Flanks, abs, lower back.

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Well I've decided to get liposuction on my...

Well I've decided to get liposuction on my flanks, abs, and lower back roll. Im 25 years old, and I have always struggled with my ginormous love handles. I weigh 142, and I'm 5'7. I work out 5 times a week, I'm very athletic, but nothing ever works!!
Im not one to rush into cosmetic surgery, but when your feeling empty, and disgusted by your own body, you just have no other choice, sadly. Im very excited about getting it done, but freaking out that it might be more pain than I can handle. I guess we will find out in a few days.. EEEEKKK!! WISH ME LUCK LADIES!!

Surgery day!

Well guys, I woke up at about 6am soooo unbelievably nervous. I had to be at the hospital at 7:45, and boy was I ready to get this over with! I hate not having control over a situation, so that's what really freaked me out, being afraid of the unknown! Next thing I know it, I'm climbing on top of the operation chair, listening to the music they had on, (red hot chilli peppers) lol, then straight to sleep I went! When waking up I had a breakout on my left hand where the IV was. Apparently I had a bad reaction to the anti nausea meds, but it wasn't too bad! I had to pee SO bad, and they made me wait ten minutes lol. I eventually got up with the nurse and got very close to vomiting, I'm glad I didn't, phewww.. They put two thick layers of foam under my garment, so I can't really tell how much they took out. They also only had a size medium garment, so it's a little bigger then what I expected, and will be giving me a small on Monday. So far, so good ladies! I'm happy to say I'm not in agonizing pain, about a 4-5 on a level of 10. The absolute worst part of the whole thing was the anticipation before the surgery, and also the general anesthesia. I will be posting pics in two days, when I get to take a shower! Good luck to all of you with your future lipo procedure! And don't freak out like I did haha

Day 2

Well today is a little bit better. I definitely didn't know what I was in for pain wise. The worst part is the itching due to the pain meds. I have to take 3 doses of Benadryl a day to stop the itching!! I just hope this pain subsides, it's very uncomfortable. After visiting my PS yesterday, they told me they had to put a tummy tuck garment on me because my torso was so long, and a small lipo garment wouldn't fit length wise. So that's why they put extra padding underneath, to make sure it's tight enough. I literally have a prego belly right now from the padding!!! So frustrating, because I can't tell any difference other than looking fatter lol. Friday I go back to get a smaller garment, thank goodness! So Friday I will be posting pics before my shower. I can tell Im pretty bruised, even after taking Arnica a week prior to surgery. Swelling is even worse! Can anyone tell me when this starts getting easier? I'm already over it... Trying to keep my head up!!!

Day 3

Well today was a lot easier than the previous days. The worst of it is getting out of bed in the morning, ouchhh! I had to go see my PS to get into a bigger garment because my swelling is out of this world!!! Before my surgery I wore a size 6, and they had to put me in a size large garment! (I should be in a size small) I feel like a hippo, but boy, my shape is already looking 80% better. The pain is definitely there, and I get emotional at least twice during the day because I feel 2x bigger than before the surgery. I can't wear any of my clothing without looking like a box. It's very apparent I'm wearing a garment lol. All in all, things are looking up. It's a very, very, slow process. I had no idea what I was getting myself into! Surgery SUCKS. :(
But so far it is so worth it. Oh, also I had to get an ultra sound on my calf because it was hurting, swollen, and felt a bit numb. THANK GOODNESS it wasn't a blood clot. Still don't have an answer to what it could be, just trying to stay active, and flex my feet and calfs as much as possible! I will post more belly pics as soon as my swelling subsides a bit. :-)

Day 3, photo!

Day 8

Wow, what a journey this has been! To say it's been a bumpy ride would be an understatement. I'm feeling soooo much better, and finally can move around, drive, get up and down with no problem! I measured myself for the first time, and my measurements are the exact same! Swelling is pretty bad, but I look so awesome. I can wear anything and not have any budges, and lumps of any kind. It feels so good! This garment really rely sucks, and I'm ready to et this damn foam padding out. I've been massaging as well, which doesn't do a whole lot for me so far. It's still pretty early. I'm healing very quickly, it's awesome!! Here are a few new pictures with my clothes on, I'm still not comfortable posted "skin" pics just yet, I'm so very swollen, and a little black and blue!

Day 19

Well Tuesday will be my 3 week mark since my surgery! I went from a size medium garment, to a size large, to a size extra small!! Boy did my swelling fluctuate, and still is... My only worry is a long dimple underneath my belly button that showed up about a week out, and has been visible for about a week. Can anyone tell me if this might go away????? I'm 23, with excellent skin elasticity, and went to a very prominent surgeon. This is what I was most afraid of!!!

I'm still a bit sore, and I know this is TMI, but I've never read anything about this on here. They told me to wait 2 weeks before having intercourse, and that I still had to wear my garment, awkward! Well, last night was the night haha, it took almost 3 weeks for me to feel comfortable doing the deed with my husband. Maybe I just have a low pain tolerance. ;) He was very patient with the whole thing, he's awesome!! I'm going to post a pic of my belly, the lighting is not the best, so the dimple will be hard to see. But please, someone tell me this won't be permanent!! :(:(
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