Zoom Whitening Good While It Lasted

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After prodding by my sister and heavy hints from...

After prodding by my sister and heavy hints from my dental hygenist i got teeth whitening at my last cleaning. i can't say i saw a massive difference. no hollywood look, no one confused me for having a jennifer aniston smile afterward. yet the coffee stain and only-when-i-socialize cigarette tar was very much less visibkle. up until i got the whitening i thought teeth whitening was nothing more than slap on some gel, put a light on it, get white teeth in 30 mins or so. The process was more involved quite a bit of the hygenists time, making the $500 less of a sting. i do recommend you take 3 advils before the bleaching. it hurt pretty bad during the last 10 minutes. not like laser hair removl pain but it was there. also i'd make sure next time i asked what teeth whitening they use. i only discovered it was called zoom when i looked it up on my dentists web site. there are different strength treatments (now I know!) and some are better for sensitivity...at least that's my understanding! anyway, teeth whitening is worth it but realize you'll be back doing it again if you like the look.
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