29 Years Old. No Kids. Always Been Small Chested. Wanting to Feel Feminine!

I've always been small chested, I tried to live...

I've always been small chested, I tried to live with it and love the body I'm in, but it's always been in the back of my mind! I look ok in padded bras, but once the bra comes off i don't feel very feminine. I spoke to my aunt who has had a BA and highly recommended it, i thought its now or never and booked a consultation back in June. Im all booked in for surgery in December! Im nervous amd excited!!! I can do exercises to get the rest of my body into shape, but since there's no exercises that i can do for my breasts i decided to go for it to finally feel good about myself!!

3D imaging

My 3d imaging from consultation showing before and 390cc
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