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So, I've been stalking this site for a while now....

So, I've been stalking this site for a while now. I would guess two months. That's when I first ran across the MPX lipo treatment and decided this was a good fit for me. I've decided to go ahead and start a pre-review. One thing I've noticed is that not a lot of men have gotten the procedure or at least if they have they don't review. I'll be documenting the whole thing.
Like the title says I'm 25 and male. I'm an even 6 foot when barefooted and as of right now weigh 220. I wear large shirts and size 36 jeans. When I was 18 I weighed 170 and still had love handles and man-boobs. Which was disheartening to say the least. A really skinny kid with a huge head and man boobs. So, life moves on and I graduate college at 245 pounds. I looked terrible. I've been able to stay in the 210 to 220 range for 3 years now. Recently I started lifting really heavy weights at the gym and it has helped my physique greatly. Also, I'm stronger than I've ever been. (I actually did a new personal record on the deadlift tonight. 350. Which is awesome for me.) Still, the love handles and man boobs persist. With that in mind I've decided to go through with the smart lipo. I really think this will work wonders for me. My big thing is my chest since I'm pretty sure I have gynocomastia. Never been diagnosed but then again I've never been to a doc about it before. I have an appointment with Dr. Kozar in Zachary, LA this coming up 14th of July and will update things after I talk to him. Also, I'll post pictures when everything is said and done.


So, traveled down to Zachary LA today completed my consult with Dr.Kozar. Really nice guy. Professional, competent, knowledgeable and friendly staff. He actually seemed excited about the results I could achieve. He said I did have breast tissue that the laser might not be able to get out and if that's the case he'll cut into the nipple and rip that puppy out. (I'm paraphrasing) At no extra cost. Yay! He looked at my love handles and said "Yeah, these are definitely genetic." What makes them look like genetic love handles, I have no idea. He started poking my abdomen and pecs and said "You got some serious muscle under here" Of course, I was flattered and asked if he told all his patients that. He said he was really going to be able to get a awesome result due to skin elasticity and muscle tone. So, the final thing we talked about was pricing. Its a 1000 non refundable deposit to set up a date and the final bill of 5835(total) is due two weeks before your procedure. I'm going to do it. I talked to my wife and I'm going to set up a appointment tomorrow. I'm excited guys. I've had these man boobs through being skinny and fat. Time to go.


Sooo, just made my appointment for August 8th! Super excited. I've had man boobs since 5th grade and its a surreal feeling that they might be gone in 3 weeks. Mind blowing really.

Not MPX. Triplex

Dr.Kozar also informed me his website needs updating because he uses the Triplex laser and not the MPX any longer.


So, I don't know if I covered this but when I went down for my consultation last week. Dr.Kozar said it felt like I had breast tissue in both breasts. Which most likely will require the incision around the nipple. Which I really don't mind at all. I would let him do almost anything to get rid of this condition that has plagued me since I was 11 years old. Seriously, it might seem like a first world problem but gynecomastia is really debilitating. I can't wear T-shirts without a compression shirt and the more muscular my chest gets the more the gyno sticks out. Its a lose, lose situation. I've actually developed this annoying habit where I constantly pinch my nipples because when they're stimulated and pointy the gyno doesn't look as bad. (Gyno causes a "puffy" nipple appearance that disappears when they are stimulated) So, its safe to say I'm excited about the whole procedure, but most excited about having the gyno taken care of.

8 days away

I'm not a fan of wishing my life away but I wish these 8 days would fly by. He said I can't lift weights for 2 weeks after the procedure. So I've been going to the gym and really hitting it hard trying to build a "reserve" strength ha. I know it doesn't work like that but I had a goal of increasing deadlift and squat maxes by 20 pounds in one month. I'm close.


So, it's done. I just woke up from a nap I took when I got home. Truthfully, the pain is terrible! I don't know if I have a low pain threshold but it 20 times worse than I thought it would be. Not during the procedure but the after. They put me in a twilight state during the procedure. I don't remember my wife driving me home. I got home and had to take two Norco 10. My script said this was ok to do. I feel better now as long as I'm laying down. I do look way smaller even with the garment on. I will take after pictures tomorrow morning since that's when I can take a bath.


Doctor said he took out the max amount of fat. Around 5000 cc. Took 840 out of my chest alone. I showed up weighing 230. To be fair, I've been eating whatever I've wanted for the past 18 days. And I'm a big fan of cheesecake lol. Also, super bloated in my before pics because we ate sushi last night. Soy Sauce makes me retain so much water weight. So, take that in consideration when you see my before pics. I'm really anxious to see my results. He said my skin will probably look lose and to keep that in mind. 7-10 days from now I'll be tight. I'm draining a lot now. Doctor said to take a shower Saturday morning and manually massage the fluid out of the incision sites. Updates will be coming.

post pics

pre op

I weighed in at 230. I've eaten whatever I want, whenever I wanted the past month. Also, ate sushi as a last meal and the soy sauce makes me retain so much water.

more pics

More post pics

i was high earlier

So, if I mislabeled anything it's because I was high. Like I said, the pain is pretty significant. I completely underestimated it.... BUT it's 100% with it! Seriously, my results are amazing. I know I'm gonna swell and what not but all I have to do is look back at these pics and remind myself that it's temporary.I can describe the pain as being sore, imagine sore muscles from working out and then multiply that by 100. It sucks but worth it. The leakage, man that sucks. My surgeon told me the more I drain the less swelling I will have. So when I took a shower this morning I was able to massage alot of fluid out. Still, I'm leaking as I type this. Good thing I reckon. All in all, I would do it again. My doc was amazing. I can't think him and his staff enough.


From what I can tell I have minimal bruising. If you get this surgery you can expect to have a swollen and bruised genital area. That's just gravity. Don't freak.

Post op appointment tomorrow

The swelling is insane. I'm bigger now than when I got the procedure done. I read that this happens but I didn't expect it to happen to me. I was hoping my body would take it in stride and only swell a little. This is not the case. It's horrible. My skin feels tight enough to tear. I mean, its not but thats how tight it feels. Also, it's a strange swelling. For example, I can take a finger and press into my left flank and when I remove the finger the indention stays for a few seconds.I believe this is called pitting edema. Called my doc and said I shouldn't worry. I see him tomorrow and he said he could draw a lot of fluid off and prescribe me some more medicine for swelling. I can't freaking wait for tomorrow then. I had no idea the swelling was going to be this bad or this scary. "What if I permanently disfigured my body?" keeps running through my mind. "Why did I do this?" is another thing that goes through there. The consistency of what is under my skin what freaks me out. It feels like congealed fluid. Can you even draw that out? I'll post when I find something else out. I'm going to bed I'm so bummed out.

6 days post op ( Doctor appointment)

Ok guys, so I was in a really bad, black head space yesterday. I never get like that. I'll run through what happened. Yesterday, at the end of the work day i started to swell ( badly) and when I got home and took my compression garment off I was huge. But it was the consistency of the swelling which freaked me out. The play-doh feel. I wasn't expecting this and wasn't told this would happen. Went and saw my surgeon today and he took a look at me and said I looked "great." I was confused. Crap, gotta go. I'll update again here in a minute.

10 days post op

Ok, sorry. Been laid up all weekend and didn't feel like doing anything. When I took my clothes off for my doc he said I looked great and i was confused because I thought i looked like a giant pile of crap. What freaked me out is this. I knew I was suppose to swell. But when you hear the word swell, you think fluid. I was not swelling with fluid. My torso feels like someone stuffed me with wood. Thats how hard my skin is. I wasn't expecting this. Wasn't told this would happen. He looked at me and said "Great, you're already entering the brawny edema stage. You're healing quickly." He said this "Brawny Edema" stage normally begins 2 weeks after the surgery but I was ahead of schedule. It was like this giant weight came off me when he told me this was normal. He was able to draw off 20CCs of fluid out of my stomach (which isn't much) and I went home. I'm in a much better place now that I know its normal. It's now Monday morning and the swelling is starting to go down. I'm still huge, just not as huge. Still really sore too. Just not as sore as I have been being. The healing process is on the way I guess. My testicles have FINALLY gotten back to normal. Guys that read this in the future, my scrotum swole up to grapefruit size proportions. I knew it was normal. I still freaked. I couldn't help it. It took mine 5 days to get back to normal. So, I hope that helps. I'll update more when my body starts to change more.

5 day post op pic. brawny edema has fully set in

19 days post

These pics are 19 days post op.

Day 19 part 2

19 Days post and I'm wearing clothes from highschool. I still weigh 220 pounds but I look better in clothes from that I use to wear in high school when I was 185. It kinda doesn't make sense. But oh well. I freaking like it. Its hard to tell in the pictures but I still have a good deal of swelling. My stomach, chest and loves handles feel like a really firm play-doh now as compared to feeling like bricks 2 weeks ago. So, I think once that goes away i'll have even better results. They say final results are typically seen around the 6 month mark and it hasn't even been a month yet. So I'm excited. I haven't picked a weight up since two days before the surgery. He said I could start at the 2 week mark but I didn't. I physically couldn't. It hurts to much. I think I will be able to start next week. The recovery process the first two weeks was pretty terrible. Glad i'm past that now.

3 weeks post

I have read where the laser is supposedly suppose to tighten skin along with making it easier to suck out fat. I never have been able to find any verifiable studies suggesting that it actually does make skin tighten. But I can say that I have no loose skin at all. It's very tight. I can't say the laser is responsible but I can't say it's not responsible either.

1 month post

I've officially lost 5 and half inches around my love handle area. 38.5 inches this morning. 5 and a half around my chest also. Amazing.

inches lost

I have been really lax about updating but here's a pic of a graph I made of inches lost. I'm sure I'll take some more pictures soon. I messed up my left hip squating in November so between that and the holidays I took the whole month of December off from weight lifting. I'm anxious to get back to it though. Give me a few weeks of working out again and I'll post some more pics. Gotta look my best for all the random people that will see me without a shirt lol.

It's been over a year

Its been over a year. I still can't believe my results. I would recommend this to anyone. Just do your research on the doc. Find pics of his past patients and see if he has performed the procedure on someone that was about your size. Anyways. I got one pic to post right now. I can post some more official like pics later. I just took this one this morning and sent it to my wife.

Still losing weight.

As of this morning I weigh 200 pounds on the money. I've lost it through calorie restriction, chopping wood (seriously) and lifting weights at a high speed. I eat roughly 2,000 calories a day. I really want a six pack so I believe I'm about to cut down to 1,500 calories for a short while. I'm still lifting weights but I've lost some strength due to calorie restriction. I'll just get the strength back when I hit my goal body fat %. The pics I want to post are from a few weeks ago and I weighed about 210. In my opinion, the lipo was more than worth it. Because any additional weight loss looks more drastic. Oh, side note. The pants in the picture are a 33 size waist and they didn't even come close to buttoning before the surgery.

Latest pic.

Another shot from the side. The lighting is more flattering. The pants are a size 33.

I made a collage for an easier reference.

This makes it easier to see the before and after. Yeah, I have a slight filter on the after pic because I am fish bone white. Ha hope that doesn't ruin it for anyone.

Latest Update

It's been a while but I thought people might would want to see the progress. The Lipo results were basically final after a year and the rest is left to me. I could've lost the weight without the surgery but what would've happened is I would have gotten a flat stomach and flat chest with persistent and large love handles and breast tissue under the nipples that made them puff up. So if you're on the fence, find a good doctor, and get the surgery.
Dr. Kozar

This doc was great. Treated me like a person and not a check. I text him with a question and he called me back right away. I recommend him. Great staff too.

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