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Hello everyone, I am a 52 year old mother of 9...

Hello everyone, I am a 52 year old mother of 9 that had been considering a TT for a long time. I will upload before pictures at a later date. I have been going back and fourth about moving forward with this procedure. I guess you could say I am a little afraid to undergo another extensive surgery. I had a gastric bypass in 2001. The pain was so excruciating that afterwords all I could remember thinking is, what in the world did I sign up for. Needless to say, I finally got the guts to plow straight ahead and start planning for a tummy tuck, muscle tightening and back lipo. After much research I had my first consultation with my PS, Vincent Dinick. I consulted with him on Aug 17, 2013. Before my initial consultation I read good and bad reviews. The bad reviews stated he did not take time with his patients, the person also stated he had a bad attitude. I found him to be the exact opposite. He was found to be kind, patient and answered all of my questions without hesitation. I was also able to view photos of patients that had a open gastric bypass like myself. They looked amazing after their surgery. One of my concerns was I have two intersecting scars due to the fact that I had two open stomach surgeries in the past. The first one was gallbladder removal 1982 and gastric bypass 2001. I considered this surgery in early 2000 was told due to the intersecting incisions my tummy could turn black. PS stated I did not have this to worry about due to the gallbladder incision was so old and the blood supply is good in that area. I checked with my primary and she also stated that the blood supply was good, however make sure I checked with the PS regarding scar tissue. My primary has already started preliminary testing to see if my body could endure such a procedure. She has completed my stress test, injecting B12 and checked my hemoglobin and other labs. She will recheck labs as we get closer to the surgery date. She thought it was great that I was considering the surgery.

Excited about the call I received today.

Hello All,

Sorry I have not updated before now. I am in class and thought I would take the time to update while watching a film. I was originally scheduled for my surgery on 1/17/2014. The person that scheduled me no longer works there and did not add my surgical date to the calendar...WOW. Therefore my date was moved to 1/31. Although I was disappointed, I did not complain. I just took the new date, after all there was nothing that I could do about it. Well, guess what, I received a phone call today stating that I will be able to have my surgery done on 1/16... Isn't that great. I was very happy to hear I would be able to have my surgery a little sooner than expected. I was also told that the Dr. would like me to come in and take another look at me. Due to my desire to have a tt with lipo, muscle tightening along with a full back lipo he would like to take another look to determine if all of it can be done the same day. What do you think, is this to much at 1 time? I promise I will take before photos tonight when I arrive back home after class.


I finally got a chance or shall I say the nerve to post some before pics. I know I know, they really look awful. I stated a really good exercise program this summer, I lost 10 pounds and then I tore a ligament and had to discontinue. Looks like the workouts will have to continue after the surgery. I really hope I get the results I am looking for.

Mixed Feelings

I have another appointment with my ps today. I am so mixed up about how I feel. One minuet I am ready to go, the next minuet I am afraid. By the way, is there anyone else out there that is familiar with my doctor?


Hello ladies,

I am freaking out! Although I am anxious about my upcoming date, I am a nervous mess. I am going through a moment of nerves. I cant help but be afraid of not waking after surgery or a nasty infection. My daughter told me to calm down, I will be fine, but I can not help to worry. I am turning to those that understand my feelings, please help

Pre-admission date given

Hello Ladies,

I just received a letter today confirming my pre-admission testing. My appointment is scheduled for Dec 30 @ 8:30am. As I stated before I can't help but to feel nervous, scared, anxious and excited all at the same time. It is starting to get really real around here. I guess you can say I am really starting to count down the days. I went to the dr's office Monday for more testing, my hemoglobin was down to 11.3 and my blood pressure was 168/88, all I could think was what the @%&# is going on. Feel like I'm going backwards. My Dr gave me a script for some blood pressure pills. Just trying to get my pressure regulated and my hemoglobin up before the big day. Happy healing to those that have already gone through.

20 days away

Happy Holidays everyone. I was thinking about how blessed I feel. Here I am about to enter into 2014 with the opportunity of not only entering into a new year, but to also start it with a whole new me. Happy healing to all that have gone before me and to all that will follow. I am exactly 20 days and counting...

14 Days...

Happy New Year to all. I was scheduled for my pre op on Dec 30, the appointment was rescheduled to Jan 6. Sooo excited. The nervous jitters are gone. It's just all about excitement at this point. I can say I am finally ready to get out and purchase needed materials. I think the excitement began after I received an e-mail from my job approving my medical leave for 4 weeks. I will be off work Jan 16 - Feb 28. woo hoo. I will be be going out for my things after my appointment with my ps this coming Saturday. To clarify, I have an appointment with my ps this Saturday and a pre op this coming Monday. I am to make my final payments on both appointments...

10 Days...

Hi all
Can't hardly wait until next week. I made it for both appointments. Went this past Saturday for my pre op with my PS. He answered all of my questions and drew an outline of where my incision will be. I was very pleased to know my incision will be very low. I will have 3 different types of pain medication. I will go home with oral pain meds, pain pump, pain patch, antibiotics, stool softeners and an anti nausea patch. I was also measured for my compression garment. I was told he will complete my tummy and then turn me over for my back lipo.

Today I had a pre op appointment at the surgical center. I could not believe my appointment ended up being on the worst day of the year. I had to travel approx 45 miles to the surgical center after a 12 inch snow storm. The highway was completely snow covered. As the snow was falling last night, I didn't think I would be able to go, but when I woke up this morning I knew nothing was going to stop me. I did not want my surgery to be postponed. Everything is all set, I have my time off work scheduled around my original date. Thank God I made it safely to and from my appointment. Blood was drawn to check my hemoglobin, urine specimen, ekg, I also met with respiratory team. They demonstrated how to blow into the thing that will help keep my lungs clear. I was instructed to blow into this 15x 6 times a day until surgery. After all of the test were completed, I met with a staff doctor that went over the procedure one more time. Oh, I also completed a menu for my stay (as though I am really going to want to eat). I was told I will be in surgery for 6 hours. I am expected to arrive at 6:00 am. Happy healing to those that have gone before me. Please pray for me...

It's Here

Hello all,

I apologize for not posting sooner, but I have been really busy, I mean all the way to the last minute. I worked today, so that in itself was busy. I then had to get my 9 year old settled. He is spending the night with his older sister. Afterwards I cooked dinner for my other daughters, spoke to my siblings and other friends. Can you believe after all of that, I ran out to Costco to purchase a pair of yoga pants and a jacket (something comfortable for the trip home). While there I ran into another lady that was there looking for the same thing. We were looking for the same size. The lady and I started talking while looking for the outfit and found out we were buying them for the same reason. She told me she was having the same surgery. We just laughed. I told her I was scheduled for tomorrow morning, she stated she was scheduled for next week. She could not find one set,I found two and gave her one of them. I asked my daughter to go out and look for another one for me while I am in the hospital.

I can not believe how fast the time passed by. Yesterday I seemed as though it was so far away. I have not even packed my bag yet. I did not do it sooner due to I wanted something to keep me busy the night before besides worrying or becoming nervous. I am a little sleepy now, but before I lay down, I am going to pack my bag, say a prayer and then fall asleep with my alarm clock all set for 4:30 am. Good Night all and see you on the other side of fabulous...

Day of Surgery

I am on my way. Talk to you guys tomorrow...

Jan 18

have been sleeping for the last 3 days. i am able . oh well,i will try again later, it took me an hour just to type later

7 whole days

Finally, no meds. I arrived at the hospital at 6:15 am. Met the surgical nurses that were assigned to me. They were pretty nice. Went through all of the pre surgery things, such as weight, temp, blood pressure, iv and was finally marked up. I spoke with my ps and my anesthesiologist for a while. The next thing I remember was waking up with my compression garment on. My ps came to see me. He told me how everything went in my surgery. I ended up being in surgery for 6.5 hours due to the discovery of two hernias and I was also told my blood pressure took a dive. All I can do is thank God for his grace and Mercy. I also thank God for a ps and a anesthesiologist that was able to handle all that they encountered. All in all I was in the greatest hands of all. I was given food and was told to eat. I ate two bites and went back to sleep. I did get up and walk later that night. I remained in the hospital for two days. I was able to return home Saturday evening. Fore the most part, I have been sleeping since arriving home. I do get up and walk down the stairs and around the house. I have been able to sleep in my bed since arriving home. I pretty much stayed on top of my meds. My meds have caused me to have hallucinations and weird dreams. I was told I talked to people that I do not remember talking to. They said I would start a sentence and stop in the middle of it, remain quiet for a while and then start talking again. I am finding it hard to type this, so I am going to stop and try this again later...

10 Days Post

Hello Everyone, I had my fist doctors apt yesterday. All I can say is hallelujah. Everything looks good. No infections, and healing nicely. I lost a drain (ouch) and 17 pounds (yayy) . Three more drains to go. My Ps stated, he will take the rest of my drains out on my very next visit. Of course I can not wait until then. I can say I have not had a lot of energy since the surgery, however I am getting around better now. I have spent the whole day downstairs walking around in the house, sure felt good. Well three more weeks and back to work. Happy Healing everyone...

10 days

Oh, will post pictures this week...

1 month PO

Have not been on in a while. Every since I was given the green light to go out, I have been out and about. So tired of being cooped up in the house. PS removed my last three drains on the same day. to avoid excess fluid build up, I was told to sit for an additional 5 days. It worked, I did not have any excess swelling, just the norm. I was told I can use coco butter with vitamin E on incisions. He also stated I am still quite swollen, however it will go down with time. I will be going for my next apt on 3/1 at that time I will receive my silicone strips.
Novi Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Di Nick has been absolutely amazing.

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