Cosmetic Rhinoplasty, So Far Really Happy - Zagreb

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Like probably 99% of people who undergo cosmetic...

Like probably 99% of people who undergo cosmetic rhinoplasty, I too, hated my nose for as long as I can remember. No one actually told me it was big, but it wasn't small either and it was somewhat pointy from the side with a moderate hump. It gave me a less profound look than I felt would fit my other facial features.
Being from Croatia, I am lucky the overall cost of cosmetic surgery is still significantly lower than in other parts of the EU, not to mention US. Still, we have renowned surgeons and the quality of the service is as high as abroad. I was happy to choose a surgeon who is certified by several national and international medical boards.

The procedure was done under local anesthesia (sorry don't know what the exact term for it is in English, but I was moderately sedated so I dozed off during the procedure, but it wasn't as under general anesthesia where you're completely asleep and unaware what's going on). No pain involved whatsoever. The procedure went great and took only about 40 minutes. Dr Toncic was very pleased how it went and that was a total comfort. I went home after two hours.

Now, the first three days are just HELL. Not being able to breathe normally, eat, sleep, ANYTHING. I bruised moderately under my eyes and on my eyelids but didn't swell until day three.
Things got dramatically better after day 5 and removal of packing (day 4) but I still looked pretty bad so I stayed home...really really bored.

Day 7 - splint finally removed! WHAT A SHOCK. As the splint for some reason was really long for my nose, it was severely squeezing my nostrils after packing removal - and boy, did I wish somebody warned me that the tip and nostrils will look deformed the first few minutes until they 'inflate' because of having a tight cast on for a week like that.
The nurse removed the cast and took me to a mirror and I started shaking and almost cried because at first, the nose looked WAY to narrow, almost Micheal Jackson- like. Seriously, this was a huge shock and I forgot to mention this to the surgeon but I most certainly will on my next check-up in two months. Just give people a heads-up in such cases, doc :) I almost suffered a heart-attack :)
Any way, the nurse let me recover and sat me down and after a few minutes the nostrils inflated to its normal size and things started to look REALLY good! is day 8 and now I see why everyone is writing about post-op swelling of the nose so much. It is really swollen. But still - it looks great and I am so happy I got it done!
I was able to put full make-up on yesterday and go see my friends who are thrilled with the outcome. So happy.

Will post regularly on healing :) Cheers from Croatia!

update: yesterday was two weeks post-op

...and I went back to work. Funny thing is, nobody noticed anything, or even if they may have noticed something different about me, no one said anything! I really don't know how to explain this, I guess people just don't expect you to go on vacation and get a nose job. On the other hand, I never really had a BIG nose but still, there's a big change, especially from the side. Speaking of which, I will post some pics when I get a chance.
Anyway, my recovery has been really good so far. I have more swelling in the morning than later in the day and therefore I am still sleeping on two pilllows with my head elevated. Also, the swelling is inequal although it's probably something only I notice, but 90% of the time I'm absolutely in love with my new nose, especially when it's less swollen. At times I am a little concerned it may look crooked as sometimes one side swells somewhat more but usually it looks alot different the following day. I guess it is best not to examine the nose too much at this point as it will only make me crazy....

3 weeks post op exactly

promised some pics so here they are! before (left) and after (right)...

bump or swollen inbetween eyes?

I'm wondering if I should go see my dr because of this bump at the left side of my upper bridge inbetween the eyes. You can somewhat see it in the front view after pic. I know/feel the area is swollen from both sides, but at the left side it looks like a small 'patch' and seems a little reddish at times. Any ideas?

ONE month post op!

Doing great :) I still sleep with my head elevated as this is helping me swell less in the morning. Also, I have become so comfortable with my new nose, I often 'forget' I had the procedure done, so I often get 'surprised' by my reflection in the mirror in a store for example. LOL.

Almost 6weeks post op

Posting some new pics

having a cold few weeks after rhino = so not fun

So I got the cold last week, it's horrible! Not being able to blow my nose, the sneezing, being stuffed...a nightmare. And my nose is quite swollen :( not fun...

2month check up

So I had my two month check up with my surgeon this week. He's really happy with my nose and how it's healing. Said that swelling fluctuations are normal and said he feels how stiff the tip still is and that it's perefctly normal at this point and it will be a little stiff/numb for a while longer. The swelling in the morning subsides faster now. I no longer sleep with my head elevated :)

Swelling swelling swelling...go away, you're annoying!

Still pretty swollen at the bridge, and it's tender when I touch it too, so I know it is part of the healing process. It is just really annoying since it fluctuates so much. Cant wait for all the swelling to be gone.

3 months post op

I really, honestly have nothing to add. It's been 3 months sinnce my nose job and I'm just really really happy. What a boring review :) The swelling is still present, mainly at the bridge and varies from day to day, but generally, I am really happy with my healing and the nose looks great. So glad to have done this, wish I had the courage 10yrs ago to do this... :)

4 month post op

So...i already mentioned a small bump on my left side of the nose as early as 20days post op and it seems like it's really there...pls comment if you see it too. I know its not big, and its nothing compared to my old nose, but do you think should I consider a revision to file it down a bit? My right side is so perfect, would love the left side to be identical. Appreciate the feedback :)

Hi all

Just posting a new pic....Im sooo in love with my profile, its my favourite angle now! :)
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