Butt Implant with Liposuction - Little York, NY

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This is a procedure I have been wanting for quite...

This is a procedure I have been wanting for quite sometime, I met with few doctors in Florida but I couldn't trust any of them even if they had a superb reviews here and there (who knows it might have been paid reviews or whatever) but their bad reviews really left more impression than good reviews...Miami is kind of known for fraud and many infected implants.... and botched butt implant etc.....I visited my family and thought I would go for a consultation in nyc....I met with Doctor senderoff today for the first time. It was a free consultation, I honestly have mixed feelings about the doctor (maybe I'm just nervous about the procedure and thought he wasn't so reassuring since he didn't explain to me what will happen during the procedure or maybe because it was a free consult or he was just super busy) . I came to my appointment an hour late, I got lost in nyc. It reminded me why I left east coast in first place... I mean the traffic was such a b****...literally was hell... I understand he had a meeting to go to and probably had to squeeze me in but I felt that I was left with more questions as our free consultation ended. The doctor was quick and to the point, spoke very fast. He said they I am a good candidate for what I wanted and he seemed very confident about the surgery, measured me and etc he went over the before and after pictures, which I have seen before on his website (his before and after picture is what brought me to come to see him). After my 10-15 min consultation ended I was led to another room and spoke to Jomarie who made up for his lack of reassurance, (I don't doubt his skills, I just feel like I didn't get the a-z about the procedure, I'm not making friends I just feel like he should at least explain something about the procedure i.e. Where the scars are and size of implant and procedure of liposuction etc .) she also reassured me he will answer my questions during my pre op. I probably forgot a lot of things to ask since I was very tired from the drive.

Paid $500 to book the surgery date and will go to his second location for a pre op. I hope to have 100% understanding of the procedure after my pre op.

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New York Plastic Surgeon

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