Tummy Tuck to Permanently Repair Umbilical Hernia After Kids - Yonkers, NY

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27 yr old mother of 2 and after 2nd pregnancy I...

27 yr old mother of 2 and after 2nd pregnancy I had umbilical hernia repaired but my abdominal muscles are too far apart so hernia returned. This TT will not only reduce the sagging, and bulge that I have but it will allow the dr to tighten the abdominal muscles so that the hernia will not return and eliminate stretch marks. Yay!

Pre op appt today

I went to meet with dr today and picked up my prescription he re explained everything to me n hubby and I am excited! I also was measured for my pressure garment waist 31 hips 39 so I can't wait to see the waist number go down 6wks post op!

Pics b4

Counting down to Surgery on Wednesday!

Supplies so far Colace, Senna, Vit C, Vit E, Zinc, Tylenol Extra Strength, Percocets, Female Urinal, Paper Tape, Gauze, Pads, Normal Saline, Gloves....Mani, Pedi and hair will be done tomorrow morning. I am so excited! I also brought seasoned chicken breast, fruits and vegetables, bottled water, allergy medicine snacks and movies for the kids to keep them busy...

Last day at work b4 surgery

So today at work 2 of my co workers asked me if I was pregnant:{ Ugh! I can't wait to be on the flat side Wednesday can't come quick enough! Tomorrow I will go to the supermarket and stock up for hubby and the kids...


Does it make a difference if you shave pubic area b4 TT? If you did or didnt what were the pro's and cons?

Made it to the flat side!

Yesterday was crazy woke up from anesthesia blood pressure was low for a while they gave me extra iv fluids then I had to use the bathroom. They wheeled me to the car but I had to pee again so back to the bathroom I went the nurse was a lil annoyed lol then on the way home I had to pee in the car and before I went in my house I had to pee again smh so far the pain has been manageable with extra strength Tylenol I will post pics soon...

Feeling very tight

So far so good eating soup n crackers for now and lots of water thank god for the female urinal I brought because my toilet seat is way too low my mom n hubby have been so helpful cough drops came in handy when my throat got so dry around 1 am this morning I'm still taking Tylenol every 4-6 hrs I walk around my room every time I pee and its really tight and tiring I can't take binder of until I see the dr on the 20th

Binder and Drain

Recovering swiftly

Today I was able to eat, wash up, walk around, empty my drain twice and sit at the dining room table and on the toilet I'm so excited I can walk a little further without my back feeling like its gonna fall out...I'm taking less Tylenol I'm on my second 24 pack of water bottles no bowel movement yet but lots if farting lol

Feeling lighter

Took a load off finally...had a bowel movement and it was challenging so much soft straining for just a lil poop lol but I got it out after 30 min. My menstrual also came down with it smh but still I feel great I haven't had Tylenol in over 12 hrs so I think I'm doing great the drain gets 20-30cc every 12 hrs so that's awesome too

Post op day 5 already

Had another bowel movement this am... I sneezed this morning and laughed I felt the whole abdominal area tighten into a cramp it stayed that way and loosened up after 15 minutes its so painful smh other than that no pain jus a little discomfort I haven't taken any Tylenol at all since day 3 post op so I'm happy about that. I'm feeling itchy under this binder can't wait to get it off and shower n moisturize my skin :)


I am so itchy I can't wait to take this binder off and have drain removed on Thursday! I am walking way better and getting up easier from bed and couch I just can't wait to b able to stretch.

Binder and drain off today

Follow up appt with PS today went well the drain removal was pain less and fast the stitches were removed from my belly button and I was took my first look and it was amazing! I was given a compression garment I went home took a shower and washed my hair and put it on and whoa it's tight I just hope it's not cutting off my circulation so that my incision can continue heeling... Any advice on how to determine if its too tight?

1st look

Healing well so far!

So I haven't been updating so here's a summary of events... I had to wear compression garment for a week and now I only have to wear it to sleep it feels like it cuts of circulation in my legs so I'm gonna stop wearing it I got a little spanx u can see it in the pictures but it doesn't stay in place. My first day back to work was Thursday and it sucked by the end of the night my valve and butt felt like they were on fire. I was very uncomfortable sleeping that night then I worked on Friday too my back was burning like I was in labor by the end of that night. I called out on Saturday to rest and I am working today. The purple stuff and dermaplast that was covering scar finally came off and I see that I am heeling well. I still have lots of micro stretch marks u can c in pic but I will use bio oil to help with that in the future. Overall I am satisfied and I love my silhouette now!

So happy

So happy

Scar lil closer

It's been a while

So far so good I'm enjoying the compliments I get for my new figure but it looks so natural ppl think I've just been hitting the gym hard lol thanks dr rubenstein xoxo

Memorial Day

All white showing a lil midriff and it felt great n so natural

It's been a while

I've gained 10 lbs so I have some dog ears now around the scar but I'm still happy I plan to start working out to burn the fat off that area

2 years later

This was last year in march
Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon

The dr they attached is not my Dr Joshua Rubinstein that was recommended to me by a friend and he is easy to talk to and easy to understand.

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