miracle in cosmetology, 58 age – laser rejuvenation recosma treatment. Russia, RU

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I recently done laser rejuvenation treatment on my...

I recently done laser rejuvenation treatment on my face to improve my skin, wrinkles and other problems.

I never had any treatment like this before because I didn’t give lot of attention to my look. When my face problems become more visible I decided have consultation with cosmetology doctor who recommended me by my friend. Doctor Volkova recommended me unique treatment with laser, one of new technologies. She explained about this method that it is effective not on just surface but also soft tissue under surface of skin. To make skin lifting and smooth.

I did not understand before how laser possible to effect deep in skin and also have short recovery. Also I afraid pain at procedure but I had not any pain. Doctor said anesthetic cream not necessary in this treatment.

My recovery was 4 days after recosma treatment. It was comfortable and I had my skin flakes come from skin and was little red.

After that I discover visible effect, my face become more lifting. And now after one 1 month it look better. Now my big wrinkles are small, specially around my mouth and forehead. I feel more younger now, my family noticed also. I will do this treatment in future. Hopefully to get look much younger!
Russia Dermatologist

Doctor Volkova was very nice for me and kind. She is professional of cosmetology and explane me all about process of age in skin and how laser can do improve skin problems.

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