2 months post-op and doing well!!!

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Getting nervous. Have my pre-op appt on Monday....

Getting nervous. Have my pre-op appt on Monday. Does anyone have suggestions for pre and post op diet that helps with swelling?

I really hope this procedure is worth the money. I've been thinking about this and wanting it for the past 18 years.

I'm so happy for this site. I've learned a lot from the experiences of others.

6 Days Pre-op!! Had my pre-op visit yesterday and...

6 Days Pre-op!! Had my pre-op visit yesterday and I left there feeling really nervous. The day is approaching quickly. I think I'm most nervous about the recovery period and the fact that I am spending a lot of money and hoping I feel it is worth it afterward. About the $$$, I feel like the prices of tummy tucks are so random. I know you have to be comfortable with your surgeon and they should be board certified but I'd really like to know what the average cost is in Westchester, NY.

I'm sure I'll have more rambling to do as we move closer to the date :). Thanks for listening!!!

So...I went to my primary phys to for my clearance...

So...I went to my primary phys to for my clearance appt. She was very interested in my procedure, surgeon, cost, etc. She said she is dying to have a tt and had a lot of questions. When I told her the cost she said, "Wow! That's a great price.". So I am feeling better about the cost.

I have been busy at work so I haven't really had the time to focus on my upcoming surgery which is helping with my nerves. Next week at this time I will be home recovering on day one. I so want to be happy with the results but it's just hard for me to imagine because I've lived with my post c-section, vertical scar tummy for 19 years!

I'll post pre-surgery pics soon. If anyone has any words of encouragement, suggestions for pre or post op, I'd love to hear them.

Three days to go. My anesthesiologist called me...

Three days to go. My anesthesiologist called me tonight to go over the procedure and connect with me before the surgey. I have to say, I was impressed. After speaking with her I feel confident going into this surgey. Also, a friend came for dinner last night and I told him about my upcoming tt. Turns out he knows my ps. They grew up next door to each other. Small world!!

How do I upload photos?

How do I upload photos?

Less than 24 hours to the flat side. I'm a bit...

Less than 24 hours to the flat side. I'm a bit anxious and have a headache today, probably from the liquid diet they have me on. I can't believe tomorrow at this time I will be recovering. Good luck to everyone having their tt tomorrow. I posted before pics and will continue to update as soon as I can.

Hope everyone who had their tt yesterday is doing...

Hope everyone who had their tt yesterday is doing well. Didn't realize how painful it would be on the flat side. The surgery took 3 hours and ps said everything went well. My husband has been by my side taking care of me. I would never have been able to do this on my own.

I was feeling nauseous yesterday and earlier today. I seem to be a bit better now. Just need this pain to subside. I'm taking Vicodin every 4 hours. I see my ps again on Monday. How long does this pain last and when will I be able to stand a little straighter?

Ok so today is day 3 post op. I got out of bed a...

Ok so today is day 3 post op. I got out of bed a little while ago, went to the bathroom and camE down stairs to make myself some tea. My hubby has been taking care of my every need since Friday and he has been fantastic about it despite the fact that I almost passed out on him and had nausea and migraine for two days. LADIES...the migraine and nausea was the worst for me. I am doing much better today. I stopped taking my pain meds cause the Vicodin was adding to the nausea and the pain has been bearable with 8mgs of ibuprofen every 4 hours.

I was happy to leave my husband in bed so he could get some sleep this morning. If you had asked me yesterday or the day before I would have and did say I shouldn't have put myself through it. But today I'm feeling more optimistic and looking forward to seeing my new tummy today at my first post-opt.

I have been peeing regularly and a little gassy but no bm yet and I'm not pushing it.(pun intended) lol I did vomit a little yesterday form the naseua and I coughed and let me tell you, I did see stars.

I'm still tiring out easily but I have been trying to walk around the house a few times a day since the nausea ended.

bretnhomp, sunny and ready... Hope you ladies are doing well and have turned the first corner of recovery and I hope you have Some really great people helping you because you cannot do this alone. Thanks for allt he words of encouragement over the last few days. I'll update with pics as soon as I can. Happy healing!!!

Just got back from my first post-op. PS said...

Just got back from my first post-op. PS said everything looks good and he took the drains out which I'm so happy about. I'm feeling a little tired after today's activities so I am back in bed with the remote and just wanted to update. My hubby is also feeling less stressed and said that my tummy is flat. I will try to post pics tomorrow. Healing energies to my fellow 6/29ers.

Hello ladies, Today was a decent day. I had a...

Hello ladies,

Today was a decent day. I had a shower this morning and was able to manage with my husband standing by. God, that felt good. Im still taking ibuprofen every 4 hours and that is helping with the pain which hasn't been too bad. I think anything is a relief from the nausea and vomitting I experienced on day 2. I am having some back pain from bending over when I walk but I guess that is expected. I took my compression garment off today to wash it and wore spanx (my ps said OK). That was a nice break because the spanx still compress but are much softer. I'm putting the compression garment back on to go to bed. I hate sleeping on my back as I am a stomach sleeper so that is bothersome and last night I tried to sleep on my side with legs bent but I couldnt get comfortable so I ended up back on my back with feet and head elevated.

I just had my husband take some pics and it is the first time I could really see the difference. When I compared them to my pre-op photos, I said, "holy sh$t!!" It really helps to look at before and after photos of yourself to mark progress so I will keep posting pics as much as possible. I also had a bm today...saw stars and had to lie down and rest afterward so I will continue with the colace to keep things moving. I'm back for my 2nd post-op appt on Friday so we will see what my ps says. The only concern I have right now is my belly button. I feel like it is too big but I am used to my previous hooded one that looked much smaller. Let me know what you think.

Hope all my fellow 6/29ers are on the mend. Healing energies to all.

Day 6 post op...So, I overdid it the last two days...

Day 6 post op...So, I overdid it the last two days and had lots of pain and swelling as a result. Today I took it easy and spent the day resting. I'm feeling better again. I also slept well last night for the first time in days. I'm a little tired of being on my back with legs propped but I'm sure the results will be worth it.

I have my next dr appt tomorrow so we will see what happens. Healing energies to all.

Yesterday was an emotional day. I was feeling...

Yesterday was an emotional day. I was feeling kinda down and really swollen. I'm sure the pizza didn't help. Cried last night while my husband held me. That felt good considering there's been very little touch since this journey started. Today was a better day. I got out and walked a mile and a half. I've just felt so cooped up. I took it slow with lots of breaks but it felt good. I could feel my tummy tightening while I was walking. And then I came on this site and read some stories of people who are 4, 8 and 16 weeks post op and they seem really happy with the results. That helped.

Is start my summer job tomorrow for a few hours a day so we will see how that goes. I also go back to my ps tomorrow so I have a few questions for him about the swelling and one of my drain sites started bleeding yesterday which seems weird.

I've been reading all the other 6/29er's posts and it seems we are all moving along this recovery road.

Healing energies to all.

Days 13 and 14 post-op were reminiscent of the...

Days 13 and 14 post-op were reminiscent of the first two days for me. I was feeling fine Thursday morning and then by the afternoon I started running a temperature and was extremely achy and lower back pain. My fever went to 102.4 and ibuprofen wasn't working to lower it. My husband called my ps Friday night and he thought it might be unrelated because there was no redness on my belly. The fever finally broke at about 2am and I went to see the ps the next day. He drained 6 syringes of fluid from my lower abdomin. I was so weak from the fever (oh, and forgot to mention, diarrhea started Friday morning, i know TMI) I almost passed out because I had to stand for fluid removal. Things are better today and I see him again on Monday. The fever was probably because of the fluid buildup and the other because of course of antibiotics.

I know all plastic surgeons are different but I did wonder if he took my drains out early. He said less risk of infection with drains out. So I may have to have fluid removed a few times as I recover which is fine because I didn't feel anything being that my stomache is numb.

This recovery is not for wimps. My poor husband, we were talking last night about whether or not we would have gone through with this if we knew what we were in for. It's hard to say because every time I look at my before and after I know I'm going to love the decision to have the tt as soon as this recovery is over.

Happy 3 weeks fellow 7/29ers!! So let me update.....

Happy 3 weeks fellow 7/29ers!! So let me update...dealing with a seroma. My ps has been draining every day this week. I see him again tomorrow morning. Each time he taps me there is less and less fluid so I hope we are coming to the end of this phase of recovery. I have been working at a camp for a few hours in the morning for the past 2 weeks, I have one more week to go and then that gig ends and I am pretty much off until the last week of August. I'm so glad to be off, I need this time and don't know how anyone goes back to work full time after two weeks or has little kids to take care off.

I'm feeling pretty good, just soooooo bored. I want to get back to exercising. I miss it a lot. I also feel like this summer has been passing by, partially because of the heat we've had in NY. You'd think I was in FL. Can't go outside - too hot - it drains me. Today we got some relief - with rain! LOL. My incision is healing really well, so far no puckering, but that might change. I definitely have swelling and tightening. BUT...I CAN SLEEP ON MY SIDE!!!!!!! What a relief that is. I know I have to post some more pics and I will soon.

So, how is everyone else healing?

Here I am at the 4 week mark. I am feeling really...

Here I am at the 4 week mark. I am feeling really well and happy to be done with the draining. My ps drained me daily for a week. I don't need to see him again until Thursday. I feel like I've turned another corner because he also gave me permission to go running. I went this morning and did 3 miles very slowly with walking breaks. I wore my CG and definitely felt some nerve tingling and tightening in my lower abs but no pain there. I did tend to hunch and had to continuously correct my form because I would feel it in my lower back. I took a few ibuprofen and a nap today and I feel pretty good. I'll give myself a day and run again on Monday. One of the hardest things about the recovery process for me has been feeling like Im stuck in the house and no being able to get my endorphins going!

I have no more pain in my tummy but I do get some strange feelings now and again. My muscles still feel tender and my belly is still unnaturally hard but I know that will soften in time. Also, I have quite a bit of swelling in my lower abs and down by my pubs. I hear it takes at least three months for this to go away. Patience is the name of this game.

Along the past 4 weeks, I definitely had days where I doubted whether or not I did the right thing but Im starting to more consistently feel like I definitely did the right thing. My flab abs are a thing of the past and the recovery is definitely worth the results.

It's been two months since my surgery and I'm...

It's been two months since my surgery and I'm pretty happy with the results. I'm running regularly and recently added kettle bell workouts a few times a week. My ab muscles are hurting more as a result but I gues that's to be expected. I still have swelling at the end of the day, which I hate. I can't wait for swell hell to end.

Sorry I haven't been posting much, I've been busy enjoying my summer. Back to work on Tuesday :(.

Hope all mt fellow 6/29ers are doing well.
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