Breast Implant, Asian, Petite Size, 19 Years Old. #31daysmore, Yanhee International Hospital - Thailand

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Current size: Small B cup Desire size: Full C...

Current size: Small B cup
Desire size: Full C cup
Height: 1.59m
Weight: 47kg

It's exactly 31 days before my surgery. I'm feeling excited right now rather than nervous. After all my research and advises from the doctors on the internet, I've decided to go for 370cc silicone sub-muscular implant under the armpit. But still the final decision lies within my doctor (He need to emphasize the diameter or my chest and etc).

Just a short summary : I'm going to have Breast Implant surgery done by Dr. Vitawat at Yanhee International Hospital in Bangkok. I chose this hospital because I did my Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant there and I'm quite satisfied with the results. Dr. Vitawat did my nose and chin so natural that many of my friends still did not notice that I had plastic surgery! All they said was I became much prettier.

My surgery date is on 5th July 2014 (9am). Everyday I'm counting down to it!! My desire boobs are a full C and I've got some armpit fats under my arm so I wish that after BA it will be less noticeable. Anyway don't worry guys, I'll update on this little space of mine about my experience often! I will let you guys know my reviews on the clinics and doctors. Right now I am asked not to take certain medications.

I have been exercising a lot recently because I already predicted that I am not allowed to do exercise for months after my surgery! And I'll definitely gain a lot weights and fats!

Alright see you! Feel free to leave down comments below~

Breast Implant #18daysmore

It's exactly 18 more days before my breast augmentation! *Yay* Sorry for not updating as promised. I am busy sorting out my work so I can take a break post operation. As for my BA, everything has been prepared. Well... everyday I'm looking at my boobs and telling myself "Argh it's not that bad.... bla bla bla" I'm just way too excited to meet my new boobies!!

I haven't got my compression bra yet and I'm planning to buy it from the hospital. Oh yea, after so much so much research I finally wanted to have the incision through under the boobs. I know the final decision still lies within my doctor so I hope he could recommend that kind of incision too. I don't want to leave any scars on my armpit thou.. :(

I've also been eating healthy everyday such as bread and cereal for breakfast, salad for lunch and chicken breast for dinner. No junks food no soft drinks! Stopped all medications too.

Is there anything you guys want to remind me of? As I thought I've done all preparations and afraid I've missed out anything... :/

And ya no worries I will continue to update you guys on my whole journey! Really hope to receive some comments or motivations. :(

Breast Implant #13moredays

Time is ticking! In less than 2 weeks time I will have my new boobies with me! ^~^

Well... I've just uploaded my current boobs and as you can see, it's not that small but I'm just not satisfied with it I want it bigger and firmer. Also you can see some armpit fats under my arm wish that it can reduce after having implant on my boobies.

I'm currently a B sometimes I can't even fit a B cup bra properly. I understand that I can also wear push up bra and with push up bra I look like a D cup but at the end of the day when you got home and remove your bra, it's still.... yea it's all about self-esteem. I don't even dare to sleep naked sometimes when I'm in my boyfriend house. Y'know how it feels? :(

Ok back to main topic! 13 more days!!! What I've prepared so far? Basically... nothing other than knowledge! I just bought a couple of sports bra about the size of an M, I didn't know what size I would become after implants so I'm gonna buy a few more sports bra with sizes like M to L. I've packed my luggage *I know that sounds a bit too fast* I bought a few packed of cereal too, in case I've no appetite this and that... ok I guess this all I got. I've done research on breast augmentation every day every night. Seen thousands and thousands of boobs and yea I really can't wait for my new babies to arrive.

Breast Implant #3moredays

Hi guys! 3 more days I'll be having my BA! I've attached a few pictures of my current boobs. I can't imagine how my boobs would look like after BA. Just hope it'll be great. I've just spoken to the doctor last week, he's asking how I'm doing so far and I've also made enquiry about fat grafting. Well.. if I really had fat grafting I'll share the story here too no worries. :D

Everything was good. I've drank loads of water, eat healthy, get tons of rest at home. You see when the time is getting nearer and nearer, I'm starting to get nervous. Actually I'm pretty concern about the post-operation. :( See loads of reviews, some saying they had fever, some had a very very sore backache, and stuff like that. I'm so afraid how would mine post-op be...

Anyway, Friday morning 10am my flight will be leaving to Bangkok. Saturday morning will be my scheduled surgery day, I hope I could find Wi-Fi there so I can update here any minute. But I will not stop taking photo of my post-op if I don't find any Wi-Fi. I will be staying a night in the hospital so Sunday I will be back hotel.

Just a short summary again, I've been wanting to get 370cc Silicone on my left and right, under the breast crease incision, under muscle. Hopefully my doctors will also agree on this if nothing goes wrong. :)

Lastly, really wanna thanks Real Self Team, through here I've seen so much reviews and helpful tips. Never regret joining real self and hope more comments will be coming in.

Just my wish boobs.

Uploaded a few pictures of my wish boobs. I read a lot of reviews asking us to "go bigger" because we eventually will regret if we choose a smaller size. Well.... My expectations are actually go big too. I know it wasn't a pretty good idea to go big as I'm a petite size.

After many consideration and pondering for nights, I've decided to go for a full D. It's less then 3 days till my BA, excited much! This few night of sleep wasn't a very good sleep, woke up like 4am almost every night. Dreamt of me having BA last night. I must be over-excited...

My mum and dad will be accompanying me throughout the whole surgery. Really felt so bless whereby both my parents support my decision on getting a BA. For my relatives and kins side, I probably would hide it from them first.. but I would definitely tell them sooner or later. As I find no point in hiding forever. :/

Alright! I'll be bringing my dog for pet boarding tomorrow and.. yea can't wait!!!

1 more hours pre-op!

Hey guys so glad that I got the time to update a quick short one just before my operation. It's 12.45pm I'm in my ward and the nurse said my surgery was at 1pm. They'll be coming in any minute.

Consultation was good. Go ahead with 340cc silicon dual plane placement and under breast crease incision.

I'm tired as I didn't have a good rest. Ok I will see you guys with my new boobies in less then a few hours.

Wish me lucks!

1 day post-op. #suffering

It's one day post op and I'm in so much pain. Compare to yesterday I think it's still the same. The pain can be rated 7/10.. my both arm are so sore. Can't even raise up.

I can't wait to recover..

3 days post-op. #still in pain

Hello real self team, it's my 4 days post-op. I'm still in quite a lot of pain, my stitches part are feeling... (don't know how to describe that). I just know overall, it hurts so much so much. Is this normal? I touched my upper boobs and it's kinda swollen. My boobies are being bandaged, don't know whether is it too tight when I breathe too hard it hurts.. but hopefully the pain goes away before my flight. I'm flying back home on Saturday morning and it's Monday today. My parents are my life savior. Helped me so much throughout everything, I felt guilty so I'm going out to shopping with them tonight. I can walk buy just slowly...

When will the pain goes away?!!!!

7 days post-op. #happy

Removed my stitches this morning. Doesn't hurt at all. All I can say was the worst is over, day 1 and 2 was tragedy. I will update a long one from day 1 till now when I'm back home. My flight is tomorrow. My new boobies looks so hard and big but doctor told me that it will go down 40% within this month.

I'm still on my bandage right now because my boobs couldn't fit the sports bra that I bought! It's still so numb and I couldn't feel anything at all. That feeling was so strange. :/

Sorry for not updating many photos. I'm really so tired and lazy like a fat pig. Gained like 4kg (1kg comes from the silicone I believe) and I feel totally fat. :(

9 days post-op.

Boobies are now as hard as a rock! Don't know whether this is normal but I'd emailed my doctor and he told me not to worried or alarmed if it's too hard or swollen because within this 1-3 weeks it will gradually change. Love the size of my boobs now but definitely not the feel, it's just so hard and I felt nothing on my nipple. It's still so numb.

Went out normally this few days with a sports bra, wanted to buy a nipple tape actually but still think that wearing something would be good. The stitches are great, should be able to bath in a couple more days. Haven't got a chance to take some pictures yet, gonna do it tomorrow or the day after.

Feeling so sleepy everytime I take the anti-biotics, left with 4 more pills to go. Alright see ya!

12 days post-op.

Good Afternoon my friends! I'm feeling so much so much better. As you could see, I uploaded a picture of my boobies which I took yesterday. The left boobs are higher don't be alarmed! I'm using my left hand to took this reflection that's why the boobs got a little raise. '

I am actually allowed to bath but I'm still a little worried about my wound so I didn't bath my upper body at all! But this morning while washing my hair, some water accidentally got my wound wet and nothing happens, no hurt not at all. So I believe I can officially bath tomorrow!

My boobies are still very hard and I'm so worried this will last forever. For the size I'm super satisfied with it. I'm actually size small B and now I'm a full C I suppose. Couldn't wear any wired bra or push up bra now as it's still swollen. Last night I slept on my side and nothing hurts, definitely sleeping better than last week. :D

So glad that things going so perfect. Thanks real self team for being such a good friend and of course my friends, Michele, and a few who inboxed me thanks all of you!

I will be posting my Full Breast Augmentation journey on my next update!

Can I?

I've a couple of question I wish to know but don't want to email my doctor because these are just simple questions and perhaps he mentioned to me before and I had forgotten about it. If anyone of you knows please leave down a comment, it's all about Breast Implants! Anyway just a short update I'm 18 days post-op, just removed the plaster on my stitches, started bathing last week. Still no sensation on my lower boobs and just a little on my nipple.

1. Having a party this Friday (3 days away) and it's a pool party so.. Can I swim?

2. Can I exercise?

3. Can I go into bathtub?

4. When can I wear normal bra with wire?

5. Can I wear a bikini?

That's all for now!

5 months post-op. [Satisfied with the results]

It is officially 5 months 4 days pre-op for my BA and all I can say is this whole journey was worthwhile. Reading through how much pain I am in is really amazing because I could hardly feel any pain now. It looks so natural and it is like part of me naturally. Just that it is a little bit harder than real boobs but I am already getting used to it. I kind of forgot how my boobies look like and felt like before that. I probably would have my BA revision done in another 10 to 15 more years after I have given birth and after my boobies are sag and going out of shape.

Most of the people did not know I have BA because it is just so natural even when I am wearing a bikini. Highly recommend my doctor to everyone and please believe me I am not sponsored for recommending him I pay the full amount myself and I just want more people that are looking forward to BA to have beautiful boobies like me. So happy to meet those people which are getting their BA here.
Dr. Vitawat

My surgeon is Dr. Vitawat, he's a very friendly guy but doesn't talk alot. I don't know a lot about him but all I can say is he's a nice guy! My intermediaries is James. He coordinate my surgeon date and all with me and Dr. Vitawat. He's a great guy and helped me a lot!

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