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Can my Silikon 1000 Be Removed? (photo)

I have had .8 cc silikon 1000 in my lips (two treatments). Unfortunately I don't like them and want my old lips and face back. I am loosing sleep over... READ MORE

Removing Silikon-1000 cosmetic injection lumps from 3 years ago? (Photo)

I had a filler injection done three years ago. A permanent Injectable filler. After a few months, visible lumps began to appear. I've had kenalog... READ MORE

Removing Silikon-100 from tear trough with steroids?

I had Silikon-1000 injected in my tear trough area in late 2010. Since about a year and a half I wake up with swollen eyebags every morning. The... READ MORE

How to Remove It?

Is any body can help me to recommend a specialist who can remove it from my lips . I would like to get my lips back. Please! I already had operations... READ MORE

Bentonite Clay and silkon1000?

I have been using bentonite clay packs for treat an inflammatory condition and they really help but would like to know if clay has the ability to... READ MORE

Got Silikon 1000 years ago. I want it out. Can I do it with a steroid or something else? I don't want lipo on my face (Photo)

I got Silikon 1000 five years ago. The past year I notice one cheek is bigger & higher than the other. When I smile it actually makes wrinkles... READ MORE

Silikon 1000 can be removed with surgical procedure?

I had an rhino 6 years ago and i got silikon injected in my nose two month ago and i want to remove it!!! i know doctors say that it can not be remove... READ MORE

How to REMOVE SILIKON 1000 in Nasal Root Area?

Hello, doctors, i had silikon 1000 injected in my nasal root area and the result was very unpleasant which is a huge lump. I heard about the kenalog... READ MORE

Can Silikon 100 Micro Droplets Be Surgically Removed?

I got silikon 1000 injection on a facial scar. Unfortunately the silikon migrated to around the scar making it look worse. Is there any way it can be... READ MORE

Will Kenalog Be Able to REMOVE SILIKON 1000?

Hello, Doctors. I had silikon 1000 injected in my nasal root 2 months ago and it was an awful experience so i am wondering are there any remedies to... READ MORE

Can Siicone 1000 be removed from face holistically ?

I was hoping Dr. could answer this question...I had silicone 1000 injected I'm my face and now I'm having strange reactions after 10 years. Itching... READ MORE

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