Young and Can’t Gain Weight - Fat Transfer is Not the Answer

I’m young for plastic surgery and have...

I’m young for plastic surgery and have always been hesitant to mention my age (23) because there is a stigma about people my age coming forward for surgery. It’s an anti-aging industry but I need it too!

Genetically, I totally cannot put on weight - I am about 5’7” and maybe, on my period, I weigh 100lb. I am seriously thin. I inherited this and my hollow bone structure from both my parents’ sides of the family.

I have hollow cheekbones, deep tear troughs, and a very thin chin. I look weak and tired constantly. The only way to deal with this and look “normal” (what is normal anyway?) is plastic surgery. Now I think I will eventually get plastic surgery but last year I tried fillers to see if I liked the results. Temporary first.

I had fat transfers put in my cheeks and tear troughs. It was very expensive and caused a world of problems not mentioned by my plastic surgeons (I have two). I went for my main procedure and after the swelling had four touch-ups done to even out the area and get the results I wanted. From the beginning I didn’t like what was happening apropos of swelling, bruising, etc.

After the first injection I was swollen for two weeks and after the touch-ups I was swollen for a week. The fat transfers didn’t last at all in my body. I think the first shots (building blocks, they said) were out of my system completely by the time I had follow-ups. I chalk this up to my metabolism (i.e. why I can’t gain weight in the first place) but my surgeons should have considered this when recommending fat transfer.

Now I think any filler in my body would do the same thing, but not nearly for the cost I paid! I’m looking at implants now but am looking for new plastic surgeons. I want to find someone I can trust completely; I may even go in pretending to want fat transfer and see if they talk me out of it! That’ll be a good surgeon for me.

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