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Bad Smell in Nose 2 Months After Setoplasty?

I had a septoplasty, tonsillectomy, and tissue removed from my inner nasal cavity and sinuses about 2 months ago. All of a sudden, I'm starting to... READ MORE

What Went Wrong with my Septoplasty 1 Year Ago? Experiencing Facial Pain, Congestion and Odor.

I have been experiencing nothing but constant facial pain in my cheeks,congestion(left nostril always blocked), sneezing, and the worse of all-a... READ MORE

Stinky smell like sweat socks when i breathe, its in the left side of my nose only. 20 days after sinus surgery. Should I worry?

I had endoscopic sinus surgery, septoplasty and turbinate reduction. . extreme headache, dizziness, blurry vision, clear nonsmelly discharge from my... READ MORE

Septoplasty Turbinectomy Tonsilectomy 12 Weeks Ago: Nose Tip Deviated, Obstructed Nostril, Worse Breathing, Odor? (photo)

I had no idea I had a deviated septum. Doctor advised correction thinking it was causing symptoms along with my tonsils. I asked if appearance would... READ MORE

Why am I still having these symptoms after septoplasty?

I had septoplasty one month ago due to repeated sinus infections cold symptoms muscles aches and extream fatigue. After surgery I can see very slow... READ MORE

Post Septoplasty and Sinus Surgery? (photo)

Hi, I had a Septoplasty about a year ago to correct a deviated septum and have been coughing up little brown pieces which I have really no idea what... READ MORE

Septoplasty, turbinate reduction and maxillary sinus? (Photos)

I had my septoplasty for a severe left side deviated septum, turbinate reduction along with my left maxillary sinus cleaning due to a sinus infection... READ MORE

Swollen nose after 3 months. I can smell bad odors. What do I do?

Hi my nose was done this mid june on the 16th. My left nostrol is swollen and is smelling bad oders i've been cleaning my nose with saline and... READ MORE

Bad smell comes and goes in nose 5 months post op Septoplasty, what is the cause?

I had a septoplasty 5 months ago and have been experiencing a bad odor that comes and goes. I had a real bad odor before but that was from still... READ MORE

Had Septoplasty end of June with complication. Nose keeps dripping mucus on one side with an odor. Is this normal?

Had Septoplasty end of June had a complication Dr clipped and artery 3 days later had another surgery. Still congested using NeilMed Sinus rinse... READ MORE

Nasty smell and taste day after septoplasty. Is it normal?

I had septoplasty on 9/12/16 and the day after that and to present time whenever I'm able to breathe just a little through my splints I get this... READ MORE

I still have bleeding when I blow my nose. What do you think it could be?

I had an SMR op in Feb. I still have bleeding when I blow my nose most of the time and also a bad smell coming out of my nose. What do you think it... READ MORE

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