Mother, breastfed 5'4" with 118 Lb / Mastopexy and implant; 300 cc HP Cohesive gel

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Hello, I would like to ask for your oppinion about...

Hello, I would like to ask for your oppinion about the size / shape interval wich I might be suited for.
I'm 34 y.o. 2 breastfed children with 34/B and 12 cm BW 10.5 cm Hight. I wish for better shape/ proportion and a bit of volume. I want to know if it's possible to achive this without mastopexy..
Thinking of 225-250 cc Mentor Anatomic, MP or HP .?!
Thank you all !!!

It is DONE !

End of day 2. All the pain and swelling but with promising outcome soon (I hope). I am waiting for opinions.. Thanks!

Day 5

At the end of this day only constipation is a major problem ! The rest is getting better..!

Day 10

2 weeks

Scars look ok, just a little extra skin under.. Pain has improved a lot!

Week 5

10 weeks ..going fine !

18 weeks

Everything is going well !
Dr. Zamfirescu

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