44 Years Old, Mcghan 245cc silicone implant Removal. Netherlands, NL

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Gained my breast implants in 2005. And I loved...

Gained my breast implants in 2005. And I loved them for a long time. A couple of years ago I began to experience some health problems. Irritated bowel syndrome, joint pains, serious night sweats, dizziness, fatigue, and so on.
I love to run, but more and more I felt after a run, like I was hit by a truck.
A friend of mine asked if my implants could be causing these problems. I started my surch on Internet, and found a site in the Netherlands, where lots of woman had exactly the same problems! At that moment I decided they were comming out! I made an appointment with a PS. Now I'm waiting for an explantation date. Emotionally I'm on a rollarcoaster. Determent one day, in tears the next. Hopefull and fearfull. There is no return though, I w ill start 45 as a natural beauty ;-)

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Got an operation date!!

Next sunday, the 15th of november, my plastic boobs will be history!!! Yay !!!!! Can't wait to feel my body without them.

All done!

Anyone want to buy this bra with recently explanted implants???? WAY cheaper than breast augmentation!!! ;-)
It went very well today. A little painfull, but very bearable. And I even got some breast tissue left :-)
I will show photos as soon as the bandage can come of. But I'm overjoyed already!

Capsules removed

Capsule also was removed, and came all out. No rupture, No significant leakage.

Third day, still got one drain left

I had an appointment today to remove the drains, but my left breast still loses a lot of fluid. Took my bandage of ( I realy could not stand the pressure anymore) It looks resonable. My left breast is brused and has got a dent at the bottem. But I"m not flat and not even disappointed. And they feel so LIGHT! !

A small and a big boob :-(

It looks like one of my boobs is a lot bigger than the other, and the dent even looks bigger now. Still happy about the amount of tissue, but I look a little lobsided :'-(


I'm absolutely flabbergasted by the resilience of my body! I feel great, and I don't want to toot my own horn, but... I look great :-D !
My ribs still feel sore, and the skin of my breasts is very, very tender, but the swelling is gone, my breasts are almost the same size, nipples are where they are suppost to be, the dent is almost gone, and they look amazing. I tried on one of my old bras and it still fits... a little loose, but it fits. Not what I was expecting after almost 11 years with implants. I'm so grateful!

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3 week update

Three weeks already. Time flies!
My breasts are still very tender, and there's no feeling in the bottem of my breasts. My right breast lost that feeling after my breast augmentation, the left apparently after the explant. Well... at least they are equal now :-/
My breasts are not totaly the same size, and the dent is still there, but there is no dent in my self esteem because of that ;-)
Healing is going great. The docter used my old incisions, but used a much smaller space than my old PS. I massage my breasts and the scars underneath every day.
I even had my first two runs already! Friday and today. Breasts taped in like a mummy, so breathing was a bit difficult, but I am finaly of the couch! I bought a very cute dress with a low V-neck for the up comming holiday, which I never would have bought with implants. It looks cute. Life is great.
Good luck, and to all of you who are thinking of removing your implants, go for it!!!

No one notices

"You wouldn't worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do".
Eleanor Roosevelt

Forgot to tell. Went to the gym friday. Only two people knew about my implants and my explant operation. I was a little nervous about undressing myself in front of all the woman I know. We always tend to blabber on when we are naked and often hit the sauna. Friday wasn't any different. And guess what... NO ONE NOTICED. Not even a strange look. That's how we view others. We put our own body under a magnifying glass, and we will find every so called "flaw", but hardly anyone else notices.

Seven months later...

Has it been 7 months already? Time flies when you're having fun! It's been great. Best decision I've ever made. Running is sooooo much easier without the silicone ladies. And, I lost 22 pounds in those seven months, something that seemed impossible all those years. Man, do I feel healthy ! My boobs almost look normal. My nippels have slightly collapsed, and they are not evenly round. My left boob is still dented. Also there is some loose skin underneath my armpits. Well, I did not expect it to be perfect, but it sure feels that way ????.
Good luck to all you ladies , wanting to get rid of those silicone plagues. For me, it was all worth it, one hundred percent!
I will not be back here, life goes on.
Dr R M Kappel

A Dutch, female PS. Very professional with a lot of knowledge about explantation and implant disease. I highly recomment her!

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