29 Years Old. No Kids. Always Been Small Chested. Wanting to Feel Feminine! 390cc teardrop under the muscle

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I've always been small chested, I tried to live...

I've always been small chested, I tried to live with it and love the body I'm in, but it's always been in the back of my mind! I look ok in padded bras, but once the bra comes off i don't feel very feminine. I spoke to my aunt who has had a BA and highly recommended it, i thought its now or never and booked a consultation back in June. Im all booked in for surgery in December! Im nervous amd excited!!! I can do exercises to get the rest of my body into shape, but since there's no exercises that i can do for my breasts i decided to go for it to finally feel good about myself!!

3D imaging

My 3d imaging from consultation showing before and 390cc

Pre-op assessment...

I had my pre-op assessment on Thursday. Everything went well, I had blood taken, an ecg scan and swabs taken to make sure i dont have any bugs.

I was given some anti-bacterial wipes to use for 5 days before surgery and some ointment & moisturizer to use after surgery. The nurses talked me through the anesthesia process as that's the part im most worried about.

Im getting more nervous and excited as the days get closer!

I plan to take some before pics in clothes that i wear now so that i can compare after everything settles ????

Before pics and worries

My surgery is 9 days away and I'm starting to worry and have doubts. Last night was the first time I've thought about not going through with it, but then if i dont i know how disappointed I'll be, thinking "i could have lovely breasts now".

I keep thinking that they're going to look weird, eg. I'm going under the muscle, and i have images in my mind that my chest area will be pushed out by the implant and my small natural breast will sit on top, kind of a double boob! Im also worrying that they'll be too big/too small/no change at all. I suppose it's normal to worry, i just want to be on the other side of it now!

Day after surgery

I did it! I had my surgery yesterday! 390cc under the muscle, teardrop shape. I was in pain as soon as i came round (back was hurting more than chest) but was manageable with painkillers. Haven't had to have too many meds today. I stayed in hospital overnight which was good because I got looked after right through the night (and was fed some delicious food!). You dont realise how many muscles you use just getting up from the sofa! Feeling fine today, just sleepy.

First post photo

They look really big! Cant wait to see the changes over the next few weeks/months

4 days post op pic

This photo was taken 4 days post op. I'm so happy with the results so far!

before and after in bralette

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