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I am 25. I had my breasts augmented in 2009,...

I am 25. I had my breasts augmented in 2009, almost 6 years ago. I was about a 32A and I am now 32C. I have not had children and no significant change in weight. I want to remove them.

I got them because I was young, stupid. The only other person at the same was my ex-fb who supported my decision. His mom also had about an Oedipus complex. I'm at a point in my life where I can accept and love my body...I'm in a much better and loving relationship. Funny thing is I think my current boyfriend would have loved my small breasts. He isn't a big-boob man. It's not the reason why I want to remove them. I've regretted having them done since the day after surgery. It's just ironic that my bf who I believe is the love of my life would have loved me the way I was born...glad I didn't make any other changes that would have made it difficult for him to recognize me (I believe in soul mates). I've met with 2 PS. One spent less than five minutes talking to me. He said he could remove them via transumbilical. He seems very experienced. The other PS said he couldn't. However, he was caring and talked to me for about 2 hours. I would get them under the breasts or armpits if I chose him. His price is much more reasonable also.

I'm scared of what they will look loke afterward. But I know that the longer I wait, the smaller the chance I have of them bouncing back. I can't wait to get them out of me...

It's scheduled!

I am so nervous. I'm scheduled for April 7. I'm a bit shaky, knowing that it's coming up so soon.

Some pictures in a bra

Pre-op appointment

Met with the doctor today. He was much more approachable than last time. Our talk was brief but I got everything I needed. I had originally planned to get my implants removed from under the armpits. Today, he convinced to go through the areola instead. He said patients of my ethnicity typically don't heal well under the arms and the scars will show when I'm wearing a tank top. He talked to me a little bit about fat grafting and showed me pictures of a patient who had it done the same time as her removal. A year later her breasts look about the same size as having the implants. For me, I would have to wait for the skin to retract and see how I like the size. I think this is wise. He warned me that my breasts would be even smaller pre-BA. We'll see how they look! I've gained a bit of weight over the years but not much.

I feel like I need to go take a bunch of photos of some kind of memorandum for these boobies. They served me well for many years.

Exactly 1 week away

I've emailed the doctor and decided to go under the arm. I think this would be the best decision for me. No alcohol for starting from today. I'm so anxious for the surgery to be over with. I have so many bras in 32C. My mom bought them at a Victoria Secret sale a few years ago. Most of them are brand new or have only been worn once or twice.

Does anyone here with that size want them? I can take photos...They are very clean. Like I said, most have only been worn once or twice. A few has never been worn at all.

Bras that will no longer fit me

They are in great condition. Only worn once or twice. My mom bought these at VS sales.....Clearly, she thought I needed bras badly. If anyone wants them, private message me. I'll mail them to you. They are free.

Size: 32C


I've been having nightmares the past few days. I feel like I'm not stressed out about my decision, but then again I've stopped doing anything productive. I can't think of anything else....I'm so scared. I hope that my decision to remove them isn't as impulsive as my decision to get them. I feel that I am ready, but how can I really know what it will be like? :(

So fucking happy

DONE. I'm as light as a bird.

Through the arm

Happy with me decision. No pain at all. Ordered sushi to treat myself!

Day 2 post op

I was only able to sleep on my back last night. My throat was very dry so I drank water and went to pee frequently.

I took my antibiotic but no painkiller is needed yet.

I'm still wrapped up, but I took a peek and things are looking hopeful. Both my breasts are bigger pre BA. Maybe I have just gotten older and also gained weight. My right breast is the smaller one so there is some loose skin, my right nipple was wrinkly last night, but already looks better after a night of rest.

I think my doctor told me to keep my wrap on for 3 days then I can shower, but I need to call his office to confirm because I was still groggy when he talked to me on the resting bed.

Will keep you updated!

Thank you so much ladies. I couldn't have done it without seeing how courageous you were.

I didn't explant for health reasons but already I feel healthier. My back doesn't hurt at all and I feel light, like the weight I'm supposed to be at.

I keep giggling all night from happiness. My boyfriend was so surprised. He thought I would be in way more pain.

Thank you everyone!

I meant to put day 1 post op

Here's a pic. I'm not supposed to take off my wrap yet but I wanted a quick pic for the community!

Not at all perfect but mine!

Couldn't be happier! It's still chilly here so no one has even noticed but soon I'm sure somebody will ask.
My doctor said I could take off the wrap so I'm now wearing a bralette with no under wire. These things just make it acceptable for me in public but they don't offer any support.

after 48 hours I was told I could take a shower so I did. The bandages under my arms are pealing off a bit. Maybe I'll just take them off myself today.

My body is healing well. It's super comfortable to be on my back now with nothing on my chest. It's kinda funny that now I notice my ribs and tummy much more. It won't take much for my tummy to be bigger than my breasts lol!

Anyway, here's a new picture~ this community has been invaluable to me during research. I felt very informed going into surgery, had realistic expectations, etc. I am so thankful for all of your reviews.

Photos Before BA

Me at 19 years old. I would say I'm pretty close to my original size if not bigger.

Front view before BA

Scar update

More sore on my right.

Right breast is fickle

My right breast sometimes looks great and sometimes sad. But I think that's a good sign. The upper pole is still very bruised and I feel random sharp pain now and then. I think it might just be nerves growing back? My left breasts as retracted and doesn't look as big as right after surgery. It's also more firm.

Don't mix midol with antibiotic. Last night I had the weirdest high ever. I was crying and laughing at the same time. It was horrible. I had taken the antibiotic in the morning and Midol for my cramps late at night but it's the only reason I can think of that causes such a weird reaction. My bf was a bit worried about my behavior.

Happy Monday!

Right breast fluffing a bit

Still uneven

Uneven less obvious in a bra

I am loving the bras from urban outfitters. Good for small girls :D.

Not sure if I'm delusional

But I think my right side (left in photo) has fluffed a bit.

Scar update

I think I made a good choice removing them under my arms. The scars are healing very well.

Hard lumps in my breasts :(

What could they be? Has it happened to anyone here? I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow.

Fortunate side effect

Thank you so much everyone for your concern in my previous post. I met Dr. Tehrani today. Basically the lumps I felt are my capsules which are holding fluids. They can't really be felt unless I really squeeze my breasts. He said they could remove them if they cause infection but he thinks they would have by now if they were going to at all. He said it's a fortunate side effect that cause my breasts to look fuller than they would have been. I'm wondering if over time as the capsules close they will be smaller. I'm okay with it either way. I'm just happy I don't have to do anything else to my breasts right now!

Thank you everyone for your support!


As time went by, my left breast kept fluffing and my right could not keep up.
My sides are still sore and my right breast feels sensitive. It seems to me that some of my right breast tissue was taken out during explantation. I hope my right breast will fluff more...I feel a little sad being so uneven, but it's not too big a deal. Still happy with my choice.


My breasts did not fluff up anymore. I think they're now their "real" sizes. I'm so happy, healthy, and free in my body.

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