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How to Tell if my Nose is Broken?

I was in wrestling a few days ago, and I was slammed on my nose and now it is swollen and hard to breath out of. It's very sensitive, and whenever... READ MORE

Is it ok for cartilage to "pop" in the nose?

My right hand lower lateral cartilage makes a popping noise and slightly shifts about at times, is this a normal phenomenon or does it mean a ligament... READ MORE

Hi, my Face is Really Crooked..not That Noticeable in Real Life but Some of my Pictures Look Awful? (photo)

Some things I notice about myself: I can never breath through my nose when I exercise because I feel like I can't get enough oxygen and would feel... READ MORE

I hear a popping noise in my nose whenever I blow my nose hard. Is this an issue?

I had a Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty done 4 months ago along with Nasal Graft Surgery. I had sinus infection about a month ago and was blowing my nose a... READ MORE

My nose is moving and making a sound..what do you think is wrong?

Yesterday I got slammed really hard on the side of my nose with a soccer ball and it hurt bad enough to cry and go numb. It didn't bleed but now it's... READ MORE

Nose Hit 4 Weeks After Septorhinoplasty. It is Likely Thats it's Been Knocked Out of Place?

My friend accidentally bashed my nose with his head (almost 4 weeks post opp) it wasn't the hardest of head buts but it hurt and I felt something... READ MORE

What is hearing a small popping noise in the nose a few hours after having my broken nose straightened in a doctor's office?

I can't tell by looking because of the bandage and cast on it. Does the popping noise mean that the nose has gotten out of adjustment again? READ MORE

Is my nose broken and do I need to see a doc?

I was at my Xmas part dancing and some one head betted my nose by mistake It hurt for a few days now when I touch it sounds like it's cracking Like... READ MORE

Have I Damaged my Nose Permanently by Using Biore Nose Stripes 7 Days After Surgery?

I also popped the whiteheads very carefully with a small needle? There is no pain and no swelling from my actions but I am still worried. READ MORE

I had a tip and alar rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago. I smiled wide and heard a subtle snap (like a thread snap) in left nostril area?

Operation: Tip augmentation, Alar lift Concern: Will that accident affect the result? eg. left alar will be lower than right ps. No pain or any slight... READ MORE

Did I damage my nose after putting pressure on bump?

Hi Doctors i was pressing the bump on my nose very hard i heard if you press it the bump will go and after i let go i heard a pop sound why is that is... READ MORE

I heard a subtle snap when I accidentally smiled wide, no pain at all when it happened. Will this affect the result?

Hi, I had a tip augmentation and alar lift open rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago. The subtle sound is like a thread snapping in the upper area of my left... READ MORE

Should I be worried if I felt the tip of my nose pop 4 days after Rhinoplasty?

I am 4 days past a rhinoplasty and septoplasty and have been recovering very smoothly. I have very little blood flow and the pain is virtually non... READ MORE

Injured bridge of nose 6 months ago playing sports, outside of skin healed but left lump underneath, what would this be?

The lump is fairly small and has been there since the injury. It appears to be full of fliud or blood as you can move it around a little bit and can... READ MORE

Popping pimples after rhinoplasty. Could this be damaging?

2 weeks post op and ive been getting HORRIBLE pimples on my nose. Tons of tiny whiteheads.. And i've been popping them (gently) with a plastic... READ MORE

Can a functional rhinoplasty result in an improved cosmetic result also?

I have been noticing that I have difficulty breathing out of one nostril more then the other. I then realized that if I lift up the tip of my nose, I... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty: Day 12, felt a pop inside and some pain. Help!?

I had a rhinoplasty/septoplasty 12 days ago. When in the bathroom today my neck felt stiff so I moved it side to side. (Ear to shoulder.) When I moved... READ MORE

I am 12 days post rhinoplasty and when I wiggle my nose the cartilage pops. It is very uncomfortable. Did I shift it?

The outside of my nose looks the same and even. However, I feel like when I wiggled my nose my cartilage shifted to the right and did not return back... READ MORE

Popping and strange sensation in nose when I make wide facial expressions. Should I be worried?

My rhinoplasty came out very terribly, cosmetically and functionally. When I open my mouth wide, my nose feels like it is stretching to capacity and... READ MORE

I've popped a stitch on the inside of my front cartilage from laughing a week after rhinoplasty surgery. Should I be worried?

I had rhinoplasty/genioplasty done a week ago and I'm worried because I was playing outside with my son and he did something funny and I couldn't help... READ MORE

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