extra skin and tons of stretch marks on my stomach. Today I visited the Rejuvenation Health and Wellness Center in Franklin, TN for my first laser treatment. I have two more to go and will hopefully see results soon. I will keep you all updated :) Feel... READ MORE

My Stretch Marks Journey

My son was born last year in January '14.. at first I was lazy and didn't mind my stretch marks but now a year late. I finally started the process of helping them fade away. I bought bio oil,mederma and a derma roller I've barley started using the bio oil two weeks ago and I've already started... READ MORE

Daylisis Patient Wanting To Know. Memphis, TN

I was just wondering what type of treatment would be used to treat the stretch marks shown here in the picture below. I have a a lot more where that came from but I was wondering what kind of treatment, whether it would laser or some other kind of means. I fluctuate in weight a lot but I've... READ MORE

Tretinoin For Stretchmarks. Leawood, KS

Can Tretinoin really help pearl white stretch marks fade where you can't really see them anymore...I've been using it on my calves for over a week now an was just curious if it actually works or if I'm just wasting my product? I've also had laser on them over 6 treatments last year. This affects... READ MORE

Stretch Mark Surgery Removal

I got these stretch marks last year and they were barely noticeable. I had laser surgery and Microdermabrasion in Harley Street and they have gotten deeper, darker and a lot more noticeable. I believe the best bet I have now is surgically replacing the scars with another one so I am looking for... READ MORE

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