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Tomorrow will be a week since I've had...

Tomorrow will be a week since I've had Cellulaze. Let me tell you it is SO MUCH MORE PAINFUL than they tell you. Granted I did have my front, back, outter and inner thigh areas done along with my butt so it was a lot. I wasn't prepared for the amont of fluid leaking out and the amount of swelling. My legs look like tree trunks which is very obvious and I didn't want anyone to know about this but it's hard because I look like I gained over 10lbs overnight. (and I literally did with the numbing fluid they put inside of me). My legs are black and I'm going to estimate that it will take a month for the swelling to go down and the bruising to go away. The day after my surgery one of the Dr.'s staff called me and I was feeling good i didn't even feel like I needed the painkillers prescribed to me. The day after that and every day since has been another story. I can't even believe the pain I'm in...I would say on a scale of 1-10 a SOLID 8. The swelling is unreal...so much for keeping this to myself...but if the results are what I'm hoping for it will all be worth it...FYI I've had a lot of work done. Lipo, rhinoplasty, implants etc this was by far the WORST as far as recovery. The doctor said it will take 3 months to see results but so far my legs look much better but my butt is exactly the same :( the doc did say he would do touch ups for free which did put me at ease. I've had issues with cellultie my whole life...even at 115lbs I was covered in it! So it happens to everyone no matter what size you are. If this works and improves my cellulite even by 50% I will make sure everyone gets on this band wagon.

Well it has been 1 months since my procedure...no...

Well it has been 1 months since my procedure...no difference but the swelling has gone down considerably and I'm back into my old clothes and my old routine. I feel well enough to workout like I normally did which is nice because the lack of any physical activity over the last 4 weeks has caused me to put on a few lbs. I'm still a little sore but every day that gets better as well. It doesn't seem to be healing uniformly under my skin which is causing a shading in my legs that looks very strange...although all my cellulite is still there it is much less pronouced now. They offered me complimentary sessions of smooth shapes but they did say it will be painfull at this point so I should wait a couple more weeks....I'll do it why not. It's still too early for me to say if this was worth the 11,500 but I will keep you posted.

So I'm at almost 4 months and what a waste of...

So I'm at almost 4 months and what a waste of money this was! The pain was at times unbearable...the results....NONE! My right knee looks worse, like it had a stroke. I'm thinking it was the injection site for the fluids but something went very wrong with it. I have a hump on my right thigh as well and I still would never wear shorts or skirts above the knee. I wasted 11,500 on this worthless procedure that has ruined my summer and my bank account. I'm going in for my follow up this week and I can almost hear what they are going to say..."be patient"...give me a break! I had very bad discoloration but that seems to have faded...I've been working out a lot and doing lots of cardio maybe that's why. (or perhaps a little spray tan helped)...I just want everyone that is considering this procedure to wait until it has been around more and perfected. I just feel like I wasted my money, ruined my summer, I'm STILL in pain after 4 months and all for what? NOT A DAMN THING! BUYER BEWARE!
Dr. Joffrey

Although his staff could not have been any more nicer or personable the idea of having not having a follow up for 3 months is like being thrown to the wolves to me. He did also make sure I knew that since my consult and before my surgery he has raised his prices by thousands and I said what if I wanted other areas done since I was an exsiting customer would he charge me what he has been charging me or the new rate...his answer "we'll talk about it". I don't know if he was being funny and cute or he didn't want to tell me I was SOL...We'll see.

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