I Hate my Radiesse in my Chin - Little York, IN

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So I just wanted to post on here about my radiesse...

So I just wanted to post on here about my radiesse experience and will continue to post. 6 weeks ago I got injected with 0.7ml of radiesse in my chin. This was because I thought I had a weak chin. I had no complications but just really hate the way it looks. It is puffy looking, unnatural, it has changed my smile and lips making them look smaller. Only after having this done did I find this site with all the radiesse horror stories and how this stuff may never go away fully or may take years. Doctors tell me it will last a year but I want to know from real people who have had this how long it lasted for them and when they started to see the volume go down. It doesn't have to be a bad experience and it doesn't have to be that you got it in your chin. I am so depressed I just want to know if this stuff will go away or will I be stuck like this :(thank you in advance for your replies. I will keep updating my journey.


9 weeks

So it's just gone 2 months post and there has been no change. I went back to my injector and she didn't understand why I would be swelling up in the morning and still be feeling tender sometimes. I wake up every morning just hoping to have seen a change but I guess I am stuck like this for a while and have to accept it. My chin looks a bit lumpy and unnatural and it has actually aged me. My lips look stuck on my face and small. I just want other people to realise that even filler can make your appearance change drastically for the worse. This one tiny thing I changed about myself has affected the look and balance of all my other features so be careful. I can't wait for this stuff to go away and hope it doesn't last very long. I will update every month :(

9 weeks today


10 weeks post

Just wanted to add a little post just to say this is severely getting me down. It has completely absorbed my life :( I can't believe how awful this change has made my lower facial features look. Just be happy with what you have because you will wish you had it back when you do something so stupid like this. For that one little mistake I made I will have to wonder for months or years whether my face will ever be the same again. Hoping with every morning I wake up there will be a change. This may consume a year or more of my life and what if it never goes back to the way it was? I don't know if I can deal with that! I'm trying to be positive and every time my heart sinks when I look in the mirror I tell myself this is only temporary :( I'm in limbo and no one can help me now.
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