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I've been meaning to get my teeth whitened for...

I've been meaning to get my teeth whitened for years, and my upcoming wedding was the perfect reason to finally do it. I had done at-home whitening like Rembrandt, Opalescence, White Strips, but found them too inconvenient or too hurtful. I would overdo the whitening gel in the trays and it would hurt my teeth. One time I whitened my gums and freaked out until they went back to their natural color. So I decided to do Zoom.

My teeth were a yucky but not terrible shade of yellow, mostly because of coffee, tea, and sodas. I wanted to do in-office whitening just to get it overwith in one office visit rather than do days on end of at-home whitening. I had read the horror stories on this site about other Zoom procedures, and I used those to ask my dentist about everything that could go wrong. She covered all the bases and assured me that the procedure would go smoothly. She had the procedure done to her teeth, and they are very white. She described the "zingers" but said they only lasted about a day. So I went ahead with it.

I'm very glad I did. The whole thing lasted about two hours. First, they put in my mouthpiece which was uncomfortable, but how else are you going to keep your teeth exposed for two hours? Then they packed my mouth with gauze and protection against the UV lamp. Then they put protection on my gums and hardened it with a light. Everything was set, so they put the whitening solution on my teeth. Then they moved my mouth under the UV lamp and set it to go.

I did four lamp session of fifteen minutes each. After each session, they checked everything, did suction, took out and replaced wet gauze in my mouth, and put more whitening stuff on my teeth. It was hard staying still for the lamp while trying to swallow, but I managed all right. The first two sessions were painless. I felt some sensitivity during the last two sessions, but nothing major. The thing that hurt the most after it all was my neck from getting into position for the lamp. After the last session, I got a fluoride treatment and a checkup appointment for two days after.

Avoiding potential staining foods for two days sucked. But it wasn't terrible. The zingers came and went. I learned quickly not to drink cold water or inhale sharply. Running my tongue over my teeth seemed to help, and so did warm water. Most of the sensitivity was gone after 24 hours, and it was all gone by the second day.

For my checkup, they took after pictures and gave me take-home whitening gel and teeth trays. I'd check out my teeth in the mirror and thought they looked better but not stunning. But when I saw the before and after pictures side by side, I was amazed. My teeth look great! They say I got five shades whiter. They look very natural, not linen white by any means, but that's a good thing.

Overall, I think it was time and money well spent.

Dr. Dan Richey and Dr. Marifer Martinez-Lujan

They addressed all my concerns, double-checked all their work, and did an excellent job.

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