IPL is AMAZING!! Better Even Than a Variable Pulse Laser! - Zurich, Switzerland

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Hi All, I hope you make it this far down the...

Hi All, I hope you make it this far down the comments!!

I had IPL yesterday on my face, yes, even after reading the horror stories on here...

I am a male, 39, blond and blue eyes. Fitz 2 skin.

I have had two previous goes with a VPL (Variable) laser with great success. I have got rid of probably 60% of the veins on my face, nose and forehead wiht 2 visits. After a gap of two years, i thought I would go back for a top-up and the Doc told me that he had a new machine...

"A Palomar Max G IPL handpiece on a Starlux platform" is how he descibed it to me. A wee google later and here I am printing off the pic of the lady at the start of this thread to show him on the day...

Now in my experience, you are best to do everything that REALLY matters twice. So, after grilling him about this lady's experiences, he promised me that with my skin type and his experience, we are going to be just fine. I said I am not the first then? He said, "no, and this machine to my old machine is just like an upgrade from an old mercedes to a new Maybach (a merc limosine)..."

OK Doc, lets do it.

Now this machine requires two passes (we read together) first pass broad spectrum (38J) and (19ms) to get the bigger veins, and the second pass at (15J) and (5ms) to get the smaller veins.

Now when I say do it twice. He read it, I read it. He put the numbers into the machine, I checked it. I put my goggles on, he puts his on. I check the gel is on, cooler is on and he has his goggles on too. THIS IS NOT OVER DOING IT when we are talking about my face Doctor. He agreed and said, OK buddy (as in a diving buddy) are we ready to rumble???

Yup, so he fired off the first pass, it was no more uncomfortable than the old machine, and the second pass was even less uncomfortable. He was done in 20 minutes (rather than the 45 last time) and then rolls my face with a way cool titanium roller thingy and then shows me the mirror.....

No veins and a face that looks like it had been bitch slapped after a siesta on the beach with no protection! He said give it 30 minutes, so I threw on some moisturiser (that I brought with me) and went for a 20 minute walk in the cold evening air before daring to get on a train (!) back home. Yup, I hoestly, I hardly even got stared at and it didn't even look too bad in the window reflection...

Within an hour, practically all burning feel had gone, and I really was already less red than I was that morning before the treatment!!! YEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAA!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!

This morning, I feel like a new man. Be careful if you are out in Luzern tonight ladies haha ;)

I had my photo taken before hand, and I am going back in a month so he can take another photo. I will show you the results here when I get them.

I can still see a few veins, but it takes a month or so at least for them all to disappear, if this is anything like the VPL I had before.

Moral of story. Research, research, check your Doc, check the machine, check the doc again, check the machine again.

Then cross your fingers and if you are Fitz 1 or 2 and have a Doc you trust, I would say DO IT!!

The pic attached is exactly 24 hours after my zapping. He concentraed on my nose, cheeks and forehead.....and as you can see, there are no veins and practically no redness either!!! :) :) :)


Doctor Meyer

Perfect English and a great demeanor that inspires confidence and makes you relax. I would happily recommend my Mum to go see him. (I did actually).

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