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Where Can I Buy Hydroquinone Creams?

Im from the Philippines and I want to know where can I buy that cream. I read it from the other reviews that this can lighten scars like mine having... READ MORE

Dark underarm skin? (photo)

Dark underarm skin. tried everything from lemon juice to potato juice to prescription creams(anti fungal powder) but nothing works. I am thinking of... READ MORE

Hydroquinone and Ochronosis For Skin Lightening?

I have olive complexion. My doctor presribed a custom formula for skin lightening containing Hydroquinone 8%, tretinoin .1%, hydrocortisone .5%, and... READ MORE

What is the best skin lightening method for me? (photos)

I have attached a picture of me (see picture captioned "me with fake contact lenses"). My skin is even all throughout my body, I just want to lighten... READ MORE

I Didnt Know Im 2 Weeks Pregnant and I Used Hydroquinone. Im Worried, What Will Happen to my Baby?

I Didnt Know Im 2 Weeks Pregnant and I Used Hydroquinone. Im Worried, What Will Happen to my Baby? READ MORE

Hydroquinone 8% Safe to Lighten Skin After 3 Fraxel 1 Dual? Seeing Some Improvement, Not As Expected or Advised by Dr. (photo)

Hydroquinone 8% Safe to Lighten Skin After 3 Fraxel 1 Dual Fraxel Seeing Some Improvement, Not As Expected or Advised by Doctor READ MORE

What is Hexylresorcinol? Is it Better Than Hydroquinone for Skin Lightening?

What is Hexylresorcinol? Is it better than hydroquinone for skin lightening? READ MORE

I Want to Lighten my Skin Shade, What is the Best Way?

Hi,I have dark wheatish skin tone.i really want to lighten my colour,i used hydrquinone for 20 days,it did show amazing results but i stopped it now... READ MORE

Will Hydroquinone 4% Lighten a Flat Mole and Improve Its Appearance Cosmetically? (photo)

Please let us ignore the fact that hydroquinone may be carcinogenic and simply concentrate on whether it can benefit me cosmetically. I have asked... READ MORE

I am using lumaglo cream, which is a mixture of hydroquinone and tretinoin, for skin lightning

Using lumaglo since from 3 years and I have become habitual to it nlw but as it cause harm in long term I want to avoid this but when I dnt apply for... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Tri Luma when I've Already Had a Reaction to Hydroquinone?

I have dark brown spots on my cheeks, forehead and upper lip I used OTC creams with hidroquinone but I get a reaction to it redness and swollen on the... READ MORE

What is the Most Effective Skin Lightener?

What is the most effective skin lightener for topical use that can be bought without prescription? What ingredients are the best to look for when... READ MORE

How Does One Properly Apply Hydroquinone Preparations? (photo)

I am in my early 20's w/type IV skin. I have sun damage in the form of freckling under my eyes and across my nose, some spots on my lids. I eventually... READ MORE

Is eldoquin bleaching cream with hydroquinone 2% safe? Will it lighten the skin?

I am having pigmentation and brown spot on my face .does eldoqine bleaching cream works on my face? Is it safe to use ? I am afraid to start this... READ MORE

Is Alpha Arbutin Better Than Hydroquinone?

Hydroquinone doesn't work for me anymore so I heard that Alpha Arbutin was a good alternative. Is Alpha Arbutin superior? Also, what could it be... READ MORE

Is Hydroquinone 20% safe to use for a short time period?

For example using 2 8oz. Bottles or up to 1-1. 5 months. I want to bleach my body body and Face at least 3-5 shades lighter. READ MORE

I Want to Use a Skin Lite Cream Containing Hydroquinone+tretinoin+mometasone Furoate?

I want to use a skin lite cream containing hydroquinone+tretinoin+mometasone furoate ...for making my skin tone dark to fair...could you please... READ MORE

Does Lotion Peau De Lune Contain Hydroquinone?

There is a liquid lotion called lotion peau de lune that can be used as a cleanser. But I need to know if it contains hydroquinone READ MORE

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