My only regret is that I waited so long. :)

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I have a very large nose, with a wide bulbous tip...

I have a very large nose, with a wide bulbous tip and a deviated septum. I met with 5 plastic surgeons before finding one that I felt confident with. I knew at his appointment that he was the one. He took his time, showed me his portfolio of rhinoplasty pictures he had completed and made sure to answer all my questions. We set my appointment up at the end of my first visit. I am scheduled for surgery May 19th. I'm so excited yet, so nervous.

Post op supplies...

Looking for suggestions of things to pick up after my surgery. I picked up my post op pain meds and my zofran for any nausea. I also picked up a stool softener in case I need it. Any tips about what helped each if you is greatly appreciated!

8 more days!

4 days until my date

I am under the week mark now. Monday is coming up fast. Tomorrow I will get notified of what time my surgery is. I have done my pre-op testing already so its just a matter of me showing up and completing the deed. I have had so many crazy thoughts going through my head. I have had the bizarre dreams, the what if moments, and I have spent hours reading this forum and also looking at pictures. The idea that next week I'll be one of those pictures, sharing my healing phase just seems surreal for now. I still haven't told my family (they don't live close by so its not an issue for now). And, I am 100% sure my husband and our son will have a glory time taking post op pics!
I am curious as to how long your actual surgery was for most of you? My surgeon said 2-4 hours. I am having my septum and my turbinate corrected as well as the rhinoplasty. I know once I'm out it won't matter to me anyhow, time flies when we are in that twilight zone time span. :) I didn't realize it but I have an appointment two days after my surgery to see my surgeon. I'm going to guess that this appointment is to have the packing removed...I am not 100% sure. I do know that I have to wait 8 days to get my cast off because the following Monday is a holiday. I'm not stressing over that, but I know I'll be super anxious to see my nose. :)
After it is all said and done, then I guess I'll figure out how to tell my family.


Stayed busy all day today. Went grocery shopping and picked up lots of post op comfort foods. I have a few things to grab tomorrow and I am thinking I'll clean my truck inside and out to make the time go faster. I find myself unable to read anything negative right now. I have to keep positive thoughts and a clear head. I'm really getting excited.

A few before pics

Just a few side profile pics with my big "Hollywood" glasses. Lol

13 hours...

Kept myself busy today regardless of the lack of sleep last night...I am excited and nervous but I keep telling myself this is going to be such a piece of cake...I was stuck 11 times the last time I had an IV line placed in my arm...really praying tomorrow I have big plump veins (drinking lots of water until my stop time) so the nurse can hit it like a dart! Fingers crossed...
I'm sure I'll post in the morning...til then, thank you for everyone who is stepping up and giving me support on here. This site is awesome for helping to relieve the anxiety/fears...xo to each of you!

Today is the day....

Didn't sleep well, but I figured I wouldn't. I can't believe that in a few hours I will be doing this. I am not as anxious as I thought I would be. Actually, I think yesterday was harder than today. The anticipation got the best part of me yesterday...All I can think of today is that before I know it, this afternoon will be here, my surgery will be over, and I'll be the girl with a bandage on her nose wondering what my new nose will look like.
Keep me in your thoughts this morning...2 more hours and I'm next... Happy Monday everyone!

I made it and been nauseated all day

Pain not so bad. Nausea is the worst. I had zofran IV push before I come home home and still got sick three times. Taking oral zofran now. If I still feel this way tomorrow I'm calling for some phenergan. My eyes hurt (like a migraine) and my mouth is def dry. I sipped some chick broth and some sprite. So far so good with keeping it down. I'm really bruised and I figured I would be. I'll post some pics in a few.
Thanks for well wishes today.

Surgery day lots of bruising.

Post op day 1

Nausea is dissipating and pain is tolerable. My eyes are the only thing that bug me (so swollen and just weeping from being swollen). I have slept all day off and on. Did everyone else sleep so much??? I get up to go to the bathroom and such but I quickly run out of energy.
I go back to the doctor for my follow up tomorrow. My splints don't bother me. The congestion is no different than a cold still so it's not bad. I keep using my Chapstick and sipping fluids to help with the dry mouth.
I don't think I have any normal color to my eyes at this point. Lol sooo bruised.

Post op day 1 pics

Side by side so far

Post op day 3

Feeling so much better as the day has progressed. Swelling was definitely worse for me yesterday. Today I can at least see out of my eyes. Here are some new pics

Feeling better

Well the perks of swelling, no wrinkles. Lol I woke up this morning and I thought my face looked full and it sure did. I didn't have one wrinkle anywhere. Lol I'm feeling much better and I'm still post op day 3. My eyes are bruised but not tender like yesterday. I have a headache that comes and goes, but one alieve takes care of it. I have no appetite still. I had two scrambled eggs today and a spoonful of sloppy joes tonight. I am drinking plenty of fluids and still using wash cloths rinses in ice water for my face. My tip is tender, my drainage has minimal output and I can breathe through both sides of my nose even with the internal splint. Tonight I took a bath and my husband washed my hair. That was the best feeling ever. I was feeling so crappy. Now, I'm clean and I'm content. This is the longest I have been up. :)
My follow up appt today with my surgeon was great, and I go back next Tuesday for my cast/splint removal. I'm nervous about that. I hope it isn't painful.

My nose is swollen.

My bruises are already starting to change color and I'm thankful for that. My nose is swollen and tender today. I used the mini bags of peas and iced wash clothes last night still. I was hoping my swelling wouldn't be so bad today. I guess I will just push on. :)
Things I'm happy about today...
Swelling= no wrinkles again today
I can eat
No nausea
My eyes are feeling much better
I took a bath last night
My new nose still makes me smile

Trying to stay positive. :) 5 days until my cast and splints are off.

Itching...and questions....

Anyone else have a itchy nose under the cast? Mine is itching off and on. I know its a sign of healing but boy is it bothersome.
Another thing, how long did everyone's headache last? Mine comes and goes still. I am taking my Advil fir pain control but just curious.
Congestion, when does it seem to let up? I feel more congested even as the day goes on.

3 am. Time for some Advil and a nice cold wash cloth

It was nice to wake up and not have the awful congestion. It's still there but not as bad. My head still throbs and my teeth are still sensitive. I have now lost 6 lbs since Monday. I'm on a Icecream diet! Who knew! Lol :)
Took a few pics since I'm awake and it's officially a new day. My tip is very swollen and tight. I did clean my nostril tip and boy did that start the congestion rolling out followed by sneezing about 8 times. I hope my sense of taste starts to return soon so I can actually be hungry for something.
I'm envious for everyone who is in the same boat and having a lot less issues with recovery. I think my issues are minimal but at time they are a pain in the bum!!!

Today was the best recovery day so far...4 days post op and finally I was able to get out a little bit..

The splints are becoming more bothersome to me than the headaches nose is tender and draining like crazy. I'm not complaining about the draining, because as long as its draining, my face doesn't feel warm or stuffy. My husband had a dental appointment today so I went along for the ride. I sat in the truck while he did his thing...and it felt so good to just get out, get some fresh air, and see people. I had some strange looks but I didn't even care. I just wanted to see normal things outside my walls of my house.
My itching continues. My cast is on like second skin...there is no way this puppy is coming off. lol I can wiggle it but it just wiggles my nose...and that helps with the itching. usually just lifting one part of it helps. I wore my sunglasses today, on top of my cast..for like 2-3 minutes at a time and I felt like I was queen of the truck. lol I took some pictures of me with the same glasses prior to my rhinoplasty and then took a few today...what a difference. I just had to see what I looked like in those glasses now. lol
My appetite is gone. I wish I could say I found something I'm enjoying eating, but truly nothing tastes good. I eat my ice cream because it helps with the nasal pain I get once in awhile. I am envious for all of you who are tasting, and able to eat again. Today my headache has been minimal. THAT was the best out of everything today. I didn't think my head would ever stop aching again.
Tomorrow is post op day 5, the domon (death of my old nose) was May 19th and I can only say that I wish tomorrow was Tuesday. :)) Congrats to everyone who has done this and has their cast off...this hurry up and wait period is harder as time goes along.
Tonights big challenge...I'm going to attempt to sleep in my bed all night with the extra pillows. I'm done with the recliner sleeping...its causing more issues than helping...anyone else back in their own beds yet??


Post op day 5

Feeling much better. Headache is minimal these days and I actually had moments that I could breathe through my nose! I finally ate something other than chocolate Icecream and I'm excited that my bruising is starting to turn more yellow now. I really can't wait to be completely back to myself. Here are a few pics from today.

post op day 6.

Had a rough night of sleep. Don't know if i brushed against the tip of my nose last night or what I did, but I woke up at 0300 and could not go back to sleep until after 0730. My nose has been super congested all day today and I swear my splints feel horrible today. Has anyone else noticed that their splints felt worse as time went on or is it just something that will pass with me? I had a headache earlier, but that has gone and now I'm just trying to pamper myself and sip my sprite. I wish my nose would just start draining again...this stuffy nose is not making today a easier day.

I'll post pics later. Plus note, bruising is going away more and more, swelling is down, and appetite is better.

Post op day 6 pics

One more day and cast off

Can't believe it has been a week since I had my surgery. Thinking back to this time last week. :) tomorrow I get my cast off and I seriously cannot wait. My splints are driving me crazy. With each passing day I can feel the increased pressure inside of my nose. My right nostril feels so tender. And, I'm sneezing daily. It doesn't hurt. I worried about that. Remember if you have to sneeze to just keep your mouth open and you will be fine. :) my nasal drainage is a hit or miss these days. I'm sure tomorrow when they remove my splints I will have nothing but snot coming out of my nose for a few minutes. Sorry for the mental image but that's how I feel. I'm not sure if he will remove my cast or my splints first but I can tell you I will be there 15 minutes before my appt so I can hopefully get in and out. Lol
Anyhow, here is the one week mark pic. Happy Memorial Day


As the day has gone along I am finding myself thinking more and more about the cast removal and splint removal as well. I really hope it is a simple procedure and that it is quickly done. My nose is so tender and sore at the tip/edges. I am sure it is a combination of the splints I that I can feel more and more with each day, the constant dabbing of the 4x4 to catch the drainage, and the healing of the my stitches in those areas. Looking for those who have had this done already and wanting to hear your story about it...please advise so I know what to expect. Thank you much!

What do you think? :)

I'll add more later but wanted to show my nose to everyone. I'm so happy and my plastic surgeon delivered more than I ever imagined. He is amazing, and continues to have one of the best bedside manners of any doctor I have met.

Cast removal/splint removal

I woke up bright and early to go to the office and have my big nose debut. I was nervous about the splints more than cast has been itching all week and I was excited about it, but not nearly as I was about those darn splints. The office girls were just as excited as I was with anticipation of my new nose. :) I love their happy, upbeat attitudes. My surgeon, Dr. Gallego (who I'll post pics with in a few) is by far one of the best surgeons I have met...up until now I have not mentioned I am a RN. I am. As a RN I really have an advantage when it comes to meeting with the surgeons and comparing them to others I have had the pleasure to work with. I have worked with hundreds of doctors. Dr Gallego delivered everything I asked of him and then some. :)
Back to cast removal and such....Dr G. come in and had me get on the examine table and lay sweet husband turned on the video camera and the procedure started...First off, the suture holding the splint in is what hurt the most. I don't know why, but it just pinched and the moment it pinched my eyes started to water. He was gentle and explained everything as he removed the splints. The splints are HUGE. I'm not going to lie. There is a reason they are uncomfortable and you will see it after they come out. The greatest can breathe immediately after they are removed. I actually got a little light headed after he removed both of them and I took a breath in. He cleaned my nose extensively for me as I laid there, explaining the swelling would still go down and that I had some break out areas on my nose from the cast. I don't know if it is actually acne or if it is a irritation from my cast. Once my splints were out he removed my cast and it was painless. It actually felt good when he cleaned my nose off and just gently massaged the sides. The entire process probably took less than 15 minutes and and I then had a few pics to take. I hugged not only him, but his staff as well. I go back in 3 weeks to see him for my next appointment.
The only downfall of today is I was so excited to see my new nose that I forgot to look at the computer images of my nose when he did the surgery. I will definitely ask to see them when I go back...
I went to my office right after my appointment and had to show off my nose to our medical director (who also is one of Sutter Norths finest doctors, Dr Blanchard), and our entire staff. I am blessed to say I have such a supportive work team...All my fellow nurses, social workers, secretaries, chaplains....they all smiled and wanted to talk about my nose with has been such a wonderful day...and I'm loving my nose...really, REALLY loving my nose...

just blogging tonight...:)

I had to blog really quick. I wanted to thank everyone who has looked at my blog, read my posts, and glanced at my pictures. I want to stress to you guys that each of our paths can be very different. For instance, I bruised badly, and had awful nausea. For some people, they go through this like a champ. They have little to no bruising and no nausea...I do see that the most common reported thing is the minimal pain associated with the surgery. Rest assured, odds are you won't have terrible pain. lol BUT, you could have many other issues....So, as you read my blog, or someone else's, know that your journey will be just that...YOUR journey. :) You can find out many answers here, find support if you need it, and you can even make some friends along the way.
I'm happy to report that I went from being nervous about people knowing about my nose surgery to being excited to tell them about it. After all, it is a permanent part of me now. I picked up my son today from school and he first glanced at me, smiled, and said, "look at that cute nose!". lol My nose might not be perfect to someone, but it sure feels perfect to me now. :)
Goodnight everyone..I'm finally enjoying a night at home, in my bed and breathing without any difficulty out of both of my nostrils. :)))

Some side by side comparisons

dissolvable stitches...

Just wanted to let everyone know who wonders the same way I do...I'm now 10 days post op and my dissolvable stitches on the outside of my nose have fallen off. :) I woke up this morning and they are gone. I am pleased about that because they continuously tickled the bottom of my nose. Last night I slept all night long, no congestion...woke up and still no congestion. Breathing in and out is no issue now and the only thing that I can report now is tenderness and swelling.


Just wanted to show you the splints that everyone, at some point,complains about.

2 weeks post op

Can't believe it's been 2 weeks already. My nose is still tender and the tip is numb. I still can't smile completely but it is coming back. My teeth are tender with biting things but not as bad as it initially was. I still get congested and I'm cleaning my nose with normal saline spray at least once a day. My nose is swollen still but I have to admit, swollen or not, I love it. It's 100 times better than my old nose.
I went back to work last Thursday (10 days post op) and I was fine. I'm tired but I'm just sleeping when I can catch up. Here are some 2 week post op pics :)

Almost three weeks post op

Still a little congested daily. My nose is still swollen and tender. Some days worse than others but I do not regret my decision at all. I have one suture that is trying to come through that bugs me but I had the doc take a peek at it and we will monitor it until it breaks the skin. My coworkers and friends are really noticing the changes now and that makes me feel good. I'm finally able to smile more as well.
Here's some latest pics.

antibiotic and appt tomorrow...

Think I have a infection on my left side. :( Called my ps and he gets back from vac tomorrow but he was kind enough to get me an antibiotic so I could get it started. Did a lot of running around today, and my nose just feels so congested today. I keep telling myself this will pass...:)

As I get on my email I find all the posts to this page about the botox/fillers. lol You guys crack me up. I don't think I ever asked about either one but obviously those of you who posted thought I needed to know about it. Nice guys...that is no different than having someone say, "Oh, you need rhinoplasty". Just a bit of advice, don't feed into the negative posts that get posted on here, on anyones site. And, don't carry it forward. You just encourage that behavior. IF I had asked about the info, I'm sure I could have found the proper site for it on here, no different than rhinoplasty for noses. So, please, keep the site for what it is supposed to be IF you feel the need to post about something like this, then do it on your own blog...I like to keep mine related specifically to my journey, and be able to offer help to others. As I read my comments, I'm sure others will too and they will question what kind of support system we have on here.


5 months and still small changes...

You will read from everyone who has had the surgery that they noticed changes for up to a year. I can tell you that my nose is still changing. My only regret is that I didnt have the surgery sooner. I still have routine follow up visits with my surgeon and he continues to be one of the best surgeons I have ever met.

I hope everyone else is healing well, and adjusting well. Good luck to those thinking about it, and speedy healing to those who are fresh post-op patients. I will try to remember to update a picture again in a few months.
Yuba City Plastic Surgeon

He sets the bar very high for others to be compared to. He is polite, professional, confident, and HE LISTENED TO ALL OF MY CONCERNS. His staff were polite, helpful and encouraging. I loved that he was proud to show me the many pictures of his work. My initial office visit lasted two hours. My preop visit was just as positive with him taking my pictures and reassuring me that he could do everything I have asked. I had my surgery with him on May 19th and he corrected my deviated septum, my turbinate and completed my rhinoplasty. The surgery lasted about 3 and 1/2 hours. He was great with updating my family on what to expect and his bedside manner remained the best of anyone I know. I had my cast removed and my splints taken out on May 27th and that is when I really realized he listened to every one of my concerns and did exactly what I asked of him. His work is perfection. He is approachable. He is kind. He is honest. Sutter North Medical Foundation is lucky to have him as one of their own. I will recommend him to anyone who needs plastic surgery done, without hesitation.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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