33; Female; Vaser Lipo- Circumference Plus Thighs and Bra Roll- Today @ Yoskarn in Bangkok

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*Treatment results may vary

I flew into Bangkok last night, set to get Vaser...

I flew into Bangkok last night, set to get Vaser lipo and rhinoplasty (which I'll also be reviewing). I chose Yoskarn clinic with Prof Kunachak because he's the only surgeon here certified by the US board and has >30 years experience in rhinoplasty. I figured I'd get the lipo at the same time for the sake of convenience. I did think it'd save me more money but the lipo cost at Yoskarn is approx 20% more than other Bangkok hospitals.
That said, I'm committed to do it- at least I know I'm in safe hands which is more important than fiscal concerns.

So, here's what I'm getting done:
*upper and lower abdomen
*upper back (ie. bra roll)
* love handles
*flanks/love handles
*inner thigh

All is done using Vaser lipo.
I'm not sure how many 'areas' those mentioned above are (I would assume the 'waist' came under the aegis of upper and lower abdomen) so I'll have to confirm with the surgeon.
I had wanted to get my upper arms, butt and entire thighs done, but the charge was 90,000baht per extra area. Also the surgeon stated that lipo to the butt would result in considerable 'sagginess' so the final outcome would not look great. I really appreciate his honesty in that respect but at the same time I really wanted to get rid of my fat arse. Ah well. Better than a saggy arse, eh!

I've just finished at the hospital where I got blood work and X-rays. The surgery itself will be conducted at the clinic attached to their hotel, Aphrodite Inn. I'm really happy with this arrangement as I'll get lots of monitoring and no travelling here and there.

So far, I feel very happy with Prof Kunachak- he seems very knowledgeable and caring toward his patients. The staff in the clinic are very nice and patient with me when I faltered over the sticker price shock.

At the moment I'm feeling quite nervous (plus hungry and thirsty!) but I'm so glad it's being done now. Tomorrow I'm set to get the rhinoplasty so another day of fasting :(
Not sure as per recovery time. Apparently I need to wear compression garment for 2 weeks. Also they'll give me pain medicines (I don't know what type) prn after surgery. Hopefully I'm recovered enough to do some Bangkok sight seeing.
I'll make another post with my exact measurements and weight before the procedure. I do hope they remove as much as possible! Prof Kunachak said that their policy was to remove all fat above the muscle (apparently sub muscular fat serves some purpose and is generally left alone). So, with any luck I'll get a good result and manage to drop a few inches!
I'll keep everyone who wants to follow my story updated- thanks in advance for your support :)

Day of surgery and the day after

The nurses tell me to have a shower now since it's the last opportunity I'll get for some days.
At around 4pm I go into theatre. It's literally next door to my hotel room. Theatre looks very modern and clean. I'm feeling anxious but not intolerably so.
The doctors/nurses and Professor Kunachak do all the drawing on my body. I feel quite silly as my hair is dripping wet and dripping all over me as I stand there and get marked up.
Then they take me into operating room, I lie on the operation bed, they stick the drip needle in and before I know it I'm out.
I wake up in a hospital trolley bed, compression garments on and experiencing quite a bit of pain and nausea. But, above all else, thirst! I don't know what the time is- I think around 10 or 11pm- quite a long surgery.
The thirst really is the worst of it: it makes my throat hurt and my lips dry and parched. The oxygen mask they have on me seems to make it worse still. The nurse asks me how I am, allows me a few sips of water and gives me some sort of opiate for the pain.
I manage to sleep for maybe a few hours before I wake up with thirst. By now the opiate has worn off, the pain and thirst is back. I must've really annoyed the nurse because I keep asking for water. She warns me that it'll make me nauseated. And, of course, it does: I wake up at approx 4am and vomit. Despite not having eaten in 17hrs it's my breakfast I'm throwing up. Sorry for the graphic details but this experience really was awful.
The nurse wipes me down, gets me out of the trolley bed and I walk back to my room. In allowed to have some breath mints which really help. I get another opiate dose and manage to sleep until 9:30am.
They bring breakfast to me: I don't feel hungry but I eat about half of it. This is my last meal before another fast today since I have rhinoplasty tonight.
The catheter is still in me and boy is it annoying. Thankfully they remove it!
I get an anti nausea injection.
The nurses keep coming to check on me, which is a real pain (literally) since I have to get out of bed to open the door! Thankfully the bed has automatic lift so getting up is easier.
Walking around is actually ok, seems less painful that sitting.
As per pain, I'd say on a scale between 0 and 10 the pain is about 7 when I'm having to move about (ie twist) whilst sitting. Constant low level pain I'd rate about 4-5. The compression garment does ease the pain somewhat.
I get out my measuring tape and am dismayed to see that I'm 2" bigger on the areas I've been suctioned. I know to expect swelling and I hope it'll go down. I can't bare to think I've payed 13,000$AUD to GAIN inches!
I feel very swollen just under my pot belly, as if fat or fluid has been pushed down there.
As much as I'm looking forward to getting my nose down in another 5 hours time, part of me thinks I must be crazy to put myself in this much pain. I just hope the rhinoplasty pain is less than the lipo pain.
All things considered, it's not intolerable, and it'll get better and better every day.

Day 3 and 3: excruciating pain

On day 2 at around 2pm the pain really intensified. I devolved a high fever and was basically confined to bed. The doctor decided that, in my current state, the rhinoplasty would be put off until Friday.
So day 2&3 are a nightmare. I've never been in so much pain before. Everything hurts. I got a bad mucus cough which sends shooting pain through my body when I cough.
I'm put on an IV drip to hydrate me. There's also antibiotics put through the drip which sting really badly.
Day 3 is less bad- I'm able to eat and drink and my fever subsides. My appetite is really poor.
I took off my compression garments (what a relief that was!) for a little bit and took these pics. I'm so badly bruised and so swollen on my public area. It's all puffy and looks gross :(
At this stage I really must admit that, if I hadve known how painful this would be, I'd have never done it. Seems strange that so many other people who get Vaser say the pain is minimal.
I hope the doctor will drain away some of the fluids, I feel that that's certainly ease the pain.
I doubt I'll end up getting the rhinoplasty- I can't bear the thought of any more pain and being back on a drip. Then flying back home and returning to work in a week!
I think I've reached my pain threshold for this trip?

Day 4, 5 & 6: recovering!

So, day 4 I begin to feel a lot better. I'm actually able to have a shower, eat more than a few bites and go walking around Bangkok. I can only manage being on my feet for approx 2hrs, but it feels great to be able to be out and about. Day 5 & 6 are better still: I'm able to spend around 5hrs out (not walking the whole time), which is basically getting a tuktuk around to different sights and spending a lot of time over meals to recoup, then walking some more. At this stage, I'd say the pain is around 3-4/10, though still quite bad if I'm jarred (i.e. bounced about on the road, someone bumps into me etc etc). Also, walking upstairs is quite painful and my walking speed is very slow. I did a lot of walking upstairs on day 6 so I'm feeling quite sore now :( morning of day 6 they changed the dressing on my stitches which had come out due to showering. Everyday since to op the doctor has either phoned to check in with me or come to my room to see me and make sure I'm doing alright. I really appreciate how attentive he is: I can imagine that, without continual medical support available, this would be quite an anxiety-inducing experience. He said that fluid is going down and all appears normal. He said the final result won't be noticeable for 4 months. I wish it wasn't so long because I was really wanting to get clothing made in Bangkok! It would be a waste to get custom clothing for it to not fit after a few months! I asked him today how much fat they remove: 4,000cc's of fat! That does seem a decent amount. I cant wait to weigh myself when I get back home. Only (sort of) complication is that I got my period approx 1 week early. The doctor said that this is normal when one experiences body trauma. Another minor issue (and please pardon me for being graphic) is having bowel movements. But, these are pretty minor issues, I'm not hugely concerned. It's still too early to judge whether this has been worth it or not, but I'm feeling a lot more optimistic now that how I was before :)

Day 10: back in Australia

I flew back home. To Australia last night. Thankfully the plane trip wasn't too painful, I was really worried about sitting for so long with the compression garments digging into me. But, I took some sleeping pills which knocked me out for the whole time so it was a really easy flight. I chose the very last seat so I could keep it reclined the whole time. That made a big difference and the garments weren't too bad.
I got a friend to drive me home from the airport and stopped on the way to buy some more comfortable compression garments. Seriously, comfy CGs make all the difference!
It's nice being back home and sleeping in my own bed.
I weighed myself this morning and I'm quite sad to see that my weight is 1kg HEAVIER than before! I seriously hope it's fluid weight! In terms of size I'm still bigger than I was before. I really hope the swelling goes down soon!

Day 15

Finally no more 24hr compression garments! What a relief it was to finally not sleep in them! I noticed an almost immediate reduction in swelling the day after they came off. Though to be honest I wear shaping pantyhose during the day so I'm not completely without CGs, but still, it's a lot better.
Was back at work on Monday and it's really painful sitting at the desk at day - especially when I need to get up. Walking after sitting for 1+ hours is really painful. Driving is also pretty painful.

In terms of results, I'm really still waiting. Minimal reduction in size, not really noticeable at all. My "shape" has changed, though. As the photos show, my tummy looks weird and wrinkled when I'm sitting. When just standing, the contour on my stomach seems weird, too. Like in and out in strange and different areas of my abdomen.
Bruising on my legs is starting to fade. I got some vitamin K cream, so hopefully that will help!
I can also feel fat in places where it supposed to have been suctioned. You can tell the difference between hardness/swelling compared to fat. And there is definitely fat on my upper right back. It's been completely missed- there is no numbness, swelling, hardness- just fat same as before. But the other side has been suctioned. Same goes for my left inner thigh- it's not the same as the right side, still sections of fat and no numbness etc. I wonder if I should tell the clinic but I can imagine they'll just tell me I need to wait to see results.
Hopefully I'll begin to see a change over the next couple of weeks. I'm really worried that I've spent all this money and got no benefit/results from this procedure at all.

Almost 3 weeks and WAY BIGGER than before!

I just wanted to post a quick update with pictures showing how much bigger I am than before. Most of my clothes no longer fit me because I'm so much bigger. This skirt used to fir me perfectly- now I cant even close the zip- I'm INCHES bigger!
I feel really upset and angry that it wasn't explained to me that this procedure would actually make me BIGGER. I knew to expect some swelling, but not this much and not for this long! If I had've known, I never wouldve got it done.

1 month- finally some results

At long last! The swelling in some areas is starting to go down and I'm beginning to see some results. Most notable is the bra roll and around the top. Lower areas still very hard and swollen, still quite painful. Seems a lot of water retention in my lower stomach and pubic area, too.
But finally SOME results!
I've included before and after pics. The different contouring is very obvious. To look at the pics you'd assume that there was a difference in size- but I'm still bigger around the waist and hips. About a 1 inch reduction under my bust.
The pics also highlight some of the weird lumps. The left side in particular is still very hard and lumpy- one pic clearly shows a weird protruding bit of flesh.
That said, I'm beginning to feel like it's getting better every day- less painful by far and hopefully I'll continue to shrink!
I do wonder if the diuretic helped, because the results really started to come on when I began taking it.
Really happy to be writing my first (mostly) positive update :)
Thailand Facial Plastic Surgeon

So far, Prof Kunachak has been fantastic

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