Zoom Teeth Whitening, It Works, but It Hurts!

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I had this procedure done yesterday to prepare for...

I had this procedure done yesterday to prepare for veneers that I'm gettin on my four front teeth in a few weeks.

About 3 weeks ago, my dentist gave me toothpaste containing a strong amount of fluoride which was to help in desensitizing the teeth. I was supposed to brush 2-3 times a day, using a dry toothbrush and not to rinse or drink or eat anything for 1/2 hour after brushing. I will admit that I slacked off on this. I went away for a week and forgot the toothpaste; I would eat within a 1/2 hour etc.

Yesterday, prior to the procedure, my hygienist put a sun block on my lips and the tip of my nose, which I assume is why I didn't have any problems with my lips burning. She also coated my gums really, really well with something so I didn't have any problem with my gums burning either.

I made it through the first two 15 minute sessions no problem. About 10 minutes through the 3rd one, I had a whopper of a zinger! Holy smokes, they HURT! It's not "sensitivity" - it's flat out PAIN!

I opted to forego the 4th treatment. I lightened up quite a few shades and even my 4 front teeth which are bonded, lightened - even though the hygienist told me that they wouldn't.

About an hour after I left the dentist office, the zingers were coming on full strength and not going away! I chugged water all afternoon and all night, like they told me to do. (Apparently that helps the teeth rehydrate and relieve the zingers sooner) I thought I would drive myself insane last night though with the pain. I had a Lortab left over from another dental procedure, so I took that and went to bed.

This morning the really bad zingers are gone and only my 2 front teeth are bugging me, but it's tolerable.

I don't know that I'd go through this again. I am happy with the results, not thrilled but happy. If you normally have sensitive teeth, (I don't) I could only think that this would be even worse for you.

Check out my before and after pics, but keep in mind that the four front teeth are bonded and will soon be replaced by porcelain veneers. :)

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My dentist is a really good dentist. I was warned in advance of "sensitivity" and I partially blame myself for not fully utilizing the fluoride toothpaste like he told me to.

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