20 Year Old Male Having Rhinoplasty in Zagreb, Croatia

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My nose has been bothering me for many years, so I...

My nose has been bothering me for many years, so I started to save up to be able to get my rhinoplasty done. That I wanted the rhinoplasty was for sure, but I wasn't sure which doctor to go to. I live in West-Europe and initially wanted to do it in my own country. But after researching I found out that Cindy Jackson her surgeon has his clinic in Zagreb, Croatia. I emailed them my pictures, just curious what they would charge for my rhinoplasty. I got a very detailed email from back and a price that was €2500,-.
The professional approach, together with the fact that Cindy Jackson got her nose done by him, and some good reviews online made me choose Dr. Dinko Toncic. They also offered accommodation and transport. This, together with a mandatory blood test made my final quote come at just over €3000,-. I had some more email correspondence with them and I decided to book the surgery for the 9th of July. I will fly to Zagreb the 8th and leave on the 16th of July to fly back home again.
I decided to have the surgery in my summer break so that I have enough time to heal and look decent when university starts again.
So far the correspondence with Dr Toncic his clinic has been very good, I can ask every question that comes to mind and I will have a detailed answer within 1-2 days, or sometimes even the same day.
I will update more once I am close to my surgery date and after I had my procedure done.

My before

For anyone who is curious, this is my before


Even though it is still weeks before my surgery I have had some nervous moments, I have moments I doubt if I went with the good surgeon and worrying about the outcome. But I re-assured myself I did good research and will be in good hands. My surgeon said he will make my nose smaller, make it straight and slightly narrow the tip so my nose will fit my face well. When I'm not nervous I am looking forward to my surgery day allot and can't wait for me to be done.

! month pre-op

It's about 1 month pre-op now. I'm not really nervous yet, mainly because I'm so busy. General I'm looking forward to my surgery date allot. The only thing I worry about is how the summer heat is going to affect swelling.

More pictures

Some more pictures of my nose. I don't have an extremely prominent chin, so I hope my rhinoplasty will balance out my face more. If afterwards I still feel it is a little of balance I might consider a chin-implant, but I want to see wait for my new nose first.

Day of arrival

Day of arrival
I had a direct flight to Zagreb airport today. I arrived in the afternoon. Boris, my chauffeur for the week was already waiting on me and drove me to the appartment I will be staying. Here I was introduced to a very nice girl/ lady who will be taking care of me after the surgery tomorrow for the rest of the week. She greeted me and she has been a great host so far. She made me a very nice dinner meal since I didn't eat anything for dinner. She explained to me the schedule for tomorrow and upcoming week. Tomorrow morning around 8 I will be driven to the clinic where my blood will be taken and sent to the lab. While that is being tested I will have my consultation and meeting with Dr Toncic, and once the bloodwork came back good my rhinoplasty will be preformed that day. I will stay in the clinic untill the end of the day. Then I will be brought back here to the appartment and dinner will be made.

About Zagreb
Very nice city from what I saw so far, but it is very warm here, 35 C. But I was told that tonight it will rain and tomorrow will be 10 C cooler than today. Lets hope so!

Day of surgery

Today was the big day!! I slept bad the night because of nevres and the heath, Luckily today it colled down allot.

I had some tea before leaving to the clinic. The nurse who is taking care of me, Ivana, is staying in the apartment with me so she drove me. She told me she would also be helping Dr, Toncic with my procedure.

When I arrived at the clinic she took blood and a guy came to courier it to the lab. After about 45 minutes the results came back and we could start the consultation. I got to meet both Dr. Toncic, senior and junior. Junior is Dr. Dinko Toncic, and he was the one who would be operating on me. He did most of the talking. First he asked some regular thinks about my health etc and after that we discusses my nose. I was very happy when I noticed he and I were on the same page. After talking everything trough we both went to prepare for surgery.

I had to strip and wear my undies and socks with a surgery gown over it, and I was led to the surgery room. I got an infusion in my arm with sedation and got local anaestic in my nose. I drifted away when they began the surgery. It took about 1 hour, and the only thinks I noticed was some vague voices and me sneezing 3 times when they put the packing in, something that is very common I was told later.

After surgery I was taken to the rest area and got regularly fresh icepacks for my neck and forehead. I didn't feel any pain or headache so I didn't need any painkiller. Around 15:00 Ivana brought me a very elaborate lunch that she made me. Around 18:30 she drove me back to the apartment where I facetimed with family while she made me some light dinner.

So far I feel great, no bruising (yet?) no pain, just uncomfortable. I was surprised it felt so good the first day after, curious how I will feel tomorrow.

1 day post-op

Today I didn't feel as good as I did yesterday. This is mainly due to my eyes which got swollen and makes it hard for me to keep my eyes open for a while. My nose doesn't bother me that much. I slept alright, woke up only 2 times but the dry mouth, throat and lips were not fun at all. In the pictures I attached you can see my cast and tape covers allot, so I still didn't see my nose in any way. My packing will be taken out Sunday by Ivana, the nurse who is taking care of me. That way I won't have to wait till Monday (thank god!). I rested most of the day in bed with icepacks on my face so I don't have much more to add to my first day.

2 days post-op

Today I woke up and my left eye was allot more swollen than yesterday. My right eye looked almost the same as yesterday. After icing for a while some of the swelling went down luckily. Beside that nothing much more news about my nose. Tomorrow the packings will be taken out by Ivana and I can't wait for that.

3 days Post-op

This morning nurse Ivana took my packings out and OH MY I could breath!! The pressure from around my eyes and nose was gone not soon after and made me feel so much better. My eyes are also less swollen than yesterday, there is a tiny bit of bruising i noticed today but not nearly as bad as I've seen on other reviews. I felt pretty good today, so I hope tonight ill sleep very good.

I could see a little bit of my nose now that the packings got taken out and the plaster with cotton to catch any blood. What I can see looks very good, and this is promising good for the end results. Tomorrow around noon I have a check up with Dr Toncic.

Not much more to tell about today. Ill update tomorrow again!

4 days post-op

Today marks 4 days post-op. Today I had my check-up. Boris, the driver, picked me up around 11.30 and drove me to the clinic. I had my check up there and some stitch taken out. Dr. Toncic cut some tape away so breathing is (even) easier and looked at my nose. He was very surprised with the absence of bruising and was very happy with how I was healing.

After the check-up Ivana took me into Zagreb where we had lunch and walked around. The city is very pretty and I definitely will come back to see more of this city when I'm not all bandaged up!

Day 5

Not much to mention about today. My nose starts itching a bit below the cast and inside my nose every now and then but that means things are healing i guess. The only thing that is still so annoying is my skin, it got so oily and it feels so gross. Luckily my cast comes off Thursday!! I am so excited to get to see my new nose finally!

Day 7, cast off

Today the big day, my cast was taken off!!
Today I was also flying home, so at 12.30 Boris came to pick me and all my luggage up. We drove to the clinic where my cast was taken off. I was amazed! It was even prettier than I imagined! The pictures I upload don't do my nose justice at all, in person it is even prettier and better looking. After the cast was taken off Dr Toncic checked my nose and cleaned it so breathing was even easier. He told me it is 30% swelling and within 2 months most of that swelling will be gone. I already loved my nose so knowing it will be even more refined makes me happy. After me and the Dr talked and he checked everything we said our goodbyes and Boris drove me to the airport.

My general experience with Dr Toncic and his staff were very positive. Everyone was incredibly nice, spoke English and was generally concerned with my well-being. The private accommodation that they offered was really nice and I would recommend it. There is a nurse to take care of you who also makes breakfast and cooks 2 warm meals for you every day. I was very nervous about going abroad but I am very happy with my experience and if I would need something else done I would gladly go back. If anyone has some questions about my experience don't be afraid to ask me.

2 weeks post-op

It's two weeks post-op now, still very happy with the results. Nose is obviously still swollen and still feels a stiff. I sleep a bit elevated, hoping that swelling will go down quicker. Not much more to update about.

6.5 weeks post op

Swelling has gone down even more, still extremely happy I did this.


Small update

Still extremely satisfied and happy with my nose! Haven't noticed much fluctuation with swelling either. The few people who know I had my nose done say it is very natural looking, and no one else mentioned that anything about my nose was different either. So very happy with the natural results and the way I am healing :)

5.5 months

As you can see swelling has gone down on the 2/3rd view but the, side profile hasn't changed much. Still very happy and every time I enjoy looking in the mirror now. My rhinoplasty gave me a big boost of confidence. Can recommend my doctor based on my experience!

1 Year update

It's been just over a year since I had my rhinoplasty. Overall I am still very very happy. Only thing that slightly bothers my (but as i see it now won't make me undergo another surgery) is that there is a very slight deviation in my nose. I think this was already present before my surgery but I wish the doctor would've told me and/ or fixed it. I do think that it has become more noticeable after the surgery and that I just didn't notice it before. Beside that I am very happy with the results. I don't have any problems with my nose, it healed nice and only small scars inside my nostril that no one sees. I don't think I look operated on and it fits my face very well. I haven't seen any changes lately in my nose and think this is the end result. I have all feeling back and can smell and breath normally.
Dr. Dinko Toncic

Very involved doctor who really cared for me and my wishes. He and his staff made me feel very comfortable. He wanted to make sure my nose would fit my face and wishes. I am very happy I ended up going to his clinic.

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