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Hello guys, ever since before I even started my...

Hello guys, ever since before I even started my Invisalign process, I've been on this website, reading through each and every review I could find, and it has helped me tremendously, which is why I've decided to make my own! I'll start off by saying that I've always known my teeth were a "little" crooked, but once I visited an orthodontist, I found out there was much more to it than just that. After I went in for a consultation, I found out through the X-Rays that I also have a mid-line misalignment, which is caused by the fact that my jaw bones aren't even on both sides (one side has a little more bone than the other side). With that being said, I had to choose either one of two options
1. Get jaw surgery
2. Get one of my bottom teeth extracted, and wear elastics.
OBVIOUSLY, I didn't want to get jaw surgery, so I chose to go with the second option.
With all that being said, I am now on set 1 of my aligners. My orthodontist is having me wear each tray for 18 days each, with 30 trays both top and bottom, which adds up to 1 year and 7 months.

My appointment to get the tooth extracted was on Monday, Nov. 4th. I had to find a general dentist or oral surgeon since my orthodontist did not do extractions. My appointment to pick up my aligners was on Oct. 31st.

Once I got there, they sat me down, put on a total of 16 attachments (which are bonded on each tooth that needs extra movement) and fitted my aligners (just the top one, since the bottom one could not be fitted due to the fact that my extraction is on the following Monday). That whole process took about 30-45 minutes, they had to do it multiple times because a few stubborn attachments wouldn't stay on which then pulled out the aligner. Afterwards, they gave me 6 sets of aligners, spent a little time telling me how to clean the aligners, what to do and not to do, etc, and sent me on my way.

The next day, two of my attachments my front, top teeth broke off. I called my orthodontist about it, but the receptionist said that it is common for them to break off, and just to wait til my next appointment to get them put back on. I was really surprised because my next appointment isn't til Jan. 6th, about another 10 weeks from then, and I thought that the attachments were pretty important. I just agreed since she should know her stuff, and decided to wait. After I got my tooth extracted on Nov. 4th, I wore the bottom tray the following day. Right as I put them on, I heard a little crack. I took them off, and another attachment fell off and also the aligners did not fit very well. I called them again and she booked me an appointment for Nov. 7th, today. I went in for the appointment today, and they rebonded the attachments that fell off and also told me the trays were fitting fine. My next appointment is on Jan. 6th.

Now that we are up to date, I will definitely keep you guys updated as my teeth progresses. I will also add a few photos of the progress when I have time.

As for the pain and comfortability of the aligners, I'd have to say that the first 3 days were really painful and sore, but after that, the soreness goes down a tremendous amount. I also had problems with the attachments scratching my lips and my tongue getting cut by the sharp sides of the aligners, but I got used to it within the first week. My orthodontist also gave me some wax to help with the attachments and also to make a "fake tooth" to cover the missing tooth from the extraction, but I don't bother with doing that. I don't really care that I have a huge hole from the missing tooth, I know that it'll go away and the wax doesn't really cover it up that well anyway.

Before invisalign!

Set 1 of 30

Set 1 with wax

This is set 1 with the wax that my orthodontist gave me. During the consultation, he told me that it would look exactly like a real tooth. As you can see from this picture, it looks pretty darn fake, I don't even bother with putting it in anymore.

Cavities!! YIKES!!

According to my new dentist, I have two small cavities that need to be filled! I was pretty distraught because my previous dentist told me I was cavity free, but then again I had very bad experiences with him, so go figure. Hopefully these fillings aren't going to interfere with my aligners, my new dentist (who seems much more trustworthy and professional) says that he will make sure they still fit before I leave. There goes $540 out of my pocket :/

Set 2

Just changed into set 2, feels a little tighter than usual, can already feel a few teeth getting sore. This set feels as if the back of the trays (near the molar) are really loose though, it was the same with the first set, but this set feels more loose. The back of the trays don't close all the way down on the tooth, as if it's hanging off if the tooth. Each time I try to push it back down onto the molar teeth, it just flops right back up. Does anyone else have this issue? As for my first set, I've pretty much gotten used to having these in my mouth entirely. I have to admit, the first week was hell, I had all sorts of cuts and scrapes in my mouth and especially my tongue, but I guess it learned to avoid the sharp edges. I'll see how my teeth feel when I wake up in the morning.

Weird tooth soreness?

Well, I'm on the last couple of days for my 2nd trays, everything was going perfectly normal, no soreness or anything, until yesterday. From my experience so far, my teeth were only sore the following couple of days after putting in a new set of trays, but all of a sudden these last two days of my 2nd set, one of my front tooth started becoming sore as if it was the first couple of days of a new aligner. To me, this seems pretty abnormal, but I'm not too worried about it, I don't think it should affect my next set of trays. Just wondering if any of you other Invisalign patients have experienced this? Anyway, I will be updating very soon with progress from set 3 with pictures!

Set 3

Sorry I'm a little late on the update, been really busy! I changed in to set 3 last Friday. Nothing special happened, just the usual soreness for the first couple days, then it died down. What I do notice is that my teeth are definitely spacing apart, I can feel little gaps between my teeth as I floss them, especially the tooth right next to the tooth that was extracted. Don't know how long it'll take for that huge gap to close, but hopefully soon, I don't like smiling too big anymore in fear of people seeing it! Also, I'm kind of noticing my teeth getting slightly more yellow, don't know how though, I'm brushing and flossing twice as much as I usually do, maybe it's just me.

Set 4

A little late on the update, but not much change has happened. I switched into set 4 on 12/24, here are the pictures. I have noticed that there are small cracks in two spots of the aligners due to two teeth biting down point to point on each other. Something I did notice is that the bottom teeth are starting to space apart and getting closer to close the gap...hopefully that will close up soon...I hate showing a full smile because of it.

Added top and bottom views

Top and bottom views of my teeth before and during treatment. Don't notice much of a difference so far, but I'm sure it will come...

Set 5 and check up appointment!

Had a checkup and new trays appointment on Monday 1/6. Nothing special happened, the doc checked my teeth to make sure everything was going as planned and all of the attachments were still in place. He then gave me sets 7 to 11 and told me he will be adding another attachment above my canine (the one that is way up there) as a hook. I will then start using elastic bands to try to bring it down to the position it is supposed to be at. I then Changed into set 5 on Saturday 1/11, this set is less painful than the previous. When I took off the bottom aligners, I noticed a lot of discomfort from the two teeth next to the missing tooth gap. I noticed that if I put my finger on either of the teeth, they are loose and I can wiggle them back and forth and see slight movement. That totally freaked me out and I thought OMG they're gonna fall out! I guess I was being extremely paranoid because I later found it that it is totally normal for that to happen and the reason they're loose is so that they can realign.

Set 6

A little late on the update, but no major changes on set 6. This tray was very painful though, finally getting some soreness on my top set of teeth as well as the usual major soreness when I switched the bottom ones. Next appointment is on Feb 24th, in which my ortho will be adding another attachment for the elastic band to hook on to in perpetration to move that one canine down that is way up there. Looking forward to that :)

Set 7

Pics for set 7, appointment for the added attachment and elastics in a few days, will add an update then.

2/24 attached buttons for rubber bands!

Went in on Monday, 2/24 for my appointment to get the buttons attached, the whole process only took about 20 minutes. It's very much like getting your attachments, but these little "buttons" are metal, with a hook to catch the rubber bands. They gave me 2 different sizes of rubber bands for each hook, one stronger than the other. I'm not sure if I mentioned what these are for, but they are to correct and move my bite into the position that my ortho wants it to be at. It was a quick and easy appointment, and at first it's a little tough putting on the rubber bands, but you get used to it, and now it takes less than a second to get each one on. See pictures for better details on where they are placed! As far as pain and soreness, I can say that it is very minimal. The teeth where the hooks are placed were sore when I woke up the next day but it's progressively gotten better. They do also restrict how wide I can open my mouth, which kind of scares me when I yawn because I'm afraid they might snap, but they haven't so far lol. Anyways, I'm supposed to change the rubber bands at least once a day, but I change them every time I clean my aligners. They come in a pack of 100 and they gave me two packs.


I've read about this "acceledent" product that is supposed to reduce your treatment time by up to 50%. I totally want to get this, but unfortunately, my ortho doesn't offer acceledent. Does anyone here know where I can get it? And I would love any input from anyone who has used acceledent! Let me know your experience with it! Thanks!

Set 8 pics + acceledent!

So I switched into tray 8 a couple days ago, this set did not hurt at all! No major changes as far as I can see, just noticing a little more space in between my teeth. I also talked to my ortho about acceledent, and they're willing to work with me on it! Bought one off of eBay and now I'm just waiting for it to arrive. Instead of 18 days per tray, I'll probably be switching to 7 days, pretty stoked about this! The only concerns I have is the fact that I'm going to be using a device that I ordered from eBay that is used, my ortho will sterilize the mouthpiece, but I'm a little worries about the durability of it since it's not brand new, oh well, let's just hope for the best!

Set 9 and acceledent!

Been super busy lately, but the acceledent I ordered from eBay arrived about a week ago! I went to my ortho two days ago on Monday to get the mouthpiece sterilized and what not and I've been using it since then. I was supposed to change from tray 8 to tray 9 about a week from now, but they had me change into tray 9 a week early! Tray 9 fit well despite the fact that I wore it a week early, and there isn't much pain associated with it. I don't know if it's the acceledent working it's magic, or just a more passive tray. Anyways, with acceledent, instead of changing every 18 days I will be changing every week (every Monday). I should be done with my full treatment by August of this year! I'm super excited to add acceledent to my treatment, but I honestly have no idea if it's even working or not lol, but I have only been using it for 2 days so I really don't know what to expect. One thing that bothers me is that the mouthpiece that came with it seems a bit too small, and I'm not sure if my teeth are actually touching the mouthpiece who knows, maybe I'm just a bit paranoid. If anyone has acceledent and has experience and any tips on using it, please let me know! Thanks

Set 9 without aligners!

Forgot to add photo without aligners

Set 10!

Well I'm 1/3 of the way through! This process is definitely speeding up A LOT thanks to acceledent. To be completely honest, I don't know if acceledent is really doing anything because all it does is vibrate in your mouth! My teeth do feel less sore right after I use it though, so I guess it's doing it's thing! Update on my teeth - when I bite down, a few teeth that didn't used to touch each other, are hitting point to point and it makes it hard for me to chew. If I chew with just my right side, it's fine, but if I chew with both sides, my bite seems off and a few of my teeth keep hitting each other. Other than that, no major changes other than my bottom teeth are spacing farther apart, I noticed this because when I floss between them, it just goes right through. My teeth are also getting yellowish brown stains near the teeth that have attachments and I hope that can be cleaned off once I am all down with this whole Invisalign thing. Hoping to see some major changes soon, 10 trays in and haven't noticed much yet!

Set 11 + checkup

Went to see ortho on Monday to see how things are moving along with acceledent, and all seems well! I got more elastics, and also got trays 14-20. I opened the bag to tray 20 to see what my teeth would look like and wow are they nice and straight haha! By tray 20, the gap from the extracted tooth is almost completely gone! Super excited, seeing what my teeth will look like in future trays give me even more motivation! Thank you acceledent for speeding my treatment time by so much! If not for acceledent, I'd sill be in tray 9!

Rubber band pulling off tray

Just wanted to post a little update about tray 11, whenever I yawn or open my mouth too wide, the rubber band on my left side springs up and takes my bottom aligner right up with it. It's not that big of a deal since I can just push it right back down. I don't know if this is related or caused because of that, but my left side is still sore compared to the right side of my mouth which is completely pain free. Hopefully this doesn't happen with my next set!

Set 12

Not much to report! Updated pics. Oh and the rubber band pulling thing stopped with this next tray!

Set 12 without aligners

Something went wrong with the upload so here's a re-upload!

Set 13 update

No major changes as far as I can tell! All I can say is changing every 7 days instead of 18 is awesome! The only downside is that my teeth are usually sore til the 5th or 6th sometimes even the 7th day, so I don't get much "non sore teeth" time since I change trays so often. Usually when I'm changing every 18 days, I have a whole week where my teeth are not sore at all, so I can enjoy my meals more but hey, no pain no gain, I'm not complaining :).

Set 13 photo

For some reason, this photo wouldn't show up, re-upload.

Set 15!

Forgot to take pictures for set 14 but here's set 15! No major changes so far, but I am officially halfway through my treatment!!

Set 17

Pics for set 17. I've got a checkup appointment next week! I love the fact that I'm changing every week now instead of every 18 days, acceledent is a lifesaver! Also want to mention that ever since I've started using acceledent, the soreness after changing to new trays have drastically decreased, if you have the money for it, definitely invest in one!

Oops! That last post was set 16 not 17!

Replace the 17 with 16 haha 17 will be next week! Typo!!!

Set 17!

Changed in to set 17 on Monday, also had an appointment on Monday. My ortho said everything looks great and is progressing as planned! He's having me only wear the rubber bands at night now instead of all day and night! That makes me super happy. They also showed me on the computer how much my teeth have moved compared to what they were when I first started, and it's crazy because you don't really notice since it's your teeth and you see them everyday, but they moved A LOT! If you check out my very first picture, and compare to the recent one, you can see a few of my bottom teeth were in front of my top teeth, and now they are behind them! It's awesome because I'm finally seeing some major changes! :)

Set 19

Update for set 19, not much to report, not much pain or soreness with these past few aligners, thank god! I have noticed that when I bite down without the aligners, my back few teeth on the left side of my mouth hit first before anything else, doesn't hurt or anything, just feels weird. Hoping that will even out once everything is straight, will ask my ortho about it during my next appointment.

Set 20

Set 20/30, officially 2/3 of the way done woot woot! Here are the pics!

Set 21!!!

Only 9 more to go!!

Aligners 1 and 22 comparison!

Was bored last night and decided to compare my first tray to current ones, I will be on 22 next Monday.

Set 22

Pics of set 22!

Set 23 + 24

Progress pics for set 23 and 24! Late uploads been super busy lately, sorry! Ortho appointment this following Monday, will be on set 25. So far I'm very pleased with the results. The only main thing I'm concerned about are the black triangles between a few of my teeth, hopefully those will close up by my last set, but if not I will ask about possible refinements to fix those. Til the next update!

Set 25 and ortho appointment!

Pics of 25. Also I had an ortho appointment on Monday. He said every looked good and that I could stop at trays 27, since trays 28, 29 and 30 are actually extra trays? On the packages, they say 28+, 29+ and 30+. I would love to stop at 27, honestly, but I asked if he could reduce the black triangles between my bottom teeth and so he did a little IPR in between the two teeth where the big gap used to be. After that, he told me to go up to 27 with my upper trays and go up to 30 on my lower trays. There are still a few things that needs to close up but I believe it should be done in a couple more truss! Only got about a month left to go, can't wait til this is finally over!

Set 26!!

So close to being finished!! One concern I have is that when I close my bite, one of my front top and bottom teeth hit before my molars, I thought maybe that would fix itself within the next couple of trays, but only having one left til I'm finished (since 28,29 and 30 are extras or over corrections) I feel as if it's going to stay like that, is that something I should worry about? There are also a few places between a few teeth that seem like they aren't completely closed off because I can floss through them without really putting pressure and also food seems to get stuck between those particular teeth very easily. I really hope those fix themselves in the next tray...but I don't know if it's worth mentioning? Other than that, everything looks great so far!

Set 27!

So close to the finish! Gonna wear set 27 top trays for 3 weeks while switching into over correction trays 28,29 and 30 for bottom every week to try to close up the space made with IPR.

27 top 28 bottom

So I'm sticking to tray 27 on top and switched into over correction tray 28 bottom like the doc said, my bottom teeth actually feel kind of sore, haven't felt like that in a while!

27 top 29 bottom

Switched into tray 29 on bottom, this tray hurts! Top is still on 27 so it looks the complete same. So close to the finish!! I went to see my ortho yesterday but he's on vacation for 3 weeks or something like that and they had a replacement sub in for him. We sort of discussed retainers but they didn't really give me an option to choose? She told me they were gonna give me permanent ones on my bottom as well as a vivera over the permanent ones? And then the vivera ones on top? She also told me if have to wear them full time for 6 months....I don't really like the idea of that, that's basically just like wearing Invisalign full time for another 6 months minus the attachments in my eyes. I'm going to call them on Monday and request to just have permanent retainers both top and bottom, I really hope they can do it, otherwise I will be sad :/. I really don't want to wear those things for another 6 months!

Pics update

Forgot to upload pics
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