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Hey everyone, As many of you I had a problem on...

Hey everyone, As many of you I had a problem on my wrist: a tattoo. I got it 3 month ago as an impulsive reminder of a special time I spent abroad...I actually sometimes like tattoos on others and thought it would be cool to have one too. I thought about a good symbol or motive and finally decided for a penny coin, a lucky symbol in my home country. It was a black outlined tattoo on my left wrist, however not directly where it bends, a bit more above. Directly afterwards I felt good, because I was so nervous about the tattoo pain beforehand and for me it actually didn't hurt at I was kind of happy to have it done. During the night I woke up and looked at my wrist and the regret started immediately. The next day I told my parents and my boyfriend and actually cried because I realized that it won't go away now anymore...quite a shock. I researched removal methods and obviously opted for laser treatment. I had one laser session and my skin reacted really bad to it. It bleeded and had to heal for about three weeks with no real results. During that time my tattoo actually dictated my life. I wouldn't show it to anyone, none of my friends actually saw it and my favorite part of the day was the night where I could sleep without spending a thought on this tattoo. I didn't wear shirts or dresses the whole summer without having a wrist band on and to be honest that doesn't look really stylish:D so I came across a review from AvaLove here in this community that was about excision. And I realized that this I my only chance. I could have never done laser treatment because this tattoo was just to present for me and with laser you don't have any guarantee that the tattoo will be removed completely. Because of the shape of my tattoo, a circle, 3cm in width, it was quite difficult to get cut out. I had one surgery last week and will need to have another one in December. Now the major part of the tattoo is removed but there is still some of it left. My scar is quite diagonal which makes me a bit sad at the moment. My surgeon told me that a scar should always be in the skin tension lines to reduce the tension and support better healing, that's the reason why it's more diagonal. I will give a detailed description of the surgery in the next days. At the moment I am feeling quite unsure about everything. This whole tattoo experience has changed me and my life so much: I am not as happy and free anymore as I always was and even now after the excision I am so sad to have a scar now. It's not a super long scar and it's really, really thin and will be cut out anyways during the best excision. I asked my surgeon if she could do it a bit more horizontal and she said she can do it a bit. I would appreciate any opinions on my scar, also it's still taped with those brown plaster you think it was a good decision? Is a scar better than a tattoo? I really want to enjoy my life again and at the moment I am again thinking too much. Sorry for this super long post. Hope to get some feedback and I am happy to answer any questions. All the best :)


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