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How to Whiten the Dark Areas Such As Inner Thigh?

I had used a lot of whitening products but it doesn't show much improvement what should i do. is this hyper pigmentation? READ MORE

How do i lighten my underarms and inner thighs?

Ive been facing discolouration of these areas n its embarassing... Its been so long and i dont know what to do :( READ MORE

Best options for getting rid of skin pigmentation in my inner thighs, bottom and under arms?

I am a 27 year female old from Australia with a Papua New Guinea/ Spanish background. I have light to mid coloured skin and the skin colour on my... READ MORE

i am a black woman (ebony). I have very dark inner thighs?

My inner thighs and under armpits are very dark.They ruin my confidence. READ MORE

Not my vagina lips but skin in my inner thighs is 3x darker? What can I do about it?

Hi I'm not worried about my vagina or inner parts but my thighs (inner ones) are 3x darker... What can I do about ? READ MORE

Fat, dark, rough inner thighs. What can I do to make them soft?

I have fat dark black and ruff inner thighs what can i do to make them soft and the same color as the rest of my legs READ MORE

I burned my vagina and inner thigh with bleaching cream! (photo)

I was using a bleaching cream to lighten my private areas,i didnt feel discomfort at first till i saw it became really red and irritated . I stope... READ MORE

My inner thighs, vagina and under arms are dark. It creates distance in my sex life. Please help me to get rid of it, any cream?

My inner thighs/vigina/and under arms are dark. I don't were tight cloths or use any cream to remove hair.I feel bad for my complexion,I sm very fair... READ MORE

How can I whitening my penis and the area between my thighs? (photos)

How to whitening my penis and the area between my thighs? READ MORE

I'm 21 and getting married in 3 months. What's the best way to lighten my dark areas?

M fair n very beautiful.. bt my arms,inner tights,vagina and my butt area are very very dark.. plz help me out by suggestin any whitenin creams which... READ MORE

Can Dark Spots Between Thighs and Bottoms Be Removed?

I have dark spots on my inner thighs, bottoms and the skin fold of my private part. Also, on underarms. Is there a method to clear the skin out? READ MORE

What Can I Use to Lighten the Skin on my Inner Thigh Area?

I am an 18 year old latina and for some reason the skin on my inner thighs looks darker than the rest of my skin. I really dont like it.. Help please =) READ MORE

How to lighten a very dark inner thighs and lower buttocks? (photos)

I am very light skinned with a very dark inner thighs and around my lower buttocks as well and it's really really embarrassing! is there any cream or... READ MORE

What can I do about dark discoloration on my inner thighs/groin area? What causes it?

I've been overweight most of my life and have always had big thighs (I still do now). I have always chaffed and sweated really bad down there because... READ MORE

My name is Jayati, I am 45 years of age, female. What can I do about my black inner thighs and genital area?

I am very fair complexioned but my inner thighs and genital area is black.Please suggest some remedy for this as I am ashamed of visiting beaches and... READ MORE

What Procedure is Recommended to Lighten Inner Thighs?

My inner thighs are much darker than the rest of my thighs. I aslo have blackheads in that area. I do not have diabetes but I do have large thighs.... READ MORE

How to Lighten my Inner Thigh Area?

Hi!im a 22year guy Indian ...I had post fungal infection darkness in my inner thigh to lighten it cause it is embarrassing ..I'm a swimmer and... READ MORE

I have dark inner thighs, buttocks and armpits. I am a very light fair skinned 16 year old boy. What natural options can I use?

What are natural and effective ways in which I can bleach and rejuvenate the skin and what type of natural treatments are recommended to allow skin... READ MORE

How can I make my bikini line and armpit lighter ?

I am 19 years old girl and my skintone is light to medium but i have a dark areas in my armpits and the bikini line and inner thighs also, they are... READ MORE

How can I even out my skin tone from dark areas on my body?

My axillary area, inner thighs, private and buttock area are noticeably dark. I have Jessica Alba's skin tone but the dark areas are the color of a... READ MORE

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