Getting Boobs!! -Youngstown, OH

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I'm getting my boobs August 5 and I'm so excited...

I'm getting my boobs August 5 and I'm so excited but really confused with size I have very wide round perky boobs now but they are not full enough I'm a 32 b now and I would like to be a 32 dd after! I'm thinking 400-450 high profile mentor silicone! I will post some pics of boobs I like! Also I'm 5"1 and 110 pounds I have wider hips and a tiny waist so I have a butt lol

Ugh so far!

I feel like my surgery is so far away! I have a countdown on my phone I really just wish it would hurry up and I'm going crazy over size!!! ):

Some pics of me (:

My surgery is so far!

I have a countdown on my phone and it's driving me crazy I feel like my surgery is so far away but I keep telling myself it's a good thing my ps is so busy and was booked up lol trying to stay positive! Posted some more wish pics and a couple of me!


I got a closer surgery date not much closer but it's closer and at a way better time! July 22 at 10 am (: so happy but still so confused about size lol boob greed is real!

More wish pics!!

Moved my surgery date closer to July 22 and so happy I did but it still feels really far so just posting some more wish pics! Still super confused about size!! Lol


Ok so my surgery date is still super far but if anyone has anything helpful to tell me or things that I can get before my surgery just leave me comments I would greatly appreciate it (:


I have an appointment October 27 to find out what day my surgery will be and to talk to dr G about sizing I have changed my mind a bit about sizing and what I want them to look like and I have seriously like a million questions! I'm hoping I can get surgery End of February right after my birthday! The one nurse I talked to when I called said he's booked all the way to march ): he's so busy but very much worth the wait and I'm glad I cancelled and gave myself time to think about sizing and everything I am feeling much more confident now and also 3 of my friends have got their boobs done by generolivich and they all look amazing! I haven't seen one bad boob job or anything come out of his office yet which is very reassuring! (: added some more wish pics!!!

Finally scheduled

Scheduled for janurary 14 at 11 am that's not too far away! I showed him pics and told him what I wanted and I feel like he really understood me he told me 400-450 hes going to see which looks best to what I want and he will have 4 of my wish pics in there with him he hangs them up! IM super excited all my friends keep going to him and they all look so amazing (: added some more wish pics I found lol

Wish pics (:

I love the shape of these girls boobs lol

So close!

I'm super excited but kind of worried! Did I pick right size and blah blah blah lol also the countdown app on my phone is driving me crazy!
Dr Generalovich

I have went to my consultation he was extremely informative and seemed like he really knew what he was talking about he told me to do high profile under the muscle silicone gel mentor. His staff was all amazing also! Two of my friends went to him and he did an amazing job on both of them!

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