33 Year Old, How to Make Years of Acne Suffering Invisible... Micro-needling, Green Peel, Fraxel... - Zurich, Switzerland

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Acne has been part of my life since I was 14. I...

Acne has been part of my life since I was 14. I figured out later that its because of PCO.
I never took accutane or the pill because of all the creepy side effects.

My PCO is under control thanks to different nutrition & acupuncture. My skin is almost clear, only once in a while some cysts, but they move quickly.

However my face still tells the story of years of acne suffering... scars on the cheeks, uneven complexion, large pores... Whatever make-up I try it looks cakey after some hours and makes it even worse. The older I get the more visible the signs are.
Yes, it also affects my self consciousness. I am always checking the mirror, I have the feeling people watch my face or cannot look at me for longer, I am still single etc...

So I decided its time - I will try what it is out there to finally get my dream skin! And stop this suffering.

What I have done in the past:
- fractional laser in 2010; just one treatment,
After reading a lot of comments here, I think the laser enlarged my pores. No big improvement.

- RF fractional ematrix 12/2014
Be careful!! This treatment was sold to me as the new big thing, no side effects. And I experienced facial fat loss almost immediately. This made the scars even more invisible... I was so unhappy I even got some fillers. I am not sure how common this side effect is... For me it was really noticeable.

I changed doctors again, this time the doctor recommended a combined treatment:
2x fraxel 1540 Palomar and 2x medical needling (Dermapen) - phased 3-4 weeks apart. I am past 2 treatments (1 fraxel, 1 microneedling)

To make a long story short:
I am not happy with lasers in general, I simply dont believe in them after seeing all the negative reviews & my own experience.
After 1 fraxel, my skin looked worse (dull, more uneven) also Make up looked even worse (yes, thats possible;)
I dont trust my doctor at the moment so I searched in the web and found a med beauty spa. Even on the telephone the person could tell more insights than a lot of doctors I have visited on my journey (who wanted to sell their laser treatments...)

I had one more microneedling with my old doctor done last Friday. Skin is recovering well.

I plan to visit the med spa in 3 weeks to discuss other treatments (no more laser for me ;) i guess the key is to combine different things like peel and microneedling together.

Furthermore, what helped me incredible in the past was Retinol a cream together with AHA (fruit acid). I will start this regime again after my skin is healed. I just use it in the evenings and wait 30 min after applying the AHA before I use the Retinol cream.

Will keep you updated on my journey :)
I am from Europe so it does not help to rate my doctors.
Will upload photos later.

Post Dermapen, Day 6

My skin healed very well.
No redness anymore. Cannot see big improvements by now, but its too early to tell.

I will restart my skincare regime tomorrow - every night first AHA 15%, then after approx 30min Retinol 1% cream.

Aditionally I have found great stories about turmeric masks. http://www.acne.org/turmeric-reviews-1198/
I love this natural healing stuff, so I am already lying on my couch with such a mask on my face :)

Appointment at medspa next week to discuss other treatment options (no more lasers! :)

Will keep you updated - cheers from

Photos - Day 7 after first Dermapen

Too early to jugde the outcome.

AHA peels first to calm inflammed skin

I was at the medical spa today. Really good experience, for the first time I have the feeling i can trust the dermatologist :)

She told me my skin is typically acne prone and due to the laser/ needing treatment the skin is inflammed again. As mentioned before, my skin looks really dull and tired with enlarged pores and scars more visible than ever.

She recommended a 6 week AHA peeling series - we started today with AHA 20%, I will use my own 15%AHA at home.

Skin looks great after the first session - healthier, a little tanned. I guess the effect is short-term but I feel already relieved :)

After the 6 fruit acid peels, my skin should be thinner, refined and less oily. Than the needling can follow.

Will keep you posted. Wish me luck :))
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