Silikon 1000 Videos

Silikon Filler Injected for Natural Results in Lips

Dr. Rullan was one the pioneers in the use of "cannulas" for injecting these fillers, allowing a safer & more artistic approach. VIEW NOW

Silikon 1000 for Acne Scars: See the Results

Dr. Sam Lam shares this before and after of a woman who had her acne scars treated with the Silikon 1000. VIEW NOW

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Silikon 1000: Restore Facial Volume

Dr. Jason Emer discusses Silikon 1000, which is a permanent filler unlike HA fillers which dissolve over time. This patient was concerned with volume loss in his face. The volume loss can be restored with this filler. VIEW NOW


Illegal Silicone Injections: What You Need to Know (Spanish)

Dr. Carlos Alberto Rios Garcia introduces a series of educational videos about Latrogenic Allogenosis and A.S.I.A. Syndrome caused by illegal silicone injections into the body. VIEW NOW


Before Surgery, a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty With Fillers Could be a Great Fix

Sometimes an injectable filler can be placed to improve the contour of the nose or fill a small defect, avoiding the need for surgery, says Dr. Andrew Miller. VIEW NOW

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Non-Surgical Nose Job Revisions Using Silikon-1000 Filler

Dr. Joseph demonstrates the application of Silikon-1000 for permanent improvement of irregularities resulted from previous rhinoplasty surgery. VIEW NOW

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Silikon 1000 Lip Augmentation

Doctor Eric Joseph discusses Lip Augmentation using Silikon 1000. VIEW NOW