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SculpSure is a non-surgical laser treatment for the reduction of stubborn fat in areas like the abdomen and love handles. Each treatment takes 25 minutes, is minimally painful, and requires no downtime. Most patients need a series of treatments to achieve their desired results.

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Needed to Eliminated Unwanted Belly Fat - Manhattan, NY

I am petite but since I’ve been in menopause I’m having trouble losing my belly fat. After seeing ads on the train and researching SculpSure, I’ve decided to try it. I went to Dr. Anna Avaliani located in Manhattan because she was running a special. She gave me a complimentary consu... READ MORE

Banana Rolls!

Hoping to reduce the appearance of my banana rolls and saddlebags. Procedure was a little uncomfortable but was bearable. I was able to withstand the heat at the highest level (1.4). No pain after just slightly sore. Was told to massage out any nodules that firm over the next few weeks. Will... READ MORE

40 Y/o. 3 Kids. Athletic. Problem Areas - Toronto, ON

I've always been fairly fit, but naturally carry weight on my inner and outer thighs. This is the first (and most likely only) cosmetic procedure I've had done to my body. If it doesn't work, I will graciously accept my fate :) The outer thighs (2 pads on each) were done first. I was up to the... READ MORE

27 Year Old Female - Fleming Island, FL

I have had stubborn fat on my stomach and abdomen for years. No matter how many crunches I did it still remained. It wasn't much but it was enough to affect my confidence.. I've don't two treatments with Dr. Wallace and I'm already seeing results! There was zero down time afterwards which I... READ MORE

SCULPSURE stomach and waist 2 kids

So after much thought and research I wanted sculpsure. I was very hesitant after reading some negative reviews that it didn't work. I hated my stomach but didn't want a tummytuck or lipo. This was my only chance so I went for it. First sculpsure treatment on my stomach and love handles and I am... READ MORE

Active 30 Year Old. No Kids. Sculpsure on Stubborn Lower Abdomen Fat.

A little about me: I lift weights 5-6x a week and have been able to change my body with the help of exercise and my BF who became a personal trainer after we began dating. I've successfully made my butt and legs bigger and have put on muscle and lost body fat, but unfortunately, you cannot spot... READ MORE

Treatment on Abs and Upper Back

I paid for three treatments but only had time to do my upper back and one row across the abs above the belly button. Anyway, the abs treatment was excruciating at the highest level of 1.1 but was tolerable when dialed down to 1.0. I had no trouble at all at the highest level in the back.... READ MORE

40+ woman needing lower abdomen fat reduction

The results are great! The treatment only took 25 minutes and it felt warm to hot at times. I went right back to work after. Optimal results take about 10-12 weeks to see and the area should be treated twice. Dr. McMahon's office at Seattle Weight Loss in Bellevue is having a special event... READ MORE

49 Years Old 114 Lbs 5'2" Stubborn Saddlebags. Martinsville, NJ

I've had stubborn fat areas on my tummy and thighs forever despite being in good shape and at a good weight; the nurse specialist felt that sculpsure was the best option over cool sculpting. I have no photos to share at this time but will upload when I can. The procedure is only mildly... READ MORE

Sculpsure is AWESOME!!

SculpSure with Dr. Jason Miller at Renewal Plastic Surgery: I am so excited about having went through with the Scuplsure procedure on my stomach!!! Dr. Miller and his staff were so phenomenal! I did three plates on my stomach and I will admit I was super nervous. I read about it hurting but I... READ MORE

No improvement-2 treatments

No, I had no improvement. I underwent two treatments, 12 weeks apart (8/16 and 11/8). I am not overweight (5'4" 125 lbs) but my mid section has always been a problem area and I was really hopeful that Sculpture would be the answer so I was disappointed to have no change. I would say the... READ MORE

59 YO Sculpsure Pubic Mons, Abs, and Love Handles- Wilmington, NC

I have been researching Sculpsure and pricing and decided to go with Biosymmetry in Wilmington. I had liposuction about 20 years ago and I'm going back to places the doctor wasn't as aggressive as I had wanted. Lower abs at the pubic mound and abs around the belly button are impossible for me to... READ MORE

Sculpsure and BodyFX Combo

Unhappy with waist...too much of a box like shape. Sculpsure to sides of waist and flanks, and 8 sessions of body fx. Sculpsure was very uncomfortable and cranky for the first 3 mins but then is fine for the remaining of the procedure. Body FX has been very tolerable and easy, with exception of... READ MORE

52 Year Old Non-jock Business Dude. Atkins Took Me This Far - Want to Get over the Hump! (Or Lumps!) - Cherry Hill, NJ

Like many of you (men and women), i have been reading and watching this procedure on here and youtube for months. Was looking at coolscupt, but got a bit skiddish and this just seems the best move. Very encouraged by most I have read - certainly nothing to scare me off. I dropped about 20-25... READ MORE

37 Year Old Mother of 2, Tired of Muffin Top - Doyelstown, PA

At 5'5, 126 lbs, I know I am not overweight, but I have a muffin top that drives me crazy! I workout 4-5 times a week, a mixture of running, strength training and Crossfit. I eat healthy at least 80% of the time, but I still have stubborn fat around my midsection that just won't budge. Even when... READ MORE


I had the sculpsure procedure done back in September as a surprise from my wife. Other than some minor heat at the beginning the treatment was pretty comfortable & quick. We did a session on my stomach and another on my love handles. Slightly tender in the area the day after the treatment,... READ MORE

Sculpsure Round I Results

I am a 5'2, 152lbs, 40 year-old woman. Have successfully lost 50lbs since September 2014 and continuously working to get in shape. Tried Sculpsure to help with my abdomen since I struggle to see the changes happening as quickly as I would like. Goal was to give me a little additional push... READ MORE

Just Got It Done Today - Lancaster, PA

My experience _ I will warn you the warming up put is the worest. It felt like someone was pinching me in the stomach really hard and I felt like I had bad menstral cramps . It felt good when the cooling part would come threw though but there were times when I wasn't sure if u was good make it... READ MORE

31 Year Old, 2 Kids Trying Sculpsure on my Tummy/flanks. Portland, OR

So I am a mother of two, not trying to look like a supermodel, but definitely doing something for myself to make me feel better (hopefully) when I look in the mirror. Right now, if I don't engage my core, I look 6 months pregnant. I workout frequently and eat pretty well. So I knew that I... READ MORE

Lower Abs Look Great! - Woodbury, NY

I have to admit, I was skeptical at first because there are many technologies out there claiming that they destroy fat cells. I was referred to this practice by a friend and am now a huge advocate and recommend anyone that wants to look and feel better. Dr Madnani is exceptionally knowledgeable... READ MORE

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