Severe Overbite, Slight Crowding, Never Had Braces. - Yelm, WA

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I also wanted to keep up with reviews regarding...

I also wanted to keep up with reviews regarding this company. It seems to good to be sure, so I want to keep track of everything.

I signed up, sent in the photos and was accepted. I emailed Customer Service because when I log into the site it says I haven't been accepted yet but I received the confirmation email that I did. I wanted to verify that. They responded within 24 hours, saying yes they did ship it SAME DAY I WAS ACCEPTED (May 31, 2016). I live in Washington so I'm a bit further away from most their facilities and the kit will likely take a week at most to arrive for me.

I will continue to update regarding their customer service, plans and such.

Got my impression kit.

I actually should have received it a couple days ago but for some reason, my USPS these past few months have been really irritating to work with. I don't know if it's a new driver for my route or what, but that's likely since I never used to have these issues. ANYWAY.

I felt like the shipment took a while to get to me.

Did my impressions but I think they'll get denied... Certain spots don't have a gum line at all but the second tries did on those spots, so we'll see. And as you all can tell in my pictures, my overbite is pretty bad so I'm not too sure SDC will be able to take me on.

The kit will be picked up on Tuesday. After it's been delivered, I'll give them one business week to get back in touch and if I haven't heard anything, I'll be reaching out. So far though, communication has been painless. Emails have been sent basically right away.

Accepted Impressions

After about a week+ (I believe they received it last Monday which was June 20th or so), I emailed them asking if I would get an automatic email telling me if my impressions were accepted.

I got a response within 3 hours from customer service, letting me know that my impressions were accepted (I'm so happy about this honestly, I thought I did a bad job) and to check back in up to 10 business days to see if their dental staff have completed my teeth & payment plans.

So! Around July 10-13 I will be sending them another email or a phone call and ask for an update about my plan.

I'm eager to get started. I found out after wearing a mouth guard while I sleep for the past couple weeks that I clench pretty badly so the teeth trays will be an additional blessing...

Have to redo the impression kit.

After getting two different people over email telling me my impressions were accepted, they actually weren't! I received an automatic email a few days after my initial contact (which took about two weeks) with customer service, going back and forth with me about when I should be expecting my payment plan.

So I just re-ordered the kit today. It was another $49 but it'll go toward my total cost of the treatment plan.

Hopefully the next impressions I do will be right.

Advice: Check with customer service within 5 business days about your impressions instead of waiting 10, and be very precise with your wording. Check back with them every day until you get an automated email on whether or not your impressions were accepted or not.

Received my Re-Do kit.

I received my re-do kit. This time I'll get my fiance to help me lmao, but he won't be able to until this Wednesday, and we'll likely drop it off at USPS same day. Expect another update in 2-3 weeks!

Re-take Kit was received!

I should be hearing back about my retakes sometime next Wednesday, shouldn't be later than Friday. We'll see how I did then.

Impression Kit was accepted.

I'm in for the Smile20 plan. Once I send full payment, they'll send the starter trays and after I confirm they fit, they're supposed to take around 20 business days to print the remainder of the plan and send that.

As you can see from the 3D photo, it doesn't really fix my bite but it does fix the "slant" of my overbite. However, since it's mainly the first six teeth of my upper row that are in an overbite slant, it looks like the trays will simply be straightening purely those six. This leaves an INSANE gap on one side (the other side looks doable - I don't mind side gaps that are minimal). I'm still unsure if I want to end up keeping up with treatment through the final tray. Personally I think I'll probably stop at tray 17 or so... I know my teeth won't be perfectly straight and my bite won't really be fixed, so I don't think I'd mind stopping about there.

Bottom row looks like it should end up perfect though.

Process Update: Thermoforming (Aug 25)

So just a week ago, I was told that they were molding my aligners over the 3D imprints! It shouldn't be more than another week to hear back about them finally being shipped.

If I don't hear anything by next Friday, I will be sending them an email and seeing where these are at.

Aligners shipped today!

So all in all this whole process to get started took about 4 months. Maybe 4 and a half, depending on when my aligners get here (and if they really don't ship them all at once anymore even though I paid in full).


Trays 1-3 showed up yesterday! I wanted to get my mouth used to them gradually before I "really" started the plan, so I will be wearing them while I sleep until Friday/Saturday. No starter tray, as we all expected. But I just noticed that the trays are actually for two weeks instead of three weeks now

The right side drooped by about 2-3 mm.. yikes. I freaked out, called customer service, and they advised to chew the chewies for a half hour every day for the business week and if that didn't help, contact them.

I'm happy to say it DID help a bit though. It's not a perfect fit, but it'll do.

Saliva everywhere. Lisp isn't terrible, but a bit noticeable (d'oh... I have to talk a fair amount over the phone for work..). I couldn't find any wax for the aligners at Safeway either, so I'm hoping my trimming down the edges with the emery board will help a lot.
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