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Well, first let me say, If I hadn't gotten...

Well, first let me say, If I hadn't gotten such a deal on this procedure I probably would have never done it only because of the normally big pricetag. had a deal for $99 treatment at a 5 star dentist in my area so I couldn't pass it up. So today I got the treatment done. Was it worth it? Absolutelynotsure!! OK it was. But not the horrible tingling sensations you get during the treatment and after. They take you back, take before pictures, mold your teeth for custom trays then gauze your gums to protect them, then paint your teeth with the zoom activating gel. You're supposed to do 3 sets of 15 minutes. Total treatment under the zoom light is 45 min. My first set of 15 was fine I felt no sensitivity. They come back and put more gel on your teeth and then start the next 15 min session. My 2nd set of 15 . . .BAM! The horrible tingling sensation hit lasting for about 5 second (longest 5 seconds of pain in my life). So these sensations come and go and were seeming to get worse, they make you jump, and let me say I swear I do have a high tolerance for pain and these sharp tingling sensations were well..SHARP! So I made it through my 2nd 15 minute treatment. The assistant doing the procedure and the dentist recommended I not go through with the 3rd(last) 15 minute treatment since the tingling was getting bad. They said it was up to me but would probably get worse (pain wise). So although I DID kind of want to just finish, it definitely wasn't worth the pain sorry. They gave me a mirror and my teeth looked fabulously white so I decided not to finish with the last 15 min. They told me most people honestly can't do the last 15 minute session just because it's too painful. So they send you home with custom trays which finish the whitening process. In 48 hours I can start with the trays, you can do the night treatment which you wear the trays overnight or you can do 2 daytime: one in morning and one at night- 30 min each session.

I decided to go with the day time morning and night. Also, since I didn't finish my last 15 minute zoom session they recommended I use the trays for 3 days starting in 48 hours, and they give you a lot of whitening gel and they recommend you touch up with it every 6 months. My appt. was at 1:15pm and left at 3:30pm. do I feel now? Pretty good actually. It's 3 hours post my treatment and I AM still getting SHARP tingling sensations but only every once in a while and they come and go pretty quickly-dentist says they usually stop within 24 hours anyway. So I absolutely would recommend zoom teeth whitening.

My teeth were not yellow but I do drink ALOT of tea and coffee so you can definitely benefit from zoom if you drink a lot of dark beverages as well. Hope this helped all you prospective Zoomers! Wait for a deal or give yourself a treat and give Zoom a try!
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