Removal with the Picosure Laser

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I got a tattoo of angel wings about 5 years ago....

I got a tattoo of angel wings about 5 years ago. it was done by an amateur artist, but it was cute and black with shading. A year after getting the tattoo, I decided to add more fathers to it...

BIG MISTAKE (and this is where it all falls down...)

It was done at a professional tattoo shop, but the artist made the wings look like black daggers. Wayyyyy toooo much black. It was a mess! Then I got another artist to shade in some blue to make it look more like wings. It worked and she was amazing, but I still wash soooo unhappy with it. Last year, I thought of another cover-up. Ganesha... remover of obstacles. The artist drew it up after I paid the deposit. I thought about it and decided I wanted to move forward with a larger back piece. He did the tattoo on April 8th and by April 13th... it hit me. Regret... ink regret. What did I just do!? Why would I do this?! I just mae this situation worse?! It was bad before, but it's even worse now!

Now I have a big outline of Ganesha on my back. It's a beautiful, but I just can't do it. It makes me nervous to think that I could possibly have a bigger piece on my back that I will hate forever! I made the decision to just go ahead and get everything removed. The original wings and the new outline need to go ASAP, but first I have to wait 6-8 weeks for this outline to heal to move forward with removal. I have my first consultation with Zapatat this Sunday. They will measure my tattoo and the outline to give me a quote on how much the treatments will be. They will be expensive! I figure 2-3 R20 treatments a year until it's all gone!

They specialize in the R20 removal and their results have been amazing! If you go on their Facebook page, customers that have had the treatment post pictures of their progress and most of them have at least 50%-75% clearance after one R20 session. One picture showed complete removal. It's quite astonishing, but I'm sure it will be painful... especially on the back. In order for this removal to work, I need to turn my body into a tattoo removing machine. Lot's of water, raw foods, protein, and exercise (to get the blood circulating).

Can't wait!

Treated with the Picosure

I was just treated with the picosure on Friday May 24. Amazing results. If you are not getting treated by this laser please stop your treatments! This is one of the smaller tattoos that I am treating. I still have the huge outline on my back. I treated the whole thing and I also see a lot of breakup in the lines and fading in the colored part. That one I am not willing to share just because I am soooo embarrassed of it.

Day 6: 1st

Finally! All the blisters have gone down and I can move around.

Day 10: the itch

I just want to scratch my back up against a tree! Soooo itchy!!!! I can't sleep it's so itchy! My back is flaking and the red parts are coming off. Lines are either gone or faded significantly. Most of the fading occurs in the following weeks so resilts this early on are definitely great! The tattoo on my thigh is taking a bit longer to flake, but it's getting there. The red is all flakey skin that will fall off.


If you are not getting treated by the picosure, you are selling yourself short. This technology is working and I don't care what anyone says. Pictures speak a 1000 words and I am confident that I would have never gotten this much fading had it not been for the picosure.


My tattoo looks shiny and red in areas. The skin is growing in and it's not tender anymore. I think this will actually go... was skeptical at first, but these results are great so far. We shall see...

It looks brown today and the shiny spots are almost all gone

The tattoo gets lighter each day. It looked more brown than black today. There's also some more fading. Some of the lines look thinner. It's said that the pico tends to target pigment more easily, so I hope those shiny spots aren't hypopigmentation. It's a process...

Still Fading

My tattoo has faded quite dramatically over the past 6 weeks. I've found that I'm not as depressed or devastated anymore because I'm seeing such great results. The pinkness has subsided and the hyperpigmentation is going away too. It's uplifting I guess. I figure the reason why I'm going through painful laser treatments is to rid myself of the tattoo... why be depressed? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of me getting the treatments? It just takes entirely too much energy. Energy that I could be using on healing to clear these tattoos faster.

Updated Pics

It's post 5 WKs and not 6 WKs! I am getting ahead of myself!

Feeling some kind of way....

My next session is in 2 weeks. I'm feeling nervous. Not because of the results... I'm confident ill get results, but I'm scared of the pain. The last time it hurt sooo much. By the end of the session I was trembling. The laser really does hurt. It's no joke. Especially, if your tattoo is big.... even if its small it hurts! I waited 8 weeks between my last session because regardless of the kind of laser you use your body still has to work on the ink. I feel that my skin will heal better too. I want my skin to look as normal as possible and the only way I feel like I can do that is to wait longer between sessions. It's more important that my skin comes out as unscarred as possible. Not perfect... I know it will probably never look as it did before. I hate this feeling. I'm gonna eat ice cream now :) Thank god I can hide these tattoos!

1 week before 2nd TX

Here's a photo for you guys! I'm still feeling nervous. I hope it doesn't hurt as bad this time...

2nd TX

It hurt less... that's for sure. He turned up the laser. It felt hotter. It stung less. I got through the treatment faster. Blisters are smaller this time. Tattoo looks way darker though after the treatment. He stacked treatments on a little part of my back tattoo to see how it would react. That part is super tender. I'm not sure if I want him to do that again but we will see how my skin reacts and if it clears the tattoo faster. My blisters are draining nicely. The tattoo in my pics took forever to heal the last time. Hopefully it will be a speedy recovery this time around. Feeling like crap.

Blisters have gone down!

Wow. Recovery was much faster this time! All my blisters have gone down and now I'm just waiting for this to flake off and peel. Hope I get more fading this time. I'm still tender as the laser was turnt up. Ugh.... My third appt is August 26th... I decided to wait only 5 weeks because there wasn't much of a difference between week 5 and 8.

Five days after 2nd TX

Here is my tattoo five days after. I'm crispy!


I really hate the emotions of doubt and pity that this procedure takes you through. Trying to be positive in the summertime where I can't swim or go to the beach... guess there'll be next summer!

TX 2 - Day 9

The redness happened with the last treatment. It lasted for a 4 weeks and at 8 weeks completely subsided. This session my skin seems pinker, but this tattoo isn't as tender and healed much faster. The redness looks scary, but I know that it will go away. I guess with the picosure your skin will get red. It looks scared and burned but when it thanks it goes back to normal. It's weird. Anyways, I have do much breakup and underneath the redness there are a few areas that have completely dissapeared! It's amazing!

2 weeks after 2nd TX

Lots of pinkness. Quite a bit of hyper pigmentation. Definitely more than the last TX. Skin feels drier.


My next appointment is on Aug. 26th, but there is still hyperpigmentation from the last TX. It's not going away as quickly as it did during the 1st TX. The same goes for the tat on my back. Wonder if its because he turned up the laser. I'm feeling kind of anxious and I'm wondering if I should hold off the next TX for a while... I do want this tat off, but I want my skin to look good too. What do you guys think? It looks better than 2 weeks ago, but I remember the hyperpigmentation going away after the fifth week. I still have 1 more week to feel it out.

Talked to my doctor

So I talked to my doctor and he recommended that I wait the full eight weeks. My appointment was for August 26th but now it's for September 12th. I wanted to do it on the 26 th because I had the whole week off before school started. Really inconvenient but I gotta do what I gotta do

My goodness

I'm really not trying to avoid treatment but I couldn't find anyone to drive me this week so I had to postpone it until the 19th. That makes exactly 8 weeks! My hyperpigmentation looks like its subsiding but not nearly as much as I would like it to.


For those of you wondering I haven't got my third treatment yet. The tattoo on my thigh is still hyperpigmented. He told me to apply amlactin for a few weeks. Hopefully this will reduce the hypogmentation. He said he wanted me to wait until 10/17. This is another month from when my treatment is supposed to be. Tattoo is way lighter and outside if the hyperpigmentation, results have been good. I'll post another pic soon.

How do I change my doctor?

I want to update my doctor and the place where he is. How do I do this?

Getting ready for my next treatment

It's about that time to get another TX. B/C of school I haven't had the time. Just wanted to update with a photo!


So... I prayed a lot before going in for my TX. I knew that it would take so much out of me and it did, but the TX wasn't as bad as the other two and my blisters are babies compared to what they looked like in prior TX. My doctor turned the laser down and I could definitely tell. I was worried about the hyper. He wasn't, but didn't want to make it worse he said so that is why he turned it down. Not by much, but it definitely made a difference in the pain. Anyways, I can move around and flex my back. It still burn and it's still uncomfortable, but at lease I don't feel immobile like the last two TX. I'll post more updates later, but it looks like I will still need about 3-4 more TX.

I am actually going to Dr. Burke in Newark, DE until a pico comes to DC.

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