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On countdown for my neck/lower face lift plus...

On countdown for my neck/lower face lift plus upper blepheroplasty in 3and a half weeks. Really excited but getting nervous now! Only about 4 people know so there will be limited pics I'm afraid ( well I will try to put some on but they will be close up! ) but I still wanted to share my experience as I've been so grateful to everyone on here for sharing theirs with me! ( thank you so much! ) Despite my user name, I'm female ( use my dads name for most anonymous things lol). My ps doesn't like pre surgery meds but other than that I would be really grateful for any healing tips- more specifically when to start things like arnica, bromelain. Also some people have mentioned ice/heat? And massage? All tips gratefully accepted! Thank you x

countdown- surgery 3 weeks today

Well this time in 3 weeks surgery will be done! woohoo! I'm excited but now definitely feeling the nerves starting too- I seem to forever have my nose in this site flicking through everyones stories!! Must admit they definitely help....especially the B&A pics! The tips have been really really useful (thank you to everyone for sharing these) although at this rate I will have to turn up at the hospital in a removal van with all the 'stuff' I keep buying as a 'necessity' ....bromelain, zinc, vit B , vit C, protein powder (low salt of course) Ice pad thingys, v shaped pillows etc etc. Me and my fella have booked for him to take me straight from the hospital to a little chalet bungalow at the nearest seaside, over looking the bay so may have to take his truck than my little car! lol. Bless him- I thought it was really sweet of him to organise as I kept obsessing about how the heck I was going to keep the surgery a secret if I was at home for 2 weeks after- and he said he thought the sea air would help (well if it used to be good enough for 'consumption' then hopefully it will do the trick for NL/FL and Blephs!! :) ......Anyway for anyone who is 'waiting' like me I just read that you shouldn't use vitamin E cream for 2 weeks before surgery - I thought it was just the tablets you shouldn't take but once I read this I checked my face cream and lo and behold it had vit E in it!! Typical! Will be looking through the others in my cupboard to try and find a vit E free option....has anyone else been told to avoid vit E cream? xx
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