Teeth Looked Great, but my Lip Got Burnt & Blistered Badly

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I smoke and my teeth were very yellow, and I had a...

I smoke and my teeth were very yellow, and I had a dark yellow stain in between my two front teeth. After doing the zoom procedure my teeth were very white & I was so excited. Then I noticed my lip felt numb, a few hours later it started swelling badly, by morning it was 3 times its normal size. I also had huge painful blisters inside my lip, and still do 3 days later. I called the dentist and they looked at it and said that they had never seen this happen before, and had me keep putting vitamin e gel on it. It has been 3 days and it still brings me to tears trying to eat, talk, and especially to smile or brush my teeth. It's frustrating not to be able to kiss your children, and especially when you can't even smile at them. If you are thinking about zoom make sure that you tell them to keep your lips procted. They tried to keep mine procted and my lip still got burnt. I'm not sure that its worth it since you can use the trays with the whitening gel and get about the same results. (my dentist made molds of my teeth and with the price of the zoom it included the tray molded to fit my teeth, sensitivity gel, sensitivity toothpaste, and 3 applications of the whitening gel. I just recommend that you do your research and know what you may be getting yourself into. I have seen several stories about peoples lips getting burnt since it happend. I just wish that I would have seen it before I had the procedure done.
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My dentist is wonderful, and had never heard of any bad things happening with the zoom lamp. They did their very best to try to keep everything covered but my teeth. They were wonderful, and very concerned when they found out that my lip got burnt.

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