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How to Get Rid of Constant Sticky Mucus in Nose?

I had a conservative turbinate reduction 4 years ago. Radiofrequency was used to reduce the turbinates. Ever since the procedure my nasal valve... READ MORE

Did my Nose Collapse After my Septoplasty?

I had a septoplasty 9 months ago. Everything healed perfectly, but 6 months after the surgery I started feeling a weird sensation on the bridge of my... READ MORE

I Had a Septoplasty Resulting in an External Nasal Valve Collapse. Is There a Possiblity It Will Eventually Heal Itself?

Three years ago I had a septoplasty. I had no trouble breathing during the day, but a little bit at night with occasional snoring. Right after the... READ MORE

6 months after septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery, I still can't breathe or smell, what can I do? (photos)

In Nov. of 2014 I had septoplasty/turbinate reduction, it's almost May and I still can't breathe or smell. I went back to my ENT and he said it looked... READ MORE

What is the Correct Medical Term for Correcting a Collapsed Nasal Cavity/passage? (photo)

I had my deviated septum repaired approx 19 months ago but it did not solve my problem with not being able to breath with the right side of my nose.... READ MORE

Internal Nasal Valve Collapse

Had 2 Septoplasty and Inferior Turbinate Resections addressing night nasal breathing difficulties when in prone position. Left nostril still has... READ MORE

Nasal Valve Collapse Surgery Failed?

21 year old male.i had a septoplasty/turbinate reduction/ nasal valve surgery done last year. everything turned out well except the nasal valve issue,... READ MORE

Nose Started Feeling As Though It is Collapsing After Septoplasty?

I had deviated septum surgery with stints 6 days ago, my nose started feeling as though it is collapsing, is it just the swelling going down? I am... READ MORE

Is continual clear nasal drainage normal after nasal surgery?

Is nasal drainage a part of recovering from a septoplasty and grafts to fix a collapse on one side? If so, how long should this last? I have tried all... READ MORE

Nasal Valve Collapse & Chronically Enlarged Turbinates?

Thanks in advance for your time. It's been a rough road as several ENTs & other doctors have missed the diagnosis for so long. 4 years ago, I had... READ MORE

Why has my septoplasty failed twice?

Septoplasty has failed twice. It was originally deviated to the right, and after the surgery deviated to the left. Also, part of the cartilage in my... READ MORE

Has my nose cartilage collapsed? (photos)

Need a Second Opinion, I Ask my Plastic Surgeon Why in the Middle of my Nose Its Going Down Its This a Cartilage Collapsed READ MORE

My nose feels weak after a functional septoplasty. It has been about 2 years since the procedure. Shouldn't I be healed?

I had a functional septoplasty with turbinate reduction 2 years ago. Since then, every now and again my nose feels weak or unstable. It almost feels... READ MORE

How much cartilage is removed for septoplasty?

When performing septoplasty or harvesting the area for grafting material how much cartilage is generally removed? If you take too much would that mean... READ MORE

Is surgery always necessary for a perforated septum?

I have had a perforated septum as long as I can remember, that I believe was cause by a severe dog bite on my nose as a kid. It is now big enough that... READ MORE

I have blocked nose. Will I benefit from surgery to fix all the issues and breath again ?

Hello , for as long as I remember I have had a blocked nose . I have a slightly deviated septum , inlarged turbinates , collapsed and weak nasal... READ MORE

I always feel my uvula touching the back of my throat at area. It is very frustrating and hard to concentrate on anything

I had surgery as a 13 year old turbenectomy/ Septum surgery and my nose collapsed. I have had 4 surgeries since then to reconstruct it and now have... READ MORE

Had septum rebuilt using cartilage from ear. Inner wall of nostril now has hard growths blocking the airway. Is this cartilage?

I was diagnosed with supra-tip depression & possible nasal valve collapse following a septoplasty. Another surgeon rebuilt my nose via the right... READ MORE

Why is my right nostril so much smaller? Should I worry ? (photos)

I got a septorhino October of 2014. Dr removed a small hump and lifted a tiny little but my tip with my own cartilae. Since say 1 I noticed a diff in... READ MORE

Post-septoplasty D5. Crooked nose when I lying on one side, but not the other side. (Photo)

Dear Doctors, I had septoplasty 5 days ago. The bleeding ended on D2, I routinely irrigated and blew my nose to evacuate the mucus since then. Mucus... READ MORE

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