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Yeah i got my teeth bleached Friday. I know it was...

Yeah i got my teeth bleached Friday. I know it was expensive, but I chipped my two front teeth when i was little and I never had insurance to get them fixed. So finally in my life I have a good job that actually offers insurance, so I can finally get them fixed. Caps, crown, and fillings dont bleach, so I wanted my teeth bleached before I get them fixed. I want my teeth to be as white as possible so I decided to do it while I have the chance.

My appointment was at 9am and I didn't get out of there till 11am. First the dentist made a mold of my mouth to make custom trays just for my teeth to take home. Then she inserted a tray in my mouth that moved my lips out of the way. Then she spent and hour putting gauze my mouth, covering my tongue and covering my gums. Then she put this gel on my teeth and then she attached the laser light thing to my mouth for 15 mins. While it was attatched I couldn't move. After she would check to make sure everything was ok, then she sprayed water in my mouth, and some other stuff and then I went back under the light for 15 mins, and then again. Actually my bottom teeth weren't as white as my top teeth so she did just those for a extra 15 mins and then I was done.

The 1st session it didn't hurt the 2nd time was getting more sensitive, the 3rd I was really wanting it to be over, and when she did my bottom teeth for the extra 15 mins, I wanted to die.

For the first 48 hours I couldn't eat any colored foods, especially drinks. The 1st 24 hours every once in a while I would get a sharp freezing pain in my mouth. The 2nd day I woke up with sore gums, and this morning my whole mouth was sore, but the pain is easing its not that bad. I feel like I had a surgery in my mouth though.

The dentist let me keep my teeth molds and my custom made teeth trays. I love the custom made trays soo much because their made just for MY teeth they fit soo well I can even talk in them. hehe. I'm keeping them forever! The at home treatment is to bleach once a day for and hour until I run out of the stuff I guess.

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