23 Years Old. Single. No Kids. 5'5 161lbs. Liposuction and Breast Augmentation. - Yorba Linda, CA

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Hello, I read a lot of reviews from people who...

Hello, I read a lot of reviews from people who told about their experiences and I found it to be very helpful. So I decided to do one as well. My procedure is in 2 days! I am nervous and excited at the same time. I originally went to my consultation thinking I only wanted a Breast Augmentation. My current bra size is 36B. I just wanted my breast to look perkier fuller not too apart from each other maybe a a nice full D will have me satisfied. So I went to my consultation and had all my questions answered and tried on some implants under a sports bra. I really like how the 550cc high profile looked. And from my research I knew I wanted Saline and the incision through the nipple. I choose Saline because one of my breast is a bit smaller then the other and I feel that will give the doctor the flexibility to make them look as even as possible. I choose the incision through the nipple because I feel its an area that is more cover up, so it can easily be protective and the skin is darker. While waiting to get my quote, I decided to look at before and after pictures of other procedures. I loved what I saw when I was looking at some females body after liposuction. So after I got my quote for my breast augmentation, I briefly talked to my doctor about liposuction. I did not get much in depth with the Lipo because I wanted to do my own research and I was not sure what kind of questions to ask. After a week of my consultation I decided to call them back and book my procedure for Breast Augmentation for 01/30/2015 and scheduled my pre-op appointment for 01/23/2015. I choose that surgery day because my birthday is a week before and I knew I was going out and I was going to drink. And also because I do not have any plans for the whole month of February, other than just go to school. So I think is a good and enough time to recover before Spring Break.

After my consultation I did more research on Breast Augmentation many of the reviews I've read say they ended up like a DD or DDD with the 550cc saline implants. I think for me DD is big. So I made a note to talk to my doctor to change my size. I also researched more into lipo and after I was convinced I wanted a Lipo too, but I only wanted from my waist up, I feel as if I do not need it on my thighs or legs. So I also made a note to my doctor to talk to him more about lipo.

Pre-Op: My pre-op was last Friday. I was there for about 3 hours. I had to fill out a lot of paperwork . I asked my doctor if I can retry the implants again, I liked how the 400cc looked. So the range that I am getting the breast are from 380 to 450cc saline high profile. I asked my doctor that I was interested in a back lipo too since my back folds are obvious. He took pictures, he told me the places I needed lipo on. He also agreed I did not needed it below my waist. He roughly describe how I was going to look. He explained that it was better to do both lipo and breast surgery the same day since I will only be put to sleep once. And that with lipo it will be like a 4-5 hour procedure rather than just 1-2 hours for the breast surgery. I was convinced I wanted lipo too. For just my breast I was quoted $5,200 and with lipo all my upper body back/sides/adbomen/ (not arms) I was quoted $8,500 which was just enough what I had in cash to spare. The rest of my pre-op was just talking to me about the the medications I will have to take, the day of my surgery, and post op. Of course I got blood drawn too.

Today: Well I am nervous and excited. I went to pick up my meds at Walmart yesterday. I bought some antibacterial body wash. I am taking off my nails and nail polish today and tomorrow the fake lashes I am wearing. I start taking my first set of meds at dinner tomorrow and the day after my surgery, finally.

I will update tomorrow.

Less 12 hours left for my surgery

So it's less then 12 hours for my surgery. I am schedule for 9am. I should probably be sleeping since I need to wake up at 5am to take one of my prescribed meds. Earlier around 6p I took my first set of meds with dinner. I've spent my whole day looking at boobs. I daydream more about my boobs than lipo but I hope I get the results I desire from the lipo. Oh, My gosh! It's unbelievable how time goes by and tomorrow is finally my big day!!! The pictures I am posting I took just few minutes ago.

Wish Photos

I like these boobs and Lipo results.

Today is Surgery Day!!!!

So I am a couple hours away from my surgery. Have not been able to sleep good, just been thinking of how might today go. I'm so anxious to see my results. In about a few more minutes I will be jumping in the shower and wash myself with the antibacterial soap, Hibiclens. I can't put anything else no lotion, no perfumes, no body spray, no hair product, no deodorant. I was told to wear something comfortable like my pjs and make sure my top is something I can zip up or button up, no overhead stuff and to put my hair up in a bun or a braid. My friend and my mommy are the ones driving me to my appointment and picking me up afterwards. I'm so nervous!!!

Only 1 hour away for my scheduled appointment!!!

I'm super excited now and ready. Just ready for my friend to come by and pick me up and I'll be on my way to boobie land!

I'm in pain

Well yesterday was my surgery day. My appointment was at 9am. I did not go in the operation until exactly 11a. During those two hours before my operation. The nurse took my urine sample, made me change clothing, took a bunch of pictures. The anesthetic put the Ivy. The doctor then took my measurements and took more pics. Then finally to the operation room. I don't remember when I felt asleep I laid down in the bed. The nurses and anateliogist put the Ivy. She asked me to let her know when I get a little woozy, but I wasn't. I was staring at the lights above me and that's all I remember. I woke up around 8p. Not sure exactly how long the operation took. I woke up feeling really cold and wanting to pee. The first thing I asked was "what time is it?" The nurse responded it's 8p. My breast hurted so much especially my left boob and whole body sore. The nurse pulled me up and started dressing me. Once the dressed me. They sat me down on a wheel chair and took me out to my mom and sister, who were getting instructions on how to take care of me. I was still super drugged so everything was a blur. From the wheel chair I was then carried inside my moms car to go home. I got home and my mom then guided me to my room and put me on the bed. I had so much pain on my breast especially the left boob. I was not able to sleep all night the pain didnf let me. Through out the night my mom was feeding me my meds and feeding me peanut butter jelly sandwiches. It was hard to get up from my bed because I use my muscles a lot and that's when it hurt my breast and to sit my whole upper body hurt because of the lipo. Right now the pain has gone down a bit, but it still hurts. I feel very sore,. My left boob is where I feel more pain. I know more was done to the boob. Right now just waiting to take my meds and waiting for my doctor to call so I can head to his office.

Second day post-op

I'm still in Pain. My left boob is what hurts the most I can barely move my left without feeling any discomfort. It's hard to get up from bed, sit down to go to the bathroom, and go back to bed. My back feels very sore. Yesterday I went to see my doctor he took the bandages off and gave me some narcotics. The narcotics felt so good but it only lasted for a few hours. I asked my doctor was size did he go for my implants he said 450cc. I was in my doctors office for about couple hours. They told me I won't be able to go to work Monday. After my doctors I went home slept some more. I threw up around 7p basically all I had eating, which I haven't ate much.

Today, well I have slept the whole night. I slept and woke up a couple hours later. I'm still hurting , but not as much as the last couple days. I wish I can fast foward time when I am no longer feeling this.

5 day post-op

I haven't update my post for a few days. The pain has defitnitely gone down. I just have trouble standing up straight and moving up my arms. I have been eating a lot better and more now. I still haven't showered since the day of my surgery, but I will today in a couple hours at least shower my head and below my waist. Today I also started taking Dulcolax which is a stool softener. Did I mention I slept almost the entire night last night, only woke up once to pee, but that's pretty normal to me and I slept laying down on my back no more fluffy stacked pillows. At this point where I have the most discomfort is on my chest. Today was the first day I saw my results I took off the bandages from boobs and around my waist. I like what I see, although I still need more healing. I do feel there was more lipo done on the left side of my waist. I hope it soon evens out with my right side. Today is definitely a much better day.

1 week post-op

Yesterday was my 1 week post-op. I feel totally great don't really feel the pressure on my boobs anymore. My boobs are healing pretty well. I had my first bowel movement Thursday morning and then again last night. I'm really sensitive around my tummy and back where I had the lipo, so my doctor prescribed me Mortin. I'm not 100% back to normal, but maybe 70%.
Dr. Fisher

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