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From puberty to pregnancy, stretch marks can occur at any time of life for a variety of reasons. Ways to remove these pesky marks include topical creams and tummy tucksLEARN MORE ›

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I went through the RF microneedling procedure 5 times. Personally, I believe this method is the only one which leaves hope of getting rid of stretchmarks entirely. A significant drawback for me are long lasting blemishes (which is not typical as I was only one which healing proccess takes about... READ MORE

I thought it was too good to be true. I had tried every lotion and potion and was told that because I'm Asian I wasn't suitable for laser. I went with my cousin and we both had the treatment, both had incredible results clearly visible after only four weeks. I first went in for a consultation... READ MORE

I don't know if I am allowed to post as I am based in the UK but here we go... I'm in my 20s, have a lot of stretch marks due to fluctuating weight down to an eating disorder (of which I am now in recovery). I haven't found many reviews/help with this treatment so thought I would document my... READ MORE

I consulted Dr. Tansavatdi if there was any merit to micro needling on body stretch marks. I was on her website and noticed that she was a face specialist and used the Skin Pen on her patients' faces with amazing results. After much research on micro needling on the body, I thought I would ask... READ MORE

After haven depression anxiety eating disorders I went down to 10stone as I got better my weight and appetite improved ended up at 14stone.... Woke up one day to find stretch marks on my arm they looked disgusting so that was it I tryed bio oil didn't work for me tryed retin a had a skin... READ MORE

My son was born last year in January '14.. at first I was lazy and didn't mind my stretch marks but now a year late. I finally started the process of helping them fade away. I bought bio oil,mederma and a derma roller I've barley started using the bio oil two weeks ago and I've already started... READ MORE

I was just wondering what type of treatment would be used to treat the stretch marks shown here in the picture below. I have a a lot more where that came from but I was wondering what kind of treatment, whether it would laser or some other kind of means. I fluctuate in weight a lot but I've... READ MORE

Can Tretinoin really help pearl white stretch marks fade where you can't really see them anymore...I've been using it on my calves for over a week now an was just curious if it actually works or if I'm just wasting my product? I've also had laser on them over 6 treatments last year. This affects... READ MORE

I used a loofah, 100% cocoa butter stick and bio oil every day. I spend 30 seconds massaging my marks in a circular motion with the loofah. I followed this up with the cocoa butter stick and once dry, applied a few drops of bio oil. I've been doing this for 6 months only but I'm delighted!! :) :) :) READ MORE

I got these stretch marks last year and they were barely noticeable. I had laser surgery and Microdermabrasion in Harley Street and they have gotten deeper, darker and a lot more noticeable. I believe the best bet I have now is surgically replacing the scars with another one so I am looking for... READ MORE

I had a full TT with hernia repair on February 4, 2014. I had a few residual stretch marks below my new navel that I wanted to minimize. The plastic surgery practice that I used offered laser treatments right in their office. I figured I was this far into improving my appearance, why not go... READ MORE

It's been 11 months since I made the mistake of trusting my skin to Elena Astor. I have hereditary stretch marks that I wanted to try fading for. They are in my cleavage area. It is my opinion that she went too deep and they are now significantly worse. In some areas, the stretch mark is... READ MORE

I have had 4 children and was left with sever stretch marks. open to try any treatment to minimize them... I read about TCA improving texture. I am still in the healing process so I will post my journey. If you have any special suggestions let me know. I am also taking collagen pills and... READ MORE

Picture of my thigh after 50% tca peel from online store (was done on both thighs). My reason for doing this was to lighten up my many stretch marks but made it 100x worse as you can see. It has been about 2 months now and it has only lightened up a bit because i have been applying Vit E.... READ MORE

So I have stretch marks from my belly button to bikini line and from hip to hip. My stretch Marks are now white very visible. I don't want to get a tummy tuck due to the scar that is left. So my best option I believe unless someone else has an option or recommends a different option. I feel very... READ MORE

After going through a really tough 6 months with liver/ GI problems, I developed a lot of stretch marks. Stretch marks are a NUTRITIONAL issue more so than just stretching of the skin beyond capacity. If you are giving your body the right nutrition (vitamins + minerals) it should be able to... READ MORE

HI, i had 3 treatments in the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York. Dr. Brauer treated my stretch marks three times with the pico sure. After the third treatment the smallest strech marks where completely gone the two very big ones are nearly invisible, you have to look very very close to be... READ MORE

I want my body back. I had no stretch marks i had a perfect flat tummy . When i got pregnant i started geting stretch marks now that i had my baby i realy want my body back i dont feel comfortable in any clothes or letting my boyfriend see me please help me i was gona try laser but dnt know if... READ MORE

I was treated at Aesthetics Medispa and I am really happy with the results..excellent. I had to search for the clinic for my treatment fr almost 1 yr and then I came in contact with aesthetics medispa. I took and appointment and it was well maintained appointment and followed by consultation. I... READ MORE

Customer service number- don't waste your time calling. They are very repetitive and don't actually listen to anything you are saying. I have yet to see any results. Completely dissatisfied with the products wraps & stretch mark cream. I have sent 2 emails and NO has gotten back with me. I was... READ MORE

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