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Distorted Facial Shape After Jawline Sculptra Injections

I had my first (and last) experience with Sculptra 48 hours ago. Despite my very specific, repeated, clear, request for the plastic surgeon to please... READ MORE

Is This Normal Swelling After Sculptra or Should I Be Worried?

I had Sculptra injected yesterday in my temples, upper cheek area and it looks great, I know this is water/swelling and will go back down etc.... READ MORE

I Had Sculptra Injections Yesterday. I Am Severely Bruised, All Purple from my Nose to my Chin?

I iced all day when I had it done, but due to work I cannot ice there. I had Restylane 7 years ago and did not have any bruising, only injection site... READ MORE

Right After Sculptra Injection, Left Side Swelled Much More Than Right Side, Was It Due to More Injection on Left Side? (photo)

I had Sculptra injected 36 hours ago by an experienced doctor. Right after procedure, left cheek was much more swollen than the right. After 24 hours,... READ MORE

I Had Major Swelling After a Sculptra Treatment. Is This Normal?

The day of my treatment it looked great. Just the fullness where it was injected. However, by the next day I looked like a chipmunk! My cheeks got... READ MORE

Terrible swelling after sculptra? (photo)

Hi, I,M 12 hours after sculptra one vial, dilluted in 8 ml of water reconstituted during 8 days. I have terrible bruising which I was always prone to... READ MORE

I cupped my face after a Sculptra session and I think it moved out of the area. What do you think happened?

Can you lose the sculptra if you cup your face the day of and the next day? I don't feel it anymore and the soreness is gone! I'm going back next... READ MORE

Just a few hours after a Sculptra treatment, I look the same. Why?

I just had a Sculptra treatment today. I have had severe loss of fat in my cheeks due to an autoimmune which is why I chose Sculptra. My doctor said... READ MORE

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